Pain if We Fall

Lyrics & Chords

Pain if we fall

I’m afraid that love
I may break that love
Or you may say that love
That you would break, yes you could break up too

I don’t feel right
When I stay out all damn night
And I know your body’s tightly
Tucked In bed

Things that I’ve said
Words that I choose
Plans that we make
Love that we use

Go out at night
Feeling so tall
Flying so high
Pain if we fall….There’s pain if we fall.

Things wont always be this way
But heaven knows they should
Nothing ever stays the same
Even strands of blue in your eyes allude

Give me justice babe
Yeah You could show me your true name
And We could take this thing we made
And move ahead…. CHORUS


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by Chris Michaels

uploaded about 5 years ago


pain if we fall


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