Push (You're Still Mine)

Lyrics & Chords

Lyrics © Hannah M. 2011.


We stand on a balcony, our knives at each-others necks.
And I’ve seen my fair share of war but never before have I not kept my temper in check.
Driving me up all the walls, can’t keep it all inside ‘cause I tried and I failed every time so, what the hell….
And maybe it’s my fault for getting involved with someone who stood back and just watched me fall over myself.

But at least you didn’t push me. At least you didn’t show up just to break me down yourself.
At least you didn’t make me, or taunt me or tease me or trick me or put me through hell.
At least you didn’t kill me, not this time.
I guess that’s your little way of saying you’re still mine.

You’re still mine.
You’re still mine.

Today I had you in my sights at least a dozen different times, but I’d hesitate.
The things that you said get spit out of my head all around, by the time I pinned all of them down you’d escape.
Sometimes you’ll appear, out of thin air, whisper in my ear, I’ll pretend you’re not there until you fuss.
Maybe it’s your fault for getting involved with somebody so stunted they can’t take the brunt of your lust.

But at least I didn’t push you. At least I didn’t shut you down and make you loose control.
At least I didn’t leave you, deny you, ignore you or try to get away at all.
At least I didn’t kill you, not this time.
I guess that’s my little way of saying you’re still mine.

You’re still mine.
You’re still mine……



Llison said

This is just so perfect! I adore your music (not just because it’s TF2 related). You have such a sweet, emotional voice and your song writing is phenomenal. I love the peaking and pacing in this track. I can hardly wait to hear more from you <3


Daniel said






Sallique said

Ok, this, I really really like. I’m not very good at criticizing music but this was so lovely and perfect. The only thing is the first few lines sounded rushed and without the flow of the rest of the song.
Going to listen a second time, the rhythm is there but lost under the rush of words. Still so beautiful though. Mmm


Riza Q. delupe said

I just….I was looking for slash on the interwebs and instead I found ART.
I’m posting on this song, but this applies to everything you’ve posted here.
Send all your things to Valve. If they don’t make a CD out of your stuff and give you much money and fame, I will eat my virtual hat.
You make me want to cry more than Scout when he sees rainbows.


Rhiannon said

This song is marvelous, like all of your music. Thanks for putting it all up here for us to enjoy!

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