Pavadai thavaniyil

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I sing for SPB



Ravi Mukkamala said

Hi Vasikaran,

I am not that familiar with this song (as I am a Telugu guy), but heard it a few times—as was sung by SPB. From what I know, this somg was not originally sung by SPB in the movie, but much later SPB released a CD with the Title ‘un-sung songs by SPB), and this was one of the songs in that beautiful collection. If you don’t have it & woudl like to have it let me know and I can e/mail it to you. Coming to your song here, I think your attempt was good, but need more practice—it sounds like you were singing at a lower key than the music, and also beat-wise your were falling behind the track somewhat. But you got a good voice and just have to work it with more practice. I have not yet heard your other songs, but I do hope to as I spend more time here on this site (I am a new member). Hope you don’t mind my comments.




Athri said

Hi Vasikaran,

You have a good voice. With some practice you will be able to get right flow with the track.

Would you mind sending me the MP3 Karaoke Track of Pavada Thavaniyil…? I really liked this song,


Peter A said

Bro, nice singing can you please send me this track my id Thanks

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