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oh no, everything is building up again.
oh no, my heads filling up with shit again.
why did i assume the role of society’s recycle bin?
soaking in all the daily bullshit just to spit it back out again,
hoping it makes more sense to you coming out, than it did to me going in.

thats the cycle i seem to find myself in,
the struggles of a nobody trying to figure out everything.
when if you’ve figured out one thing you’ve figured out everything
because everything seems to figure out to nothing.
and i swear to god i’m not just bitching,
i’m desperately trying to figure out why we’re in the bullshit we’re in.

this doesn’t have to be our lives,
open your mind to the pyramid eye.
why do we accept the lies?
why do we accept the lies?

and it seems like theres nothing we can do,
seems like theres nobody honest to turn to,
everything is as temporary as me and you,
seems like lying is the only way people tell the truth.
when our presidents just a puppet for a prestigious few,
trained and maintained to lie to you.
it drives me insane to see the clues,
screaming from the bottom of the pyramid, no one can hear you.
it’s sad, our reality.
i cant even imagine how great things could be.
we’ve been prisoners made to believe
that we are free.
and so many getting fucked still seem so happy
like they slipped everyone but me a roofie.
hey….where’s my roofie?

this doesn’t have to be our lives,
open your mind to the pyramid eye.
why do we accept the lies?
why do we accept the lies?

back when cigs were three dollars a pack,
when we complaining about dollar and one cent gas,
back when the twin towers were still intact,
back when our president was just laying women on their backs.
now our presidents got men dying in iraq.
back when terror was just a halloween tactic.
now we’re always terrified,
stupified and desensitized.
back when i didn’t think about any of this
when my eyes were closed and everything was bliss.
since my eyes opened all i’ve seen is shit
set too far in motion to do anything about it.
so we wait for the end feeling powerless,
and i wish i could go back to staring at my eye lids.
when i didn’t know it was as bad as it is.
i wanna go back to being a kid.


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by David Petlansky

uploaded over 4 years ago


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