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Here is my version/rendition of the duet.
vs gopal
22 Mar 2011
This is from the movie TAJ MAHAL (1963). The main actors and the on-screen singers were Pradeep Kumar and Bina Rai.

Music was by Roshan Lal and lyrics were by sahir Ludhianvi.


Paanv Chhuu Lene Do Phuulon Ko Inaayat Hogii, Inaayat Hogii
Varanaa Hamako nahiin, Inako Bhii Shikaayat Hogii
Shikaayat Hogii

Aap Jo Phuul Bichhaaen Unhen Ham Thukaraaen – 2
Hamako Dar Hai
Hamako Dar Hai Ke Ye Tauhiin-E-Muhabbat Hogii, Muhabbat Hogii
Paanv Chhuu Lene Do

Dil Kii Bechain Umangon Pe Karam Faramaao – 2
Itanaa Ruk Ruk
Itanaa Ruk Ruk Ke Chaloge To Qayaamat Hogii, Qayaamat Hogii
Paanv Chhuu Lene Do

Sharm Roke Hai Idhar, Shauk Udhar Khiinche Hai – 2
Kyaa Khabar Thii
Kyaa Khabar Thii Tabhii Is Dil Kii Ye Haalat Hogii
Ye Haalat Hogii
Paanv Chhuu Lene Do

Sharm Gairon Se Huaa Karatii Hai Apanon Se nahiin – 2
Sharm Ham Se
Sharm Ham Se Bhii Karoge To Musibat Hogii, Musibat Hogii
Paanv Chhuu Lene Do


Rafi: paa.nv chhuu lene do, phuulo.n ko inaayat hogii
Please let the flowers touch your feet, it will be favor of kindess to them.
varnaa ham ko nahii.n, inko bhii shikaayat hogii
Or else, not only I, but they too will protest.

Lata: aap jo phuul bichhaaye.n unhe.n ham Thukaraaye.n
As I reject the flowers that you have picked for me,
ham ko Dar hai ki yah tauhiin-e-muhabbat hogii
I fear that this will be an insult to love.

Rafi: dil kii bechain umango.n pe karam faramaao
Please have mercy on the restless yearnings of my heart.
itnaa ruk ruk ke chalogii to qayaamat hogii
If you walk toward me so hesitatingly, it will be a disaster.

Lata: sharm roke hai idhar, shauq udhar khii.nche hai
Modesty has held me back here, while desire has drawn me over there.
kyaa khabar thii kabhii is dil kii yah haalat hogii?
Who knew that my heart would ever be in such a state?

Rafi: sharm ghairo.n se huaa kartii hai apano.n se nahii.n
One should be modest in the presence of strangers, not with loved ones.
sharm ham se bhii karogii to musiibat hogii
If you shy away from me, there will be trouble.

paa.nv chhuu lene do, phuulo.n ko inaayat hogii
Please let the flowers touch your feet, it will be favor of kindess to them.

inaayat: favor; varnaa: or else; shikaayat: complaint; Thukaranaa: to reject; tauhiin-e-muhabbat: insult to love; bechain: restless; umang: hope, yearning; karam faramanaa: to have mercy; ruk ruk ke: hesitatingly; qayaamat: disaster; sharm: modesty; shauq: eagerness, desire; haalat: state, condition; ghair: stranger; musiibat: trouble



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22 mar 2011
vs gopal

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