Raj Kumar Anjan - Kaadhal KavithaigaL from Gopura Vaasaliley with Anu Anand..

Lyrics & Chords

‘Pavam Pavam Rajakumaran’ was the original cut having colorful poems carved by Priyadarshan’s soul on the film rolls, which was later remade in tamizh as ‘Gopura Vaasaliley’ marking his debut in Kollywood… I have always had a bent for movies that play with our hormones and vent out the dump from my heart with the tear-jerking sequences… I like Priyardarshan for his varied display as a director… And I personally feel ‘Kalapani’ stands out his best till date…

Apropos of ‘Gopura Vaasaliley’, I would rate Karthik’s as one of his best performances… No one would forget his effervescing performance in the movie prior to the tragedy incorporated in the plot… I genuinely feel Karthik was an underrated actor in the trade… I still watch this movie forgoing other works as and when it gets telecast… Karthik-Suchitra love scenes were firework-display of chemistry and Karthik-Banupriya scenes dwelled on a matured love plot… IR’s fans wouldn’t ask for more… Such a musical hit, this was!!
With a long-cherished desire to cover this, I immediately nodded to Anu’s request to reproduce this classy number… Having grooved on this melody for years, It was pretty easy to reproduce this technically but expressions drove me panic… I managed to emote to the best of my abilities and wish the tempo was a wee lower to radiate the expressions better… Anu has done an outstanding job despite her sore throat… You can leave ur thoughts on listening to this in her page Thanks in advance… :)


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