Po Po Po......, by Keshav

Lyrics & Chords

Presenting a song sung by my son Keshav……this time I was firm that I should not mess up his vocals in my hands….lol….so decided to send it to my friend and IR of Muziboo one and only Anbu Mohamed……thanks a million to Anbu for doing a wonderful job.

Song is from Tamil
From “Manam Kothi Paravai(2012)”
Sung By Javed Ali
Music By D.Imman

Lyrics depicts the depressed mind of a lover losing his lover…(not seen the movie hence not too sure of the plot)
A crude translation I have tried for those who do not know the language…….
nee enga vena po
nee enga vena po
nee onnum venam po
(Go go go….You may go wherever you want to go
….I dont need you anymore)
enakku onnum kavalai illa
podi thangam po
nee yara vena jodi seru
sogam illa po
po po po
nee enga vena po
po po po
nee onnum venam po
(I am not worried sweetheart….you may marry anyone you want and may go wherever you want)

nooru jenmam rani pola
vazha pora poomane
enna pola evanum illa
solla pora nee thane nee thane
pacha kili neeye vittu paranthayey
solli kollama ennoda illama
thallada vittuttiye
po po po
nee enga vena po
po po po
nee onnum venam po
(you are going to live like a Queen for hundred incarnations….but you will still tell that there was no one like me…………Oh you parrot …you ditched me in this state without uttering a word)

thangame ennidam enna korai kooru
vathiye vittathe kannukkullum neeru
ointhidaamale siru vayathil oonjalaadinom
maaridamaley naduvayathil oorai kodinom
orunaal kooda neengamal keli pesinom
namai neraga paarporai
yeno esinom selvame
po po po
nee koodu vittu po
po po po
nee koorum kettu po
(oh dear….let me know what is lacking in me……the tears in my eyes has drained….we played in the swing as kids….went around the town making fun of everything we came across in our teens….and we cursed people who looked at us………go go go….you move out of me….go go go… you get lost!!….)
kalladi pattu nan kandathilla kayam
solladi pattu nan ninnathenna nyayam
kathalodu nee irunthidavey kaavalaginen
kanalagi nee paranthidavey saga pogiren
unai seramal vaznthaley yethu nimmathi
enai erkamal ponaley
podi un vithi… un vithi…

( I have never experienced pain when hit by stone….surprised how could I get so injured by your words…….was like a guard to guard your love….since you are going to disappear like a mirage, I will die soon…….how will I ever get peace without living with you……you have left without accepting me….go go go….that is your fate….it is your fate…!!……)

enakku onnum kavalai illa
podi thangam po
nee yarai vena jodi seru
sogam illai po
po po po
nee thali katti po
po po po
naan vaazha vetti po
( I am not worried go sweetheart go….you be with anyone you want to be with…I will not be sad….go go go…you go get married…go go go…leave me without life …!!)

nooru jenmam rani pola
vazha pora poomane
enna pola evanum illa
solla pora nee thane nee thane
pacha kili neeye
vittu paranthaye
solli kollama ennoda illama
thallada vittuttiye
po po po



Ajay m nair said

EXCELLENT!!!!…. suuuper play back singer quality…… hope and wish he will become a gr8 play back singer soooooon…… loved it to the core……

“The above comments are made upon my v.little knowledge…. the recipient plz forgive if iam wrong”


Srikumaran Menon Pro user said

Yes…I agree with Ajay….Keshav is really professional in his singing…….beautifully executed song….the mixing is great, too……Congrats to you and Keshav….May God bless you both for attaining greater heights…….
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Janani Subash said

Excellent singing Vinod!
Truly a quality performance!
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1) Ondra renda aasaigal


Anbu Mohamed Pro user said


He is an amazing talent. Give me good practice, motivate him with interest and concentration…He will reach heights !! God Bless him !! and Well done Keshav !!

புலிக்கு பிறந்தது பூனையாகுமா ? அப்பா எட்டடி பாய்ந்தால் மகன் பதினாறடி பாய்கிறார் !!

♫♫♫ Anbu J. Mohamed ♫♫♫


Poornima Pro user said

Excellent singing. Truly very professional. Mixing is great….Wish you reach greater heights in musical field….


Jenefa (inactive) said

Vinodji, Never heard original…But Keshav’s singing is super in this song! Liked all the nuances and the feel he has given to the song :) Good mixing by Anbu Bro.
Liked the song…off to listen the original now :)

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Hamsapriya Pro user said

Hi Keshav

Enjoyed the song in your voice (not a fan of the song- sorry!)

Your talent is so obvious and as everyone here has said you have the potential to become a playback singer, if you are so inclined and apply yourself.

Good mixing by Anbu Bro

Best Wishes

  • * * * *
    Real knowledge is to know the extent of one’s ignorance.

>> @ Confucius

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♪♪♪ praveen Pandit ♪♪♪ said

Hi Vinod ji, no doubts Keshav has got lots of talents and he can reach to professional level if he practise relegiously.!!Good performance…Thanks for sharing his rendition…Goes to Fav!
Thanks and Regards,
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Chandrasekar Ramaswamy Pro user said

Oh wow!!! Fabulous singing Keshav!!!!

This is the second time I listening to this one and hence can’t say that I am a huge fan of this song.

But I am a huge fan of this song in your voice. God bless you, your voice, skills and interests. May your wishes come true!!!

Fabulous mixing by Anbu bro – well, now is there anything to say there?

//Anbu bro – Keshav reNdu puligaLukku piranthavar – 16 adiyilla 32 adi paaivaar :-)//

- My comment is an opinion. Opinions are like wrist watches and I have one. I am not sure the time in my wrist watch is the right one.


Vinod Kumar (trying to catch up) Pro user said

@ Ajay @ Srikumaranji @ Janani, thank you so much for that feedback and best wishes :)


Vinod Kumar (trying to catch up) Pro user said

@ Ashok …hahahaha….naan mattum padina neega eppavena poidiveenga….adanalethan ungale ellam pogame vekkarthukku….naduvule naduvule…keshav paate upload panren……lol…btw I have not listen to this song before….just heard him trying out this song and asked him to record……thank you so much for the compliments….:)


Vinod Kumar (trying to catch up) Pro user said

@ Anbu….thank you so much…….naan mix paani irundha 9 adithan therinchurukkum….neenga azhaga pannadhale 16 adi theriyuthu….lol….thanks a ton once again for your beautiful work…….will sure trouble you with more…hehehehe….thanks a ton for that encouraging compliment….will make him take singing serious for sure….:)


Vinod Kumar (trying to catch up) Pro user said

@ Poornima….thank you so much…:)

@ Hamsa…thank you…I am hearing this song for the first time only when he sang….youngsters have there own taste…and it happens with all generations……when I ask him to sing some of my old fav songs, all he gives me is a funny look and makes me feel as if I am Jurasic….hahahahaha……anyway will try and coax him slowly into old melodies…but have to pace with him accordingly….lol….


Vinod Kumar (trying to catch up) Pro user said

@ Jenefa…thanks a lot …:)

@ Jeya….paaraattukku mikka nandri….ungal arumaiyana , inimaiyaana Tamizh….engalaiyum ungalai vittu pogamal seikiradhu……thank you once again for visiting my space and enjoying my son’s rendition……:)


Vinod Kumar (trying to catch up) Pro user said

@ Chandra….thank you so much for the lavish compliments for Keshav’s singing despite the song not being your fav………thanks for your best wishes for him too……:)


Chandrasekar Ramaswamy Pro user said

@Vinod Ji

If I keep listening to Keshav’s version, I may not need to have the original song as my favorite :-)

- My comment is an opinion. Opinions are like wrist watches and I have one. I am not sure the time in my wrist watch is the right one.


Vinod Kumar (trying to catch up) Pro user said

@ Praveen …thanks for the appreciation…I know you must be bored with my only Tamil uploads….soon will make my son sing Hindi sings….my Hindi you know what it is…hehehehe….


Thinkal govind kumar Pro user said

Keshav thro’ Vinod…….
Nice choice of song well-rendered with lovely feel in your great expressive voice also well-supplemented with Anburaaja’s professional mix !!!
LOVED this !!!
Hats off !
GOD Bless !
Loving Best Wishes,
Thinkal Govind Kumar.


Ranjith Mrlonely said

nice work bro… u rockd…… keep rocking….


Vimala chandrasekharan (busy) said

Fantastic singing by Keshav!
All the best for his future renditions:)
Great mixing too.
Heard melodies are sweet, but those unheard are sweeter – John Keats


Neil swanson.. Serious fall again .black out. neck surgery coming in 2 wks prayers requested thanks neil Pro user said

Wonderful singing by all,,great mix, and
full of presence and modulation ,.agree
with comments keeep sharing…god bless NEIL.!

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Saroj Nair said

excellent performance Keshav… hats off to you…
very expressive and flawless singing…
nice mixing Anbu… thanks Vinod for sharing this beautiful song with us…


Muzaffar Naqvi Pro user said

What a voice Keshav has….powerful and yet beautiful and so perfect singing wise. This appears like a song from the film. Thank you Vinod for the translation. I forgot….How old is he??? Man he is tremendously good. Sounds so trained. Another listen right now is what I can’t avoid. Such an attention grabbing voice he has. God bless this Father Son for such singing….keep sharing more of Keshav’s covers. Fav+Fav+Fav


Harshan Nambiar Pro user said

Hearing Keshav after a while….Vinod great rendering man….If I had a son like him….would be really proud of him…give him a bear hug on my behalf….loved it.
“Music is the universal language of mankind.”
― Henry Wadsworth Longfellow


Chandrasekharan Nair(always with music) Pro user said

Vinod., What a lucky father you are. Keshav is singing with a professional style no doubt. You can be proud of him. He has a powerfull and very good recording voice and pray to God to listen his songs in Films. Enjoyed so much.
Be always with a music mind to be a good person


Theagaraj Dhanapalan Pro user said

Arputham……varungaala…sirantha paadagar…enum paraisaatrum…amsangal…nirainthu…kaanapadugiraar…ungal…thava puthalvan….

ithai…azhagaga…ellorukkum…theriyapaduthiya…anbu sagotharukku…paaraattukkal…

Nal vazthukkal


Vinod Kumar (trying to catch up) Pro user said

@ TGKji….thank you so much for your kind words of appreciation and motivation….:)

@Ranjith….thank you…:)

@ Thanks a lot Vimala for the appreciation…:)

@ Vishal, thanks a lot for that compliments….will pass on to Keshav….hope your best wishes comes true at some point of time in his life….:)


Vinod Kumar (trying to catch up) Pro user said

@ Neil…thank you so much….yes Anbu has done a great job in mixing….which is so obvious for a laymen like me in this area….people like you would know what exactly gets into such mixing job….Kudos to Anbu….:)

@ Harshan….thank for that compliment….passed on that bear hug to him promptly….hehehehe….:)


Sasirekha M (trying to catch up 2014/september ) said

Excellent rendition very expressive and flawless !
Music is the spice of life.


Giri∂hαrαη. u. r. Pro user said

Sweet voice as usual Keshav…You have sung this song so beautifully.
Absolutely flawless rendition.
Loved it all…
Kind regards,


Kumar Srinivasan Pro user said

Awesome singing by Keshav with apt expressions and feel. Always a pleasure to listen to his mellow, smooth flowing vocals. Very good mix by Anbu.


Vinod Kumar (trying to catch up) Pro user said

@ Muzaffarji….thank you so much for listening….yes he is trained by his Mom…I give him some tips hear and there for light music singing……He will complete 17 years on the 30th of June 2012……

Thanks a ton for your best wishes and blessings for my son….he needs them from elders and musicians like you……:)


Vinod Kumar (trying to catch up) Pro user said

@ Sarojji….thanks a lot for appreciating his performance….:)

@ Chandrasekaranji….thank you so much for the compliments and best wishes….let your kind words become true !!….:)


Vinod Kumar (trying to catch up) Pro user said

@ Theagi bro….enna solla ….ungal nal varthaiyum aasirvathmun palikka….naanum ungaludan serndhu iraivanai prarthikiren………thanks you so much for that best wishes and blessings bestowed upon my son……thank you so much….:)


Vinod Kumar (trying to catch up) Pro user said

@ Giridharanji….thanks you so much for that wonderful compliments…:)

@ Sasirekha….thank you ….:)

@ Kumar Srinivasan…thanks a ton for that kind words of appreciation….:)


Biju Ramachandran Pro user said

superb rendition keshav…
way to go….
all the best for yur future….
good mix too…


Vinod Kumar (trying to catch up) Pro user said

@ Biju….thank you so much…:)


Hemanth Kumar Pro user said

Spectacular singing as always, Keshav :-)! As many have blessed above, I am sure you have a wonderful future ahead :-)!

Vinod thalaivarey…., romba pramadham….

Anbu bro, immaculate mixing as well….

Thanks & warm regards,



Hari Bhaskar said

Never heard this song, but the very first words out of Keshav got my attention. What a lovely voice. Keshav, my best wishes. I hope you keep singing and make it big. Cheers!
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Hari Bhaskar said

Listening to this again! Too good.
Hari Bhaskar’s Songs


Vinod Kumar (trying to catch up) Pro user said

@ Hemanth, Thanks a lot for those best wishes and for the compliments…:)

@ Hari, Thanks a lot fro that feedback….thanks a ton for the best wishes and blessings!!…it will motivating him to improve….thank you once again…:)


Latha Ganti Pro user said

Vinod ji – I have listened keshav’s live rendition of a hindi song :)
undoubtedly he is a fantasitc singer,must say
I enjoyed my listen ,
beautiful mix by anbu anna


Deepesh A k(indefinitely on and off) said

Pro stuff!!! loved his voice tone….


ராஜ் குமார் அஞ்சன் said

Keshav! ‘Selvamey’ @02:18 says it all… I am wondering if this is the same person, I happened to meet a year back… :) Past Masters speak very less but only perform to the fullest of their abilities, leaving others to talk about them… Loved every crest and trough your voice traveled in this song… Long live your singing talent and may you go places… Count me in as your fan officially…

Vinod ji! Thanks for goading Keshav in the right direction… Given that yourself and Keshav’s mom are both awesome musicians, help him hone his skills to develop from a crescent to a moon… :)

Anbu aNNa! Stupendous mix which crisply brought Keshav’s voice to the fore… Nice artifact displayed there, keeping everything in balance… Sans your role, we wouldn’t have had this chance to relish all his naughty plays with the brihas and nuances… Your mixing has secured 50% of his scores… Thanks for your shrewd work… Neenga oru nalla mixie… :D

‘Bhaavam’ was maintained throughout the song which is another attribute of his, which we would want to learn… Keshav rocks big time… :)
♫ ♫ Raj ♫ ♫

If there is affinity, no matter how bitter it could be, one is always contented… If there is no affinity, let love be in your heart…


Vinod Kumar (trying to catch up) Pro user said

@ Raj, thanks ton for that analysis …speaks volumes of how you listen to the uploads here…Hat off to you for that……will make Keshav sing and post his songs here too every now and then….Thanks once again for appreciating one and all involved in this upload…:)


Vinod Kumar (trying to catch up) Pro user said

@ Latha and @ Deepesh, thanks a lot for the compliment….will pass on to Keshav….:)


Jaishree Pro user said

Vinod, WOW!!! WOW!! WOW!! Enna brilliant singing ability Keshav has!! Very playback quality indeed!! Hope he makes it big. All the best wishes to him.


Vinod Kumar (trying to catch up) Pro user said

@ Ashok, thank you for remembering his rendition….that speaks volumes of the impact of his rendition too….nice to hear it!! thank you…:)

@ Jaishree… thanks a ton for those well meant kind words of appreciation and best wishes….:)

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