Poochho Na Kaise (Semi-Original)- Instrumental Cover

Lyrics & Chords


LIfe has been throwing some challenges of late, but I have been trying to tackle those with strong heart. In the meantime I have been caught with severe chest congestion and cold stopping me from singing. However, I kept fiddling around with Logic Studio since I got it 3 weeks ago. stress had been building up without vocal chords. Finally thought of venting it out through Keyboard (Decade old Rusting Kawai Super 3D X-50D).

Most of the credit goes to my Daughter (Jasmine) since I learnt notes of Vairab Raag (not sure if Bhairav is called Vairab in Bengal) from her (She learnt from a bengali family friend now in India). She also told me that this Song is based on this Raaga (Actually Ahir Bhairav). Rest of things I carried forward with my limited knowledge & self learning.

Please take it as an experimental cover, so if I played anything wrongly my humble apology. Also, it does not follow everything from original song with considerable difference in interludes and other harkats.

Those interested in knowing the instruments, I played Rhythm (Correct), bass from inbuilt sound of Keyboard(Kawai). Piano, Strings(Lead), Interlude Synth etc were played through Midi in Logic. Logic has totally impressed me with its sound.

I will plan to sing it as soon as I get well. Till then enjoy this one :-D.

Original Credits.
Movie: Meri Surat Teri Aankhen (1963)
Raga: Ahir Bhairav
Music Director: SD Burman
Lyrics: Shailendra



Jivan Kohli (will be away for long--other commitment's..--busy on a learning mode---) said

Superb Harry-Bhai….Great Experimentation with your Key Board….Really Imaginative……Definitely Ahir-Bhairavi Song this……….Love this Original song By Manna-dey’ji…………


Latha Ganti Pro user said

Harry – Wonderful work !
Have listened a couple of times !! I am humming along with your music !! Even though it doesn’t have vocals, One can still hear the distinct swaras ,melody & emotion!Refreshing instrumental Piece!
I can say Your instrumental Piece is a Close cousin to Poochhoona kaise ! :)
Loved it ! Keep posting such works Harry !Blessings to your Daughter :)


Muhammed.nana. Muftah.el.khair. said

salam my sweet dear bhai jaan
first of all i wish you to cover soon,now this instrumental is very nice done with perfect nostalgic feel and play is super only the automatic bass is going out of tone or doesn’t follow you because you didn’t touch him,but don’t worry i’am not a musicien…i salute your daughter she’s good teachter…both keep up and thank you for sharing…this goes to my fav n like…hug


Madhukar Mehta said

Harry bhai,

Ahir Bhairav it is…… and you have done a wonderful job on this classic Manna Dey number. I am sorry to hear about your vocal handicap…. but our prayers are with you. I am sure, you will be back soon with brighter colors.

I am also tied up with variety of constraints which has kept me from uploading for quite some time now…. but hopefully, things will get better in 2012.

Best Regards,
Chookar Mere Man Ko


Sunil Telkar (absconding) said

Awesome instrumental bro!!! Loved it!!!
Well, this recording of yours has inspired me to come up with something similar from my end…. Have a basic Yamaha PSR-290 taken 7-8 years back resting way back at home in Bangalore. I’m sure that 2012 will be a musical year for me as am shifting to Bangalore for a better opportunity and of course to be closer to my hometown :)
My Covers
Music’s my passion; the art I’m trying to learn on my own w/ every song, every line, every word I sing


Saroj Nair said

beautifully played Harry
hope you get better soon


Hemanth Kumar Pro user said

Harry bro,

Cute rendition :-) ! All the best for your speedy recovery.

When you have some spare time, pls do check out my singing attempt at this masterpiece…. in my Manna Dey da covers album.

Please also chk out my amateur attempt at playing the Keyboard (Tyros3) for “Iss Mod Se Jaathe Hain”…. in my Instrumentals album.

Many thanks and kind regards,



Muzaffar Naqvi Pro user said

Enjoyed it Harry. I am happy I find friends here with interests in playing instruments as well. It is a difficult song to play on Western beats but you did quite all right. You accompaniment remained in one chord. Change of chords would have enhanced your play.


Shailender said

Welcome back Harry bhai……seeing you here after a long time, missed you buddy.

Experimentation is nicely done and loved listening to it. Looking forward to your vocals soon.

Keep posting more….

Music is my meditation…….Shailender


Sohag Mia (back in action) said

Nice work buddy! Liked it……………
My Latest Covers


Chandrakant Page (on & off) said

HARRY bhai….
Nice experiment. Liked it.
“I sing like I feel”. ….Chandrakant Page


Harry Jassal (inactive) said

Thank You Dear Ones for Chiming in and providing your wonderful feedback. I Really Appreciate it !

Jivan Bhai
Tahy Bhai
Madhukar Ji
Sunil Ji
Saroj Ji
Naqvi Ji
Shailender Bhai
Chandrakant Ji

A BIG THANKS to all of you for your lovely words of appreciation and pressing the LIKES and FAVS.


Have a listen to Rafi Sharddhanjli


Harry Jassal (inactive) said

Naqvi Saab, I am not trained in anything, so in a nutshell I have no knowledge on chords and how to change them. I also doubt I will get an opportunity in near future to learn the same. But definitely I am learning by myself till then. I know it sounds monotonous but that’s what I could do by myself & probably thought it sounds good even with this. Will try out to see if I can get the chords corrected in the background.

Have a listen to Rafi Sharddhanjli


Harry Jassal (inactive) said

Sunil Bhai we will meet up in Bangalore soon, Perhaps I am also going to join the same boat pretty soon, Possibly Pune/Ggn or Blr. Looking out for options myself !

Have a listen to Rafi Sharddhanjli


Harry Jassal (inactive) said

Latha, Tahy Bhai special thanks to you for wonderful feedback, I have always felt children are best source of inspiration and also teach us a lot of things, I made a good use of this fact :-) & going to continue the same. I see in my daughter a great talent although have not yet put her through proper musical training. Thanks for encouraging !

Have a listen to Rafi Sharddhanjli


Hema Shamal Pro user said

Wah,wonderful piece…very nice creation….Enjoyed it all the way….


Harshan Nambiar (away for a month india vacation) Pro user said

Harry bro….beautiful ….though it sounded trendy the beauty of the original was not lost….liked your interludes and how you bridged it back to the anthra……hope your daughter makes you proud with her singing when she grows up…………to favs !!
“Music is the universal language of mankind.”
― Henry Wadsworth Longfellow


Aparna Ghosh said

Very well played Harry,, superb….loved it…


Giri∂hαrαη. u. r. (temporarily away) Pro user said

Excellent attempt Harry. Of course the Raag of the song (Ahir Bhairav) has all those magical and mystical qualities in it. Liked it a lot.
(You may like to know that Sachin da took this tune from a famous Nazrul Geeti song in Bengali – Oruno Kanti Kego Jogi Bhikhari. You may get to listen to this song from the net too)
Best regards,


Sudha Kumar (back to listen to all of you..) said

Beautiful piece in Ahir Bhairav, Harry – had a nice modern touch to it. Go ahead and experiment more with this – you sure are on the right track. Kudos to your girl of course – she is ahead of her age with her talent! Please groom her with good instrumental training:-)
“A good head and a good heart are always a formidable combination. "
- Nelson Mandela


Thinkal govind kumar Pro user said

Harry Bhai…….
Totally second what all our Sudha has said above !
Your good self has been blessed by The Almighty with lots of inborn talents together with gifting such a talented daughter also !
Even without any professional training in music, you have been able to achieve a lot in music thanks to GOD & your inborn talents !
Beautiful playing that was really soothing to the ears !
LOVED & FAVOURITED this great work !
Standing ovation to the great team of Dad & Daughter !
Eagerly awaiting a rendition by both of you together !
Please convey my heartfelt wishes to your talented daughter(her subh-naam should have been mentioned by your good self) !
Also please take good care of your throat & singing !
GOD Bless !
Loving Best Wishes,
Thinkal Govind Kumar.


Minder Singh said

aaaah the fun you can have with your keyboards……its like meditation once you are engrossed in it.good job harry bhai keep up the good work n keep practising more get all the fingers to walk the keyboard….tc n god bless


Khawer Khilji Pro user said

That is lovely work Harry bhai. Very creative. Keep it up. Liked it very much.


Harish said

Harry bhai, you are really multi-talented! enjoyed your output!
Din Dhal Jaaye


Adwait Ranade Pro user said

Love to have from a mulch-talented friend. Loved it:)

It requires wisdom to understand wisdom. Music is nothing if audience is deaf – Walter Lippmann


Ramesh Tadi Pro user said

Harry Bro’ lovely stuff… very nice song pick… i am a layman coming to this Raag’s and nice to know you have a young teacher to help you in Raaga’s. God bless her…

Not sure how you guys can make these original/semi like compositions, singing, lyrics and these instrumentals… enjoyed it all thorugh… loved it bro.
Ramesh Tadi


Harry Chops said

Harry-Very well done. Logic is a great interface. I am sure you’re gonna create many more lovely pieces like this and we will hear your next song with your vocals soon.
My latest cover
Ankahee (Lootera)


Girish Masand said

Good to listen, you are very creative. I could sing to your tune and wish it was of full song.


Shaniruh said

Beautifully played Harry……loved it :)


Harry Jassal (inactive) said

A BIG THANK YOU to all of you for chiming in with Likes and Favs. Really glad to see you here.

Hema, Harshan Bhai, Aparna,Paras Ji, Giri JI, Sudha,TGK Sir,Gopika,"Minder Ji*,Khawer Ji, Harish Ji, Rahul,Adwait,Ramesh,Harry C, Girish Ji, Shani Bhai Really a ton of thanks for your wonderful and encouraging feedback.

Special Thanks to TGK Sir for such a wonderful blessing. It’s really a motivating feedback and rightly pointing out about mentioning my daughter’s name, will correct it now.


Have a listen to Rafi Sharddhanjli


Dr sridhar saxena said

Harry ji this is outstanding creative art and ur talented daughter also takes a share….loved it all the way….to fav
Dr.Sridhar Saxena


Harry Jassal (inactive) said

Thank You Dr. Saab for your lovely comments and the goodies. Really Appreciate it !

Have a listen to Rafi Sharddhanjli


Swati Prasad said

Harry ji i think you must know. Bahirav and Ahir Bhairav are different raga

Ahir bahirav is derived from raag bhairav and Kafi.

your music is really enchanting

I am really amazed by hearing it… loved it
Swati Prasad


Anshu Singare said

Arrey Devta, superb ! Jaanke achha laga ki jasmine bhi ab pure josh ke saath aapko raagon ka gyan de rahi hai ;-) …. Sab kaise hain ?
— Singare Innovations, Idea Consulting

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