Pudhu Vellai Mazhai (Roja - Cover) with Vishak Subramoney

Lyrics & Chords

Cannot explain how much I love this ARR masterpiece! After so many years, it still sounds so captivating!!! Have always wanted to sing this one but never did because of my language limitations :D The hindi version didn’t appeal to me much because everytime a Tamil song is re-done in Hindi, the lyrics are not good enough!

This is my first attempt at a Tamil song so please bear with the diction issues :-) Thanks a lot Vishak for singing this one with me. As I always tell u, u are so pitch perfect!!!

This one goes out to my friends, Sangita & Sendill for being such awesome friends!!!

Film: Roja
Song: Pudhu Vellai Mazhai
Music: A R Rahman
Lyrics: Vairamuthu
Orig Singers: Sujatha & Unni Menon
Cover by: Smitha & Vishak

Please leave your feedback as always!!!



ராஜ் குமார் அஞ்சன் said

wowwwwwwwwwwwwww. would reserve my space for comments…. Would append things after listening. Nice pick Smitha and Vishak!!!!!
Thanks & Regards,

Music is what our feelings sound like….


Ramya Harish said

Smitha – You sound so great in tamil. Absolutely loved your singing in this. PLease stop worrying abt diction n start singing more tamil covers, its absolutely fine!

Vishak – Good job as well! Nice expressions!
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Unnikrishnan Kb said

One of my favorite song… This song have been iconic. Hail Rahman. Now about you guys. Amazing amazing singing. I enjoyed it to the core.
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Pratane said

wow! wonderful singing by you both.


Smitha Passanha said

Raj – Thanks! Will look fwd to your comments!

Ramya – Thanks so much! Really happy u liked it!

KB – Thanks for listening and liking it :-)

Pratheepan – Thanks!

- Smitha

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Visruth Premraj said

nice work guys….!! keep it up…!! liked ur expressions smitha…. i guess the vocals mixing volume cud have been a bit less…. but nevermind… it was really gud….!!


Nithya Bayya (www.facebook.com/nithyabayya) Pro user said

liked it lots guys … wonderful singing :)
agree on the vocal volume…. but otherwise really nice . you should definitely start singing more tamil songs :)
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Vishnu Mohan ( busy mode) said

Smitha & vishak super pick super rendition like it

do more tamil songs smitha.

Vishak as usual kalakkal :D


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Deepa kumar said

Smitha & Vishak….It is really awesome….enjoyed a looot….Smitha, nobody can judge that u r a non-tamilian….Vishak….“aan poo ketpadillai” placela smile superb….Looking for more tamil nos from you Smitha….

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Deepesh A k(indefinitely on and off) said

Smitha & vishak….My fav too ….You guys have done this one pretty well indeed….Vishak sounded more at home though….liked this effort….:)


Adithi said

Beautiful rendition of this timeless classic, Smith and Vishak! :)

Loved it! :)


Neil swanson.. Still not doing well but keeping the faith .surgery looking re october thanks for the prayers and well wishes ! Pro user said

very beautiful song i had admired your voice
since i first heard it. it makes eastern
music so enjoyable. and your partner was
excellent too…the music and all was great
i cant even put into words. how nice and how
much i enjoyed. this. im exposing and trying
to understand and develop taste for this
gendre . until muziboo. i had no concept of

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Without god in our lives all of this joy
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For those who need help in karoke music
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move any vocals from any song for KAROKE

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Biju Ramachandran Pro user said

hi smitha ,
yur first tamil song is fantastic.what a way to start.!
post more tamil songs.
vishak,v well done.nice feel too….
biju ramachandran


Uthra said

Smitha and Vishak: Lovely song pick and very well done. Liked it.

Smitha: Such a sweet and innocent sounding voice. Brilliant for a first tamil attempt. It sounded perfect to me. Zha, La, aNaikindra…. tough ones for a non-tamilian and you got those right. Please post more songs.

Vishak: Nice voice. Some variations like “poo ketpadillai” (sounded like poo keppadillai though), “Thedi” were nicely done.


Sukumar R ( far away ) said

im here through the link of Vishak…nice to see ramya harish giving free hand to smitha on diction…its totally opposite in otherway around…

well…but i didnt find any diction issues…i agree that the hindi lyrics are not done well for this song comparing with the originals…

beautiful track and beautiful singing both of you…loved it…i appreciate smitha’s singing effort in tamil…



Roshine Gnanatharshan. said

Lovely Expressive singing By both of you.
Enjoyed it.

  • Roshine *

“ஒரு சிற்றோடையின் சலசலப்பாய்… சிறகாய்…சிலிர்ப்பாய்…எனக்குள் ஒலி எழுப்பும் சங்கீத சப்தஸ்வரமாய்… நீ "


Bharathi Dinesh said

Hi Smitha,
It is unbelievable that you don’t know tamil!!! Too good! High registers were equally good ! (kamban paadaatha sindhanai~~)
Singing great as well….sweet voice!
lovely singing as always!
Welldone both of you!



Max Vala said

Tamil to aati nahi mujay par…. It was just very very nice,


Harry Chops said

Smitha, Vishak – Fantastic singing. This indeed is an immortal composition by ARR. He had done all of us proud by winning Oscars and Grammy.
Thumbs up!
Please check out my latest -
Tu Jaane Na

Tum Bhi Chalo
Bade Achhe lagte hain
Sansar hai ek nadiya
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Your feedback is requested.


Anup said

excellent cover smitha and vishak….smitha thanikku tamizh um ariyam allee….kollaamm….vocal vols lil high (but given the karaoke it is perfectly fine)….look forward to more here…


Vishak Subramoney said

First of all, a big thanks to Smitha for having taken the time out from her schedule to do this one with me. Smitha has a lovely sweet voice which is perfect for such romantic numbers. I am glad to have had this opportunity to sing with u.
As everyone have said above, ur Tamizh is very very good for a non speaker and I hope to do many more such numbers with u. Thank you for doing the mixing as well.

Thanks Ramya, Unni, Pratheepan, Visruth, Nithya, Vishnu, Deepa, Deepesh, Adithi, Neil, Biju, Uthra, Suku, Roshine, Bharati, Max, Harry and tailgunner for listening and for commenting.

Raj — will wait for ur feedback.


Harry Narain said

Vishak. This sounds truly awesome… Great work Guys…. Keep it up….

If possible, u could remove a sort of noise that comes in the beginning of the track…. so that it sounds truly pro….



Smitha Passanha said

Visruth, Nithya – Since the track was kind of instrumental, the music was overpowering and the vocals were not clear…so had to bump up the vocal volume. Glad u liked this attempt!

Vishnu, Deepesh, Adithi, Biju, Uthra, Roshini, Max, Harry – Thanks a lot!

Deepa – I agree abt Vishak’s expressions….excellent! Glad u didn’t find major issues with my diction :-)

Neil – Thanks for such encouraging feedback!

Sukumar – I agree….I was super happy to see Ramya’s comment :-) Glad u liked this one!

Bharathi – Thanks a lot! I am a Malayalee so I guess it makes it a little easier to pronounce those things :-)

Anup – Thanks! Tamizh ariyilla do….padhichu varunnu :-)

Vishak – Thanks to u for singing this one with me! Enjoyed covering this one. Hope to cover more songs with u!

- Smitha

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Vamsi Nadella said


Did not find any issues with you diction. Not that i know much but generally. When you started the song the pallavi, the endings were cut off abruptly. T^hen from "Nadiye….’ you took off and then no looking back. Excellent!!!.


As always superb!!!. I see some SPB traits in this rendition though. Not that that is bad, but just letting you know.

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Please do comment. They help me encourage and improve.


Tara Balakrishnan said

very nice rendition guys! smitha u sound damn sweet in this number:) loved both ur expressions.
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Rekha swaminathan (on and off...) said

Very nicely done….
Smitha – I loved your voice – clear and rightly soft. And nice job on the Tamil… :)
Vishak – there’s a smile in your voice…through out the song…very nice…
I like this one a lot…


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Satish Vammi said

Smitha and Vishak: this is very nice….can’t comment about the diction….pitch and expression wise both of you did good job….Smitha, your voice needs to open a little bit….your voice is sweet


Harshan Nambiar Pro user said

Smitha and Vishak ….great job with this cover ….very very nostalgic ……LOVED it and to my favs……have some real good memories attached to this song. Vishak …would have preferred more softness in this rendition ….nothing takes away the charm.
Check out

Bhool gaya sab kuch

Aye dil hai Mushkil

Pukarta chala hoon mai

dil ke jharonke mein


Sudha Kumar (back to listen to all of you..) said

Wow Smitha and Vishak, That was awesome singing! I too like this song and you both sounded so good…
5/5 in old style and to favs,
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Kumar Srinivasan Pro user said

Awesome singing Smitha and Vishak.

Smitha, Kudos on your first tamil rendition. Cannot tell that you don’t know tamil. Great job :-).

Vishak, great expressions and feel.



Smitha Passanha said

Vamsi – I agree with your observation. Thanks for listening and the feedback! Glad u liked it.

Tara, Rekha, Kumar – Thanks a lot!

Satish – Pointers noted. Thanks for listening!

Harshan, Sudha – Thanks for adding it to your fav list.

- Smitha

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Pudhu Vellai Mazhai (Roja) with Vishak Subramoney
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(( anil Aryanad )) here said

WoW! smitha…!
very nice singing…
i loved this song…
especially ARR s other some melodies.
Well done.
God Bless You!
graphic designer/photographer
GSM:00968 95665786



Srividya Kasturi said

Listened to it yesterday, forgot to leave a comment:) Smitha, u were very good in this one! U must definitely try more tamil numbers:)
Vishak, u imparted nice feel through out the song!! Keep it up:)
My Latest Posts:
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Haan Maine Chookar Dekha Hai
Kuch Toh Log Kahenge
Kaatril Varum Geetame

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Shyama said

Nice one Vishak and Smitha.

Vishak,Your voice sounded really good but it seemed a little controlled.I dunno if its just me who felt this way, I think more open voiced singing would give ur rendition that missing 1%.

Do listen to my latest post:
Gazab kaa hai din


Vishak Subramoney said

Thanks Harry, Tara, Rekha, Satish, Harshan, Sudha, Kumar, Rahul, Anil, SriVidya and Shyama for listening and for commenting.

Vamsi — always lovely to hear from u. I have always felt that this song would have been so much better if SPB had rendered it in Tamil like he did in Telugu and in Hindi. Maybe this is why, unconsciously, I tried to sing it SPB style. Thank u for visiting this page.


Ajeesh Kumar said

Good singing Vishak and Smitha. Didn’t find any issue worth mentioning.
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Srini S said

Awesome guys.


Really didn’t expect that you will do a tamil
number and so nice it was.Didn’t find any diction
issues and good control in your voice.Keep it up
and expecting more tamil numbers,all the best.


Expressions were pretty good throughout the
song,but feel was less due to lack of softness.
Your voice was very strange,but overall a good
attempt and nevertheless enjoyed it.All the

Your voice is similar to S.P.B.Charan.

some of my uploads:

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Udhithadhange oLiviLakkaaga (Iyyappan song in tamil)
KaN pona pokkile (Tamil cover by srini)
Sach Mere Yaar Hai(hindi cover)


ராஜ் குமார் அஞ்சன் said


At the outset, I apologize for being late here after endorsing the first draft and reserving the space for comments. :-) This movie and its soundtrack has literally revolutionized the audio market in India and the International market for Indian film music. Has been announced one of the top ten soundtracks of all-time. The music adopted by A.R.R was simply impalpable by the then contemporary composers and to date, his style of composition entices each and every composer in India. With the usage of Mediocre instruments in ROJA, this prodigy has stunned the music-dom with his heart-throbbing numbers. And the usage of special effects in this particular song makes this song so rejuvenating and takes us all to the Valley. Have heard that ARR was paid a meagre salary for his work in ROJA and he has used that money to buy the then-latest electronic keyboard instrument available in the market and now whatever tone for the electronic keyboard is released, it would first be used by ARR himself and then comes to the market in India. What a transformation!!! Simply awesome. And I need not say anything about him as the entire world is witnessing his conquest.

An artiste would do nothing if he waited until he could do it so well that no one could find fault.

Smitha! Was reminded of those words when u uttered about your tamil diction. But u were bold and confident enough to cover a tamil song and it has definitely paid u off well. Never mind about the diction at the beginning but once u have taken the plunge, u need to take care as people start expecting things. :-) Your singing is flawless like a sweet-talk incensed with the apt mood and attitude for this song, IMO…. Welcome aboard(to the tamil singers’ club) and do post as many songs u could, though a greedy wish. Hope to see u covering many haunting numbers in the ensuing days. Thanks and All the best.

The biggest thing is showing versatility by moving around the infield. And this is a sure case for a singer.

Vishak! You are versatile and you come under SPB’s genre. I could see the influence of his singing in every rendition of yours. As far as taking singing as a hobby, thats perfectly okay. And thinking to take it to professional level would surely demand individuality and I insist you to avoid following his methodology of singing. As said earlier, I could see some of your renditions getting delivered in a non chalant and lukewarm manner and some being very very expressive and exuberating. I dont really know the reason. I could see that u sing effortlessly but what I mean is different from this. Hope u understand. And ‘ketpathillai’ was uttered as ‘keppathillai’. :-) thats fine. And I have seen you singing with open-throat in ur previous renditions but here I could feel that you were having something in mind and have sung this. I mean something was missing. Conscious controlled singing??? Machchi! I hope u get what am trying to say. Yours is one of the adorable voices here and it has got stunning resemblance with SPB Charan’s. A Multi-linguist, Versatile, Perfectionist and the tag goes on…. All the best. Do give us the treat with your renditions. God bless you.

Thanks & Regards,

Music is what our feelings sound like….


Smitha Passanha said

Rahul – Thanks for fav’ting this one!

Anil, Vidya, Shyama, Ajeesh, Srini – Thanks a lot guys for all the encouragement! I am all geared up now to try more Tamil songs :-)

Raj – Thanks for taking time for the detailed analysis. Really appreciate all the feedback!

- Smitha

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Pudhu Vellai Mazhai (Roja) with Vishak Subramoney
Genda Phool
Pal Pal Dil Ke Paas


Vishak Subramoney said

Thanks Ajeesh, Srinivas and Raj for the comments.

Raj — i just read ur scribble as well. Thank u for ur honest feedback……this really helps me to improve and i will be conscious of the way i sing in the future. thanks again


Deblina M (away) said

Smitha & vishak …. Awesome singing :) Have heard the hindi version … loved it :)


Sushanth Shankar said

Hi Smitha & Vishak!

One of the THE Best compositions of the great ARR ever! As already mentioned by you guys, this is always such a captivating song!

Smitha – You have a very sweet and melodious voice! Very well rendered! I never felt this is ur 1st Tamil cover… :) Really well rendered! Keep them coming!

Vishak – Well sung bro! Loved your feel thoroughly! The ending of the charanam, “Maarbodu vandhaadudho” was awesome! Just a small suggestion would be to reduce the use of base voice in such songs, as that would beautify the song a little more when you make use of your soft voice! Still it never took away the charm of the song! Very well sung bro!

Goes to my favs! All the very best!

- Sushanth


Saqib Javed said

hey heared that composing some where but dont know where very nice tune n sound awsome and i shocked smitha singing tamil song ops ….he he impressive yar bagher samjhey Feel dalna song main mushkil ho ta hai and u done it waow and vishak u great man awsome voice u have n lovely singing
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Thinkal govind kumar Pro user said

Nostalgic song beautifully rendered by both of you !
LOVED it !

Cheers !
GOD Bless !
Loving Best Wishes,
Thinkal Govind Kumar.


Vishak Subramoney said

Thank u Deblina, Sushanth, Saqib and Thinkal for listening and commenting.


Smitha Passanha said

Deblina, Sushanth, Saqib, Thinkal – Thanks so much everyone for listening and commenting.

- Smitha

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Pudhu Vellai Mazhai (Roja) with Vishak Subramoney
Genda Phool
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Vasikaran Jeyathevan said

beautiful song smitha, I liked ur voice, u r in ma favourite nw!!!!


Rupesh Kumar said

Wonderful singing by you both, liked a lot. 5/5…with a like.
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Jane Mathew said

Smitha: this one s awesome!!! really enjoyed ur singing…u sound really sweet…u shd try more tamil numbers….
Vishak: i m listening to u for the first time…really impressive….

u both had very gud expressions…


Ajay Chandran said

Smitha and Vishak…Immortal song…. presented beautifully! :)


Listen to ‘UDTI PHIRUN’ by Sindhuja


Vishak Subramoney said

Thanks Vasikaran, Rupesh, Jane, Ajay and Sarada for listening and commenting.


Venugopal Iyyer said

very nice rendition. very good recording. stars , regards to both.


Bcuber said

Beautiful! Dont know what else to say…. :) Great singing Smitha and Vishak!
Please listen to my latest uploads:
Teri Chahat: A Sufi Original
Ennavale: Kadhalan
hai junoon – Original Hindi
neruppe sikki mukki – Vetailyaadu vilaiyaadu


Nandita said

Beautiful! Lovely singing by you both.
Latest uploads –
Kesariya Balma
Mohabbat aisi dhadkan


Smitha Passanha said

Thanks again everyone! Really appreciate all the feedback!

- Smitha

Do listen to:
Pudhu Vellai Mazhai (Roja) with Vishak Subramoney
Genda Phool
Pal Pal Dil Ke Paas


Vijay G said

Smitha… ur voice is very smooth…. and just a treat to listen to…
Vishak…… I actually thought you had a little bit of malayalam accent… sounded like unni menon… then your improvisation bit where I could feel SPB…. overall just beautiful… one of your best da. great job!


Babu Nm said

wah wah… great singing ji
may god bless you and bw with you always


Madhu Sush said

This song was well sung.But we could find a strong classical influence in it.a lot of biraka sangathis have featured in most of the parts.Its felt like u were singing happily…:) Nice collaboration.Liked it much better than ur earlier ones.


Vishak Subramoney said

Vijay — welcome back to Muziboo buddy……eppudu choosina gundelo lo touch chestunavu ra mava

thanks Venu Sir, Bcuber, Nandita and Babu for ur comments.


Dr. priya Rajan said

Smitha U know that am a fan of yr voice. My knowledge is less when comes to Tamil music.
Appreciate your effort to sing this.
Loved it dear….
Vishak …… Gr8 voice and singing. Heard this song…. we have it in Telugu – am i right??
Beautiful duet liked it looots.
All my love/5.
Thanks a lot for sharing.

MUSIC is the language of the soul!


Rashmi Madhu said

Thank you for all those nice words. Your Tamil song ( in spite of the minor hitch of subdued vocal volume) was superb. Hard to believe that you are not a native tamil speaker.
Keep them coming
Dr.Rashmi Madhu


Smitha Passanha said

Vijay, Babu, Madhu, Priya, Rashmi – Thanks a lot for all the nice words!

- Smitha

Do listen to:
Pudhu Vellai Mazhai (Roja) with Vishak Subramoney
Genda Phool
Pal Pal Dil Ke Paas


Usha R said

Ungal kuralil indha isaiyai naanga keka mikkavum aanandham padugirom. Favorites. thank you.


Manohar said

god………………………………… heaven on earth!! simtha your voice!!! well, I can’t tell how much soothing it is, Vishak…your little smile at the end of the song is very natural!! keep up bro!!
Good luck for the next album!!!


Vishak Subramoney said

thanks again everyone for the wonderful comments.
Smitha — looking forward to our next collaboration.


Karthika Venkatesan(infinitely away.. ) said

very nice rendition… :)
When you are free please listen to my tracks and leave your valuable comments

Karthika’s songs


Nave said

dont have words to say!! awesome


Smitha Passanha said

Thanks a lot !

Please listen to I Love U


Manikandan.a said

Hi…. smitha…… hey really nice pa……


Augustine Mj said

good singing smitha, last week we mixed it with hindi and tamil in one of our local prograames. good one

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