Raja Raja Cholan

Lyrics & Chords

A classic by Ilayaraaja.

There are lots of issues with timing in many places. Especially at the beginnings of various stanzas. My pronunciation and enunciation also need a lot of work.

Here are the lyrics

raja raja chozhan naan enai aalum kaathal desam neethaan
poove kaathal theeve
man meethu sorgam vanthu pennaaga aanathe
ullaasa boomi inggu undaanathe


kannodu kangal yetrum kartpoora theebame
kai theendum pothu paayum minsaarame
ullaasa medai mele orangga naadagam
inbanggal paadam sollum en thaayagam
ingganggu oonjalaaga naan pogiren
angganggu aasai theevil naan vegiren
un raaga moganam en kaathal vaaganam
senthaamarai senthaen mazhai en aavi neeye devi


kalloora paarkum paarvai ulloora paayume
thullaamal thullum ullam sallaabame
villodu ambu rendu kollaamal kolluthe
penpaavai kangal endru poi solluthe
munthaanai moodum rani selvaakkile
en kaathal kangal pogum pallaakkile
thaenodai orame neeraadum nerame
pullangguzhal thallaadume ponmaeni kaelaai rani




Goli Goli said

That was good, I have no idea what does the lyrics mean, but it was quite plesant to hear :)


Prakash Namasivayam said

Dear Prasanna,

nalla irundhuchu… innum konjam bold-a padunaa nalla irukkum… That will add more feel to the song.

Expecting next song from Prasanna with more confidence.


Balaji Sethumathavan said

u hav done a gud work man….try other tracks too…. :)


Vasudha Sundar said


Nice to hear your deep voice….
It was good….but can definitely improve on this …was off-track at a few places


Prasanna K said

Thanks Vasudha, I’ll certainly give it another shot.

I also need to get a decent mike. I actually did a little copy/paste in this song :o). ‘Cos I had screwed up and didn’t want to re-record. But I couldn’t get the timing to where I wanted on the paste.


Prasanna K said


Thanks for the comment :).

But I have no idea what you’re talking about :))

My only knowledge of music is listening and (bathroom) singing, primarily Tamil movie songs :)

How do I figure out how to sing “semitone” higher?


Tony Sebastian said

I must say you have a very good voice. But need to improve a lot in rhythm and pitch… Keep singing…. Good luck… Tony


Sridhar R said

Hi Prasanna, your voice is good but soft. I think this song may need a "thicker’ voice and more basal. Its kjj’s ingenuity that he could traverse higher scale notes with a base voice. Very difficult song. Decent job.

please rate my post on the same song, if you get a chance.

Musically yours……


Anand Kumar said

please stop singing


Gokul Prathapan said

amazing wordings…


Balaji said

y absence of jesu dass??

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