Parayathe Ariyathe (Malayalam)

Lyrics & Chords

Heres a track from the movie Udayananu Thaaram. Always wanted to sing a malayalam song :-) Cant say it has come out that great. But what the heck!

Parayathe ariyathe nee poyathalle maruvaakku mindaanjathalle
oru nokku kaanathe nee poyathalle dhoorekku nee manjathalle
sakhiye nee kanunnuvo en mizhikal nirayum nombaram
ennum orkunnuvo ennum orkunnuvo annu naam thammalil piriyum raavu (2)

Parayathe ariyathe nee poyathalle maruvaakku mindaanjathalle
oru nokku kaanathe nee poyathalle dhoorekku nee manjathalle
priyane nee ariyunnuvo en viraham vazhiyum ravukal
ennum orkunnuvo ennum orkunnuvo annu naam thammalil piriyum raavu (2)

kandu thammil onnu kandu theera mohangal thedi naam
melle swapnam poovaninju maayaa varnangal choodi naam
aavaramaakave vaarmazhavillu pol maayunnuvomal sakhi
ennum orkunnuvo ennum orkunnuvo annu naam thammalil piriyum raavu (2)

kaarum kolum maayumenno kaanaa theerangal kaanumo
venal poove ninte nenjil veli pookaalam paadumo
nee illa engilen jenmam inenthinai en jeevane chollumee
ennum orkunnuvo ennum orkunnuvo annu naam thammalil piriyum raavu (2)

Parayathe ariyathe nee poyathalle maruvaakku mindaanjathalle
oru nokku kaanathe nee poyathalle dhoorekku nee manjathalle
sakhiye nee kanunnuvo en mizhikal nirayum nombaram
ennum orkunnuvo ennum orkunnuvo annu naam thammalil piriyum raavu (2)



Krishnan N v ( nvk ) said

Hi George….

Good effort…Nice rendition, though not the original type. You have sung in your own style. A westernised accent was seen in the singing. Also the diction……lot to improve there….lol

But as you say….“….what the heck!” :D


George Kuruvilla said

Thanks for the feedback Krishnan. I wasnt very pleased with this. The scale is too low for my voice :-) So couldnt give it a 100% … And as u mentioned, I was struggling with the diction. Probably a little bit more practice would have helped. I might try this later again.


Prakash Namasivayam said

Hi George….

Nice one…


Sudeip Ghosh said

holy mother of God !!!! GEORGE THIS IS AWESOME !!!!!! mind ******* blowing !!!! Prateek , Nithya , Shashank , Sumit , DJ Deepak , Saurabh , Gaurav , Abshishek and very own Gibson ….did u guys listen to this? GUYS U HAVE TO HEAR THIS !!! IF MUZIBOO HAD A GRAMMY AWARD ….I D GIVE YOU FOR THIS HANDS DOWN !! HANDS DOWN !! I VE NEVER HEARD ANYTHING LIKE THIS BEFORE FROM YOU !! I LOVED IT !! please dont get me wrong on ur other stuff but i just loved this one !! ur on a roll ….seriously George…pack ur bags and go to India !! u have some serious talent !!! this is great stuff !! i wish i could express it in more words !!! i ve heard it 4 times already !!! i could go on writing forever !! beautiful just goddamn beautiful !!!!!!!!!!!!


Sudeip Ghosh said

u get cheap tickets to india on ….u can drop ur luggage at my place as well…i think you should go to India…take a direct flt and just go man !!


Nithya Muziboo staff said

great singing 5/5….But George, dont u speak Malayalam at home:) the sweetness of malayalam is lost somewhere….


George Kuruvilla said

Thanks for the feedback guys!! Glad you guys liked it.

@Nithya:- You are dead on about the sweetness of the language missing. I feel I could have done a much better job. I do speak Malayalam at home, but for whatever reason, it was a struggle singing Malayalam. Probably coz I was reading the transliterated words :-)


Sumit Rai said

Hey !!… What is this ?? … George have you uploaded the original song ?? OK !! since you have uploaded it I would comment on this singer. I think he’s better singer than you ( Don’t Mind Please ). From what i can make out this singer is trained in classical singing. He’s got an amazing voice. very soothing, very sweet. He’s so good that he should work with A. R. Rehman . Thats it…. George please dont post original stuff in future …. bye :)


Sumit Rai said

@Sudeip …. lol … man dont get excited this is not george.


Sudeip Ghosh said

LOL SUMIT !! This is George !!!!!!!!!!!!


George Kuruvilla said

Thanks for the feedback Gaurav… You are spot on as usual. My voice opens up in the mid-high range. Unfortunately when I tried to transpose this track, it caused the keyboard sound to crack up. So couldnt do it.


Abhishek Narayan said

this was awesome george … sing more of malayalam songs … we loved it !


Sanour mohammad "sunny" said


Really nice one man… I cannot understand malyalam. But ur singing made me feel close to the song. I could understand the feel. I have few issues with ur landing notes. Just a bit flat…Rest all are fine. Hmm, i see a lot of developement man….keep the good work going on :)


Sunny – Lets make some music…

P.S. – Please dnt be so conscious about ur diction ;)


Shashank Gokhale said


Here are few goods and bads about this upload:

1. Processing of the song was too good to raise ur attempt high
2.Your Vocals were very soothing….
3. You were mostly in the Line as far as Notes are concerned….


1. I guess you missed Rhythm or Ran faster at few places in the Song becuase of the Uncertainity about Pronounciation….
2, Notes dipping experienced at few places….You See George, if you sing other then English you can QUICKLy yourself how perfect you are in terms of Notes….I would suggest you do these kind of stuff often….

I am really not as Excited as Sudeip is, but I am surely excited 50% of it…. And thats really too much….See the way Sudiep Commented…. :D


Miracle Man said

way to go!

malayaalikalum ottum porakillallada chekka! :P

Miracle Man said

looks like sudeip found the love of his life lol. george, show your wedding ring :P please lol


George Kuruvilla said

Thank you one n all for the wonderful feedback on this song. This was my first attempt at a malayalam song on muziboo, and based on the response I feel encouraged to do many more.



Shiva prakash said

beautiful George…. a friend of mine tells me she is completely blown away by this one and although she has no clue of Malyalam, this song has a wonderful impact on her. I guess thats what music is all about. So ……. George…. thank you for the music :)


Nitin V said

Hey george,
how did you cut the vocals from the original song?


Tarun Vijay said

When I was introduced to Muziboo, I guess this is the 3rd song I heard here. I have not listened to the original track though but irrespective of the number of comments, I simply loved your voice though it sounded slightly western and wud have heard tis over 100 times already.


Siraj Deen said

Hey Jeo! I just feel one malayalam song by Adnan Sami (Chanjaadiyadi urangu neee, film name is “makalku”). Great one dear!


Priya B said

Fine one,George!!


Ranjith V said

nice singing george….would love to hear more malayalam songs from u!


Badre Dariz said

George Sir,
A beutiful song in ur own style ! Loved it!
Hope can listen more malayalam song from YoU !


Badre Dariz


Sushanth Shankar said

Hi George! :)

You have a very different voice!! Nice singing. :) I really liked the way you sing “Ennum Orkunnuvo”!! Sounded good to me! :D

Your style of singing made me remember Adnan Sami singing a malayalam song… It had tht kind of sweetness… :) no offense meant pls… not sure if anyone has ever told you this or if u felt it urself anytime… Nice singing buddy!!

Just work on your malayalam a bit and also a few flat notes… Also try to ensure your tongue does not touch your lip when you sing “Sakhiye”… And you are all set to rock!!

All the very best! :)

- Sushanth

My songs: Feedback will be highly helpful! Thanx!

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Ravi Kichcha said

very good singing George…. not familiar with the language but enjoyed a lot bro…. keep going :-)


My recent renditions :
Nenedu Nenedu Nonde
Kan Kanna Salige


Neeja Nair said

Hi george …good effort
i think u have lot of language issue …
ur voice is very musical ….


Sonu Kanna said

After listening to your song it just reminds me of Uditjee.But little stiff as u sang it is good becos it was sung with livelness. Thx for the lyrics.


“No Prejudice comparisons
Perfection from Imperfection”


Biju Ramachandran Pro user said

hi george,
big fan of yurs yaar……….
nice change,…………
its superb from a par excellence singer of english songs……………
biju ramachandran


Sujeet Alberque said

Yes, Looks you have sung it as a Westernized version. Enjoyed it yaar.


Santhosh said

Hi george…. tat was more like adnan sami singing this song…. bt very nice base voice….good one keep going


Archana Menon said

It is beautiful to listen to your singing this song. Love Malayalam songs a lot. You brought life to the lyrics.


Shelley Venugopal said

Hey Georgie…

Great listening to your song……with a western flavor to it….:)
Experimenting with Malayalam Fonts:
പാട്ട് വളരെ നന്നായിരുന്നു……

പറയാതെ അറിയാതെ നീ പോയതല്ലേ


Rahul said

hey , have you listend to avial, guess your voice matches with that of the lead singer.


Nikhil V natarajan said

hey!! i must appreciate ur rendering…!! very different form the original……this song has three versions otherwise…!!! this sounds like the 4th.
one sung by K.J.Yesudas.
the other by Karthik.
the other by Chitra. the female version ofcourse.!!

i dunno if u’ve heard to the two male versions, if not, try listening…!!this one is completely diff coz of ur diction !!!some mistakes have crept in. anyways i like it…!! :)


Usha R said

We love this song very much. Rombha nalla song.
No regrets we love your singing and voice very much. Full marks and favourites. Thank you.


Usha R said

We love this song very much. Rombha nalla song.
No regrets we love your singing and voice very much. Full marks and favourites. Thank you.


(( anil Aryanad )) here said

Hi! George,
Nice attempt….
interesting your this version….:)

“Someday I will give back what you have given me. Thank You.”


Preety Reddy said

Love to hear you sing anything. good song i like this very much and to my favorites.


Haris Marakkar said

hai, friends ……………….this a good love feelings malayalam songs……………………


Ramya Harish said

Hey George, how did I miss this ?? That was so cute:) You were too good ya. Absolutely enjoyed!
My recent covers:
Gopika vasandham
Un Panithuli
Nenjukkulle innar endru
Janina Janina
Dhoore Kizhakudhikum with Kumaran


Rinu Srinivasan said

That was a cute singing,,
Loved it


Sreerag Chandran said

Nice singing George….
Good effort
Just concentrate on diction and lyrics…
good luck


Nihal Shukkoor said

hey nice feel…i think u r a malayali ….conc in diction…allthe best


Siji Menon said

Good attempt….u have ur own way of rendering n that’s a plus always :)…u have an Adnan Samy touch to ur voice, I mean u don’t sound like a Keralite singing……anyways i hope u improve tremencously as u sing more malayalam songs :)…good luck !!
“Words make you think a thought. Music makes you feel a feeling. A song makes you feel a thought.”
Siji Menon


Jaya Ganapathy said

I am new to your page!
Nice attempt, though away from Kerala!
I do agree with Krishnanji,but 4yrs back,
That means,might expect a lot of chenge by now!
Why don’t you sing more Malayalam songs,
If at all you interested, please do!!
God Bless you!!!


Adarsh_babu said

sang exactly in a western style… anyway its a diffrnt experience for me… thank u

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