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Gurudev Rabindranath Tagore, when he visited Theosophical Society in Chennai during the year 1934, was introduced to a 14 year old girl by name Savitri Krishnan and he listened to a few songs – Kritis – sung by her in Carnatic music genre. He was instantly attracted by the charm of those particular _Raagas- which the young girl sang and he composed a few songs getting inspiration from those songs sung by her. The Kolkata Doordarshan interviewed Ms. Savitri Krishnan many years later. She was seventy years at the time. A large part of that interview dealt with the Carnatic tunes Tagore picked up from Savitri Devi to compose some of his most well-known songs. Some of them are difficult songs and only the best artistes have given them a try.

And amongst them one of the easy songs is the one that I have attempted now. This song by Tagore was the outcome after his listening to Smt.Savitri Krishnan rendering the Thyagaraja Kriti in Carnatic music genre in Raag Purna Shadjam.

(If any of you friends like to have an idea of the original Thyagaraja Kriti Lavanya rama kannulara judave , you may listen to the Kriti rendered by the famous Hyderabad brothers in this link:Lavanya Rama )

This is a prayer, about the arrival of Spring and thanking the Lord for the joy it gives to the soul.

The meaning of the song goes like this:

Oh Lord of my soul! My spirit has become fully exquisite
-by the arrival the joyous Spring!

The flower of my desire has blossomed,
In the thrilled trees of my mind
-by the arrival of the joyous Spring!

The creeper of my life is bent
-in veneration at your feet!

The song of delight is rising high
-in the world submerged in your rays!



Thinkal govind kumar Pro user said

Real honour to be the very first one to post remarks !
At the outset, great write-up which was quite informative & interesting !
Nice choice of this serene prayer which was soulfully rendered in your great voice with such apt feel of true devotion !
LOVED this a lot !
Hats off !
Thanks for sharing this very special one !
GOD Bless !
Loving Best Wishes,
Thinkal Govind Kumar.


Giri∂hαrαη. u. r. (temporarily away) Pro user said

Oh… Thinkal Chetta, your feedback was really in a lightning speed.
I am so honoured by your words of appreciation and thank you so much for encouraging me like this.


Latha Ganti Pro user said

So soothing rendition Giridharan sir .loved it.

BTW Have u heard “Lavanya rama” from Radha jayalakshmi?There is a fantastic version from these sister’s try to check it out whenever you can :)


Giri∂hαrαη. u. r. (temporarily away) Pro user said

Thank you Latha for your comments.
(I have heard it, but could not find a link to post here)


Latha Ganti Pro user said

Here you go sir, pls click this link Lavanya Rama:


Vimala chandrasekharan (busy) said

Giri, very soothing rendition. And excellent singing. The easy geet you’ve chosen is also pretty tough:) All the sangathis have come out very well,very clean.Loved your rendition.
Heard melodies are sweet, but those unheard are sweeter – John Keats


Muzaffar Naqvi Pro user said

I get mesmerized by your soothing vocals right away. To top it of you keep the mix even more pleasant to ears. I am surprised at this 32kbps upload that is so genuinely good in all respect. Thank you so much for sharing such a gem and all the information. Very lovely performance Bhai Giridharan. I will have to listen several times….true Anand giving presentation.


Dj Wazif said

Well well bhai such songs suit your voice much…. I feel 32k song is much better in details than 128 bit that actually exposes mixing tweaks lol…. very nice singing…. keep sharing like that.

Wish you Gr8 Luck!

Please listen to my original here: Dekho Mausam

DJ WaziF


Madhukar Mehta said

Giri ji, As always your renditions are so peaceful…. Thanks for the exposure to Rabindra sangeet!! L+F
Chookar Mere Man Ko


Vinod Kumar (trying to catch up) Pro user said

Beautiful rendition Giridharanji….so soothing….and wonderful mixing….the BG Score is awesome and so well blending with your wonderful voice and expressions….and a lovely write up too……great song!! great rendition!!…to my fav……:)


Harshan Nambiar (away for a month india vacation) Pro user said

Giriji……excellent….just loved it. On a mixing front …felt that the overall mix could be little louder….its pretty low at the moment….loved it very much.
“Music is the universal language of mankind.”
― Henry Wadsworth Longfellow


Giri∂hαrαη. u. r. (temporarily away) Pro user said

Thanks a lot Vimala ji, Tahy bro, Naqvi ji, Wazif, Madhukar ji, Vinod ji, Sarmi ji, Rahul and Harshan ji for taking my singing seriously and giving such excellent feedback. I have no words to express my gratitude to you all. Thanks again.


Saroj Nair said

very soothing voice and superb singing Gigidharan


Satheesh Kumar nair said

What a soothing tone , tune and composition !!! anyone irrespective of creed or region wud love this !!! goes to favorites without a second thought….


It is better to be divided by truth than to be united in error.— Adrian Rodgers


Hemanth Kumar Pro user said

Very nice and soothing rendering, Giri ji :-) ! Followed a few of my M’Boo friends to your space here….

Awesome write up about Tagore ji as well. Great learning from my end.

I am not much exposed to Rabindro sangeeth (or Bengali songs for that matter), but I do have a Bengali movie song favorite sung by Hemant Da. The song is called “Ogo Kajolo Noyona Horini”, and from the movie “Mon Niye”.

A few Bengali friends seem to have hinted that it is filmy adaptation of a Rabindro Sangeeth (style). Don’t quite know how accurate this info is, but I simply adore that song and have recorded a cover in the past. I intend to retry a better rendering for upload to here. Just thought of sharing….

It would be my honor to follow your participation too.

Many thanks, and kind regards,



Chandrakant Page (on & off) said

Giri ji
Thanks for your lovely write up and educating us.
Wonderful soothing and soulful rendition. Loved it all the way. Regards.
“I sing like I feel”. ….Chandrakant Page


Giri∂hαrαη. u. r. (temporarily away) Pro user said

Thank you very much, Adina, Satheesh, Hemant and Chandrakant ji for your nice words of appreciation.


Tha Kathir said


It is a different one to listen.

Wonderfull singing.

Keep it up dear Gri sir.
Please listen my uploads and write your feel about it. I love Music & friends, n the god inside of me.


Pradeep Barre said

Super Giridharan!!!
Thanks & Regards,


Jivan Kohli (will be away for long--other commitment's..--busy on a learning mode---) said

A very Over-whelming Description Above……Alway’s A pleasure to Hear this series of Rabindra sangeet from you……With lot of Soul,feel & Variation….Best wishes……


Vinay Chowdary said

Wow amazing anna :) Thanks for sharing !!! Keep going :)
Venmegam pennaga


Giri∂hαrαη. u. r. (temporarily away) Pro user said

Dear Tha, Pradeep, Jivan, Vinay and Priya…
Thanks a lot for your kind comments.


♪♪♪ praveen Pandit ♪♪♪ said

Giriji, Sorry for arriving late…superb song selection All songs from Rabindro sangeet’s are good!!You have sung it soulfully…goes to my fav…

Thanks and Regards,
Pls check my latest upload
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Kavitha kondapalli (away!) said

Thanks for introducing me to Rabindra Sangeet sir. It’s such a bliss… wonderful content in your write-up sir. So beautiful is your singing. Please upload more of these sir. Will check out the Thyagaraja Krithi too… Thank you for sharing.


Giri∂hαrαη. u. r. (temporarily away) Pro user said

Thank you Kavitha for your nice comments.


Jaya Ganapathy said

Your rendition too springs out as a bloom!
That feel of your voice gives the-
Glimpse of a blooming Flower,
Petal by petal spreading out slowly,
Without any urgency, slowing-
Blowing out the soft fragrance,
Caressing the Soul of each one listening!
Heart melts like an Ice!!
God Bless you!!!


Giri∂hαrαη. u. r. (temporarily away) Pro user said

Thank you very much Jaya ji… Your words are like a poem.


Vasudevan Subramaniam said

interesting story and could feel the arrival of spring thru the expression of the raaag!!


Vasudevan Subramaniam said

it was very nice giridharanji!!i loved it


Dinesh Mehta said

Absorbing! Nice rendering.

Please visit my songs page located here

Enjoy each breath with effortless balance.


Loknath Mishra said

Sorry fob being late sir…
by mistake miss it…
very nice rendition….
love this rabindro sangeet very much in ur soft voice….anek misti bhara gan…


Giri∂hαrαη. u. r. (temporarily away) Pro user said

Thank you Vasudevan, Dinesh ji and Loknath for your nice words of appreciation.


Sarada Pro user said

Pure and divine …. calming the soul.
Thanks for sharing.


Giri∂hαrαη. u. r. (temporarily away) Pro user said

Thank you Sarada ji for your kind comment.


Rajeev Bhave said

Giri, in your voice Robindro Songeet seems to come alive. I felt a sense of calm listening to your rendition! I also appreiciated the write up you had!
Rajeev Bhave

My latest upload – Saanware – Ksitij Tarey


Giri∂hαrαη. u. r. (temporarily away) Pro user said

Thank you Rajeev for your kind words of appreciation.


Siji Menon said

That was quite informative, enjoyed reading the elaborate write-up :)

Your voice has brought the right feel of devotion…just soothing it was !!!…Thanks for singing such rare songs n posting them :)

“Words make you think a thought. Music makes you feel a feeling. A song makes you feel a thought.”
Siji Menon


Adwait Ranade Pro user said

Wah, Giri ji! Very soothing rendition once again.
It requires wisdom to understand wisdom. Music is nothing if audience is deaf – Walter Lippmann


Giri∂hαrαη. u. r. (temporarily away) Pro user said

Thank you Siji and Adwait for liking my rendition.


Chandrasekharan Nair(always with music) Pro user said

Hi Giridhar, so nice to hear the great Rabindra sangeeth.Like to hear such veriety music from yhou. Expecially this type of melody. Keep it up
much regards
Be always with a music mind to be a good person


Giri∂hαrαη. u. r. (temporarily away) Pro user said

Thank you very much Chandrasekharan for your kind words of appreciation.


Archana(hope to be active soon!) said

One of my favourite Rabindra Sangeets, you sang with Perfect feel, diction and ofcourse Sur. Goes to my fav.


Giri∂hαrαη. u. r. (temporarily away) Pro user said

Thank you Archana for liking my rendition and for your nice words of appreciation…
Kind regards,


Sangeetha said

Mr. Giri…. can i contact you …. i am looking for somebody who can help with the Rugru Rabindra ji’s composition….


Shruti s nayak said

when i remembered today is gurujis birthday.i instantly remembered our beloved giri sir!….came to listen some unheard gems sir!…very interesting intro of the song and its influences.soothing rendition with a lovely alap carnatic like style along with translation made a very serene listen.good wishes.


Giri∂hαrαη. u. r. (temporarily away) Pro user said

Thank you Shruti for your nice words and encouragement!

Kind regards,

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