Papa Kehte Hain

Lyrics & Chords

This song is from the movie Qayamat Se Qayamat Tak. Decided to do this based on Nithya’s request…Hope it meets expectations :-)



Shashank Gokhale said

Nice….and its good to fulfill wish of audience….It would make u famous….

I didn’t want to write comments before Nithya….but She would be sleeping now…. :D

here are the PANGAs I felt….

Wud have been good if recorded the conversion part at the start

Few problems:

@MAgar YE TO….flat at all places u sung…

@Baite hai mil ke should be baiTHE hai mil ke

@KALIYO ka mausam was little flat…

Good Comment wud flow shortly….But my work is to write negative comments… :D

But ur hinid is getting better and better man…. :D I am glad for that….


George Kuruvilla Pro user said

@Shashank: Thanks for the feedback man. With regards to “Magar Ye To”, it was sung that way intentionally. That is why it sounded the same way throughout the song. Did it a little different from the original.


Rakesh Baro Pro user said

This is one of the best songs of Udit Narayan, and George I would advise you to listen to the song again, and do it again……you could have done better buddy…….


Ronak R. said

It depicts how head-banging used to be a decade back… lol. Nice attempt… major areas already pointed out. Yeah, you CAN do it better. :)

George Says, You’re Beautiful

~ Ronak R. / RokZRooM

Music – My Beloved Obsession!


George Kuruvilla Pro user said

@Rakesh: Thanks for your feedback man. I will try doing it again. Could you provide some insight on what needs improvement?


George Kuruvilla Pro user said

@Ronak: Thanks for your feedback as always man!


Krishnan N v ( nvk ) said

Hi George….

It was nice to see you singing a hindi song again….May be there are couple of issues like many said, I liked your rendition immensely….It was quite a pleasing one….in that lovely voice of yours…

Hamareliye kuch Hindi gaane bhi gaya karo….Hume English samajh mein nahin aata….:)

Best wishes


ENVEEK- In my “Second Innings”


Rakesh Baro Pro user said

First and Foremost Pronounciation.And You need to loosen up a bit when you sing these kinda songs coz you sounded a bit flat, u never did in any of your songs I listened to.And enjoy it while ur singing.Whenever ur singing someone else’s songs, being compared to the singger is inevitable…udit wasnt soft with the words like kaam, kahte hain, karega. The word “khoobsurat” has softer kha sound,Khhhoobsurat. udit has lot of energy and punch in his voice his style is different, so the song sounds different if you dont try to sing like him. Bro a singer of your calibre is capable of anything and evrything however since u sang udit’s song I pointed out the differences otherwise ur one of the best singers on muziboo.Why dont u sing some Yesudas songs since u sometimes sound a lot like him….even Joseph does…
Hey buddy listen to papa kahte hain again …just do it again……and u will make your fans happier…


Rakesh Baro Pro user said

yeah what NVK sir said is abolutely true….hindi gaya karo hum jaise nachheezon ke liye…angrazi apne bus ki bat naheen…now if you dont undestand what i wrote ask Ronak he would tell you lol……George bro I am looking forward to listening to some more hindi songs from you…….seriously……


Nithya Muziboo staff said

George I liked it. different from the original in the sense that in the movie its not a song that he goes on stage n sings. Song is a way of telling his story to the audience. I dunno if I am putting it right, if you watch Amir Khan’s expressions in the song, you will get what I am trying to say!

But one reason I like covers is bcos of the variation one can bring to the song and I enjoyed the melody you brought into this:)


Anu Pathak said

hi u have a gr8 voice, i listened to ur songs after a big recommendation from Rakesh Baro….all justified!!


Rana Usman said

great! sounds superb


Prem j Hans said

Hi george
this was really good no matter bit of flat notes. coz I know jus 3/4 trials of practise and u’ll get it right anyways.You hav a great Voice.
I liked it.5/5
PremJ Hans…
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George Kuruvilla Pro user said

NVK: Thanks for the feedback Sir. I have been trying to do a lot more hindi songs lately. Definitely inspired to do more, especially since its been helping me improve my hindi pronunciation.

Rakesh: Bro, thanks for the detailed feedback. I will work on this song again. My goal when doing this was not to make it exactly like the original. But I do understand the issues you are talking about and I will work on those.

Nithya: Thank you as always! Glad you liked this version since I did it based on your request.

Anu: Thanks for listening to my song and the feedback. Do listen to some of the older songs as well.

Rana: Glad you liked the song!

Prem: Prem, Glad you liked the song. Thanks for the encouraging words.

Thank you all!! I am overwhelmed with the response to this song and I plan to do it again incorporating all your feedback.


Sanour mohammad "sunny" said

George, as usual, u r sounding good with hindi. One problem is there with the track. There is slight change in the pitch of the Bgm’s and the main song portion. That deviated me and surely did it for u. U were flat at several places. Do go through it very seriously and u will surely know wat i am saying. Even that PAPA KEHTE HAI line, theres a change in the pitch of the song and so u sound sharp!!! The track has definitely worked on ur Pitch!!


Sunny – Lets make some music!!!


Rajesh Balasubramanian said

aap tho bahut acha naam banadhiya…. very nice


Mohammed Ashraf said

George….nice to listen to this one. Surely, different from the original, but as u mentioned it was intentional.

My latest upload
papa kehte hai



Priya B said

Hey G!!!
Full of zing in the song…
Liked it lots…
Couldnt avoid shaking my head to your song!!
Tooo Good.


George Kuruvilla Pro user said

Thank you all for listening. Kinda surprised with the sudden interest in this song. Maybe coz Ashraf recently sang it. I was listening to this after a long time and one thing is for sure…. I could have done this a lot better. Maybe I will reattempt this sometime in the future.



Psychuck said

This seemingly simple song gets even the most seasoned of singers. Sounded a lil stale and felt like you were singing for the sake of finishing up the song. Didn’t seem to get into it. I know you can do it better than this rendition.


Biju Ramachandran Pro user said

ive heard many comments reg this song…
but what i want to tell yu is that -it is really superb have done a fantastic job.
your voice is v v v pleasing…good punch.
please sing some malayalam and tamil songs too.yu r v versatile.Im sure.
dr biju


Aparna Shibu (busy for a while...) said

ya…………………… i agree with rajesh……………….

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