Please Don't Go

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as we argued back and forth
told her plz dont go
an i was left alone
yes i was stressin so much
when i felt our souls touch
than grow apart
it jus tore hole in heart
and so departed
was our love
i regarded
as a blessing
caus my angel
jus left an
found another nest
to rest
yes my aspirations
left for dead
caus she said
shed never leave me
now i see she
deceived me
god i hada believe we
had a chance to last forever
she was the ruler of my heart
see how bad i measured
of course
i’m mad i met her
i hada let her down
i founda shawty so
sorry we slept around
overstepped our bounds
an walked in denial
wish i still had wifey
to walk me down the aisle
while i hate her
for skating off
i understand i made a wrong
but two wrongs dont make a right
it jus makes me long
ta have her back
in my arms
tho after the harm
that i did
i cant blame her for the split
drivin me crazed wishin past could be changed like transmissions
repaired to a brand new condition
tho it isnt
its more like morticians
caus what we’re dealin with is no longer living

yea i was messin around wid other chicks
i was fuckin wid
i really thought i was sumthin slick
but these bitches kept jumpin i couldnt get enough of it
yet there was one always on my mind
left my heart in a bind
all the time
i was thinking
if she caught
and started linking
it all together
i would regret it forever and ever
throughout the endeavers man
i could have said i never can
cheat and betray
i shoulda had a better plan
i see that i made
the wrong move to make
now i sit here alone
suffering from my mistake
you can see who the fool really is
its me and i miss
that which we had
i’m mad its my bad alright
i see the errors of my ways
like a shaft of light

its hard for me to move on
still i’ll get over it
went ahead and chose to end
something good
nothing could
compare to what we had
shoot somewhere
ill find someone close enough to match
open back up jus like a hatchback

lost the winning ticket scratch that
i’ll jus play again
fuck make ammends
gettin new numbers already
yea im makin friends
im known in town
she never slowed me down
i hada chance to be happy
but i chose to frown
and be blue
badly i was bruised
on the inside
i needa learn to think twice
begged her not to go
but shes gone sure
she wont come back
so i’m moving onward
love is such a strong word
hate is even stronger
shoot i dont know anymore
how i feel for her


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by Corey Knap

uploaded over 3 years ago


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