Rasathi Unne

Lyrics & Chords

This is another IR classic……Rasathi Unne….not something that I really liked….but nevertheless thought I should upload….



Meera Manohar said

Hey tailgunner :)

Such an unexpected song from you LOL

Nice cover, different notes at places (unnai thedudhae, end of the 1st line— don’t r’ber the words) Nonetheless, nothing that stands out as odd or something.

Thanks for the treat!!

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Smitha Passanha said

Nicely done! I haven’t heard the original song so cannot comment on the details. I enjoyed listening to this one, especially the bit at 2:10.

- Smitha

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Subbu said

Hi TailGunner

Awesome….few areas for improvement

1.Pallavi-Pozhudhagip Pochu Velakkaethiyachu-Velakka………proceeds to the next higher note before landing on the note you played….(@1:01~1:02)

2.Charanam :Thathi Thavazhum….line (@2:02~2:06)

Thangachilaaiyae……again ….yae proceeds to the next higher note to land in the note you played

If you can just alter these two lines it will sound even better…….thanks for the treat as always
Straight From the heart, Always


Arun Raja said

No reason for you to have just uploaded 20 songs in 1 full year!! Would like to hear more sir!!


N.gopinath said

Very nice singing. enjoyed your version.
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Arvind R said

Nice one Tailgunner. After hearing you I got inspired to play it on my keyboard too with the backing track. You have played nicely. Will try to upload my version too … cheers and I love instrumentals!.


Tara Balakrishnan said

very nice anup. charanams sounded too good. over all loved it!
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Anup said

@ Meera: Tankssssssss

@ Smitha: thanksssss

@ Bala: thanks for visiting and commenting….i agree there are several off notes in this track….

@ Subbu: thanks a lot for pointing out the corrections….i will try to re record (but this might take a while as i have to buy equipment)….

@ Arun: thanks for commenting….will surely try and upload more…

@ Gopi: thanksssss

@ Arvind: Thanks for commenting….look forward to ur keyboard rendition

@ Tara: thanksssssss


Murali Venkatraman said

When did you play this ? Sounds very very nice except for some different notes as Meera said. kaNNukkoru vaNNakkiLi line is very well played. really liked it.


Ramya Harish said

Just heard another instrumental of the same song! Very nice one Anup, some bends sound vry pleasant!

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Nandita said

My nephew used to love this song as a kid (only if sung by his dad). Really nice job Anup.


Fret 'n' tune said

Killer, Anup!

Loved the quick bends and your tone is just superb. Just one small clarification – why does it sound a little muddy in places?

The antaras were so fluent.

Nice one mate. Going into my faves box.


Anup said

@ Murali: thanksssss daaaa……

@ Ramya: thanksss

@ Sowmya: thankssss

@ Nandita: thaknsss

@ Vidya: thanksss

@ Sai: thanks man

@ Fret: thanks dude….the sound is muddy coz of bad playing dude :-)….my playing is not very clean…

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