Oru Chinna thamarai From Vettakkaran With Srividhya Kannan

Lyrics & Chords

A romantic song with Vijay Antony’s rap touch that will immediately grab your attention with its disco style beats and brilliant synthesized instruments. Sri’s voice is simply alluring and pulls you into the dreamy mood.

Song: Oru Chinna Thamarai
Film: Vettaikkaran (2009)
Music: Vijay Antony
Singers: Krish & Suchitra
Cover: Vishnu Mohan & Srividhya Kannan
Karaoke & Mixing: V DiGiTaL Sharjah

Added the video to My Blog with our voices….
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ராஜ் குமார் அஞ்சன் said

Seems that Muziboo is getting flooded with talents of astounding versatility and this number is a comprehensive example of meticulous delivery with a thorough craftsmanship. Hats off Vichchu and Srivi-2.

Vichchu! Stunning song pick and aptly rendered. Your reach for the stars is sure thing and a nitpick(a serious one in my opinion) is ur diction. There is always a chance that the mood of the song may not be justified if the words are differently enunciated. Do take care of the diction hence-forth. And in the mixing, ur voice-gain seems to be less compared to Srivi-2’s. A conscious rise in energy level would have added the required colour of the original song. Liked your part in this song. Hats off and God bless you.

Srivi-2!(already a singer s there by ur name. hence addressing u so. Dont mind) At the outset, I would like to apologise for not having commented on any of ur renditions having listened to them. I liked the freshness in your voice and it rejuvenates. And covering Suchitra’s songs is not as easy as we think. You have done it in ur own style not tampering the tint of this song. Sheer treat. Enjoyed a lot. The problem with your previous renditions was not cos of your singing but with the mixing. Even I am struggling with that department. Develop fellowship and hone your skills. Would like to listen to many songs in your voice. Keep singing. All the best and God bless you.

P.S: Srivi-2! Do take up music seriously and keep trying for chances. You would surely succeed. Wishes for your career in Music.

Thanks & Regards,

Music is what our feelings sound like….


Sushanth Shankar said

Vichu!! :)

Endha idhu?? Awesome singing! Srividhya sounds absolutely professional throughout he song! Amazzed by this performance by both of you!!

Were the humming in the 2nd interlude sung by you guys?? If yes absolutely brilliant!

Nevertheless, awesome performance! Big THUMBS UP!!

All the very best to both of you!

- Sushanth


Sanjay Satheesh said

Superb attitude ,,sema kalakalz
lovely singing…

Machi kalakalz nice…



Jittukhannah Busy in pre-production works " karai" - tamil feature film.. said

Seat reserved … naan kalluku order kuduthutean… lorry le varudhu….
Vaanga Pazhagalaam
Palagi Paarunga.Pudicha join pannunga… illenna Friends aa iruppoam
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Srividhya Kannan said

Hey Thanks to all for ur soooper comments & appreciations:)


Adithi said

Wow wow! Nice song….listening for the first time!

As usual kalakkals! Excellent rendition….your tamizh is also improving! Charanams were topclass. “pakkangaL”- some strain was noticed (nothing major)

You stole the show in my opinion! Attitude, sangathis, pitching- everything was so commendable! Loved your dulcet tone! We are looking forward to many more songs from you, dear!

Did you both do the harmonies as well?

Loved it throughout! :)


Saqib Javed said

vidhiya is that ur voice.?impossible yaar

how is that possible …sudden change mujhe yaqeen nahi arha yar …vidhya nice singing yaar n good mixing n good singing vishnu
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Deepa kumar said

Superb….Excellent….awesome….enna soldradu….solla vaarthaigal illai……Supero Supernu sollalaamnu nenaikkaren….Kalakkal performance Vichu & srividhya….Thanx for rendering a wonderful song beautifully….

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Dedication to my daughter
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Yeh Ishq Hai


Srividhya Kannan said

No adithi akka…tats as it is original only:)Thanks for ur comments akka…Its Vishnu who mixed tis song and he has done a great job!:)


Ajay kumar said

Arre Vishnu & Srividya – romba nalla irukku. Honestly I havent heard the original song but as you guys have sung this cover you guys have inspired me to listen this!!!

Luv & Cheers!
A. J. | www.ajaykumars.com

Listen to my renditions:

Kannai Katti Kolladhe – Iruvar


Uthra said

Vishnu/Vidya: Superb.

Vidya, excellent… suited your voice really well. attitude was nice…did you do the interlude humming too? If so, brilliant. Do try ondra renda… and other BJayashree songs…

Vishnu: well sung. you have a nice voice and diction errors can be easily corrected.


Sukumar R ( far away ) said

hoiii…enna song thiruvizha…vichuu…startingla un voice thin a iruku…scale match panra strain irukka mathiri irukku….kidayathu ngra idathilallam kashtapattirukka… DT work nallarukku…pallaviya vida…charanam…nalla pannirukka vichu…

andha ponnu voice aniyathukkunallarukku….ivunga thane thoda thoda malarndhathu padinathu…sema difference…

mixing la jolikira…vichhu…

sonna mathiriye ellarum kuthu clublaellarum pattaya kilapittinga…innum oru naal irukku…enna nadakuthu pappom…

sooper pongalpa…thigatta thigatta…




Srividhya Kannan said

No I didn do tat Uthra…tat was in original itself…ya sure wil try ondra renda:)


Twinkle A. kannan said

Hi vishnu & srividhya
very good song and hair rising performance

" Dreams are better than Reality"


Anup said

very good effort Vishnu and Vidhya….


Srividhya Kannan said

Thanks for ur comments:)


Biju Ramachandran Pro user said

yu both rock….way to go guys……….
vishnu….as usual yu have come up with yur best performance…
sri……yu r too good…
all the best yu both…
biju ramachandran


Thinkal govind kumar Pro user said

My Dear Vishnu & Srividhya,
Nice selection PROFESSIONALLY & PERFECTLY rendered by both of you in style with lots of feel & expressions rocking the house !
LOVED it to the core !
Hats off ! Keep it up !
Cheers !
GOD Bless !
Loving Best Wishes,
Thinkal Govind Kumar.


Srividhya Kannan said

Thanks Biju and Thinkal sir for ur appreciations:)


Roshine Gnanatharshan. said

I have no words yaar.

Vichchu !
You made me cry When I listened to the line “en vazhkkai varalatril………….”
Ennama paadi iruka nee?
A big >:D< from this akka to you kanna.

Vidhya !
Loved your voice and attitude gal.
beautiful singing.

You both did justice to this song.
Loved it…….Enjoyed it.

Idhukku mela enna solradhunnu theriyala.
Awesome you both.

  • Roshine *

“ஒரு சிற்றோடையின் சலசலப்பாய்… சிறகாய்…சிலிர்ப்பாய்…எனக்குள் ஒலி எழுப்பும் சங்கீத சப்தஸ்வரமாய்… நீ "


Srividhya Kannan said

Thanks for ur sooperrr comments Roshine:)


Unnikrishnan Kb said

Wow… amazing track. Vishnu… you have done complete justice. I was completely enjoying your singing.

Vidhya – you were really amazing… Finally you got the track huh? The voice suits very well. Im really happy you have done it so well. Amazing… kudos

And vichu, thanks for uploading. man.
Please listen to my latest uploads….

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Kadhal Rojave – Roja
Jab se Tere Naina


Subbu said

this a different level folks!!!!all aspects sound perfect to me,not having heard the song before…….THUMBS UP
Straight From the heart, Always


Hamsapriya Pro user said

Superb Rendition Srividya & Vishnu.

Nice Song…

Best Wishes


Priya B said

Wonderful singing Srividya….truly awesome voice and perfect expressions!
Vishnu….super singing boss….kalakkal daan!
Very nice expressions and good andaaz!
Cheers for more!


Vishnu Mohan ( busy mode) said

Raj annaa Thanks a lot anna , diction prob sari gavanikkuren anna :D

Sushanth Thanks dear :D idakku padunna humm okke original aanu

Sanju machi Thanks A lot :D

G2 anna Order panna kallu vanthathum marakkama vanthu podu :P

Adithi akka Thanks a lot :D amam ange konjam high aa irukku enakku athan strain feel akithu ;)

Saqib Thanks dear :D

Deepa akka Thanks a lot >:D<

Ajay anna Thanks a lot, enakkum intha song theriyamal than irunthathu athikku nandri sri akkavikku than sollanum avangalala than intha song nan kathukkittathu.

Uthra ji Thanks a lot,diction probs sari pannuren akka, appuram that humms ellame original than

Thalaivare Thanks Oru idathile than strain vanthirukku meethi ellam corect than may be ungalukku appadi feel ayirukkalam :D

Twinkle Thanks

Tailgunner Thanks

Biju etta Thanks a Lot :D

Govind ji Thanks a Lot :D

Rosh akkaaaaaaaaaaa Thanks a lot akka >:D<

Unni Thanks a lot dear :D

Subu anna Thanks :D

Ibolya ji Thanks a lot

Shanmugi ji Thanks :D

Priya Thanks a Lot :D

Once again Thank You all for supporting us

Sri a Special thanks to u ethikkunnu pakkiriya intha song unga koda padurathikku enne select panninathikku :D


Ahalya * in love with music * said

Wow….superb singing by both of u……
Vichu kanna- enama oru stylish-ah paadi irruka…nee nejamave oru versatile singer da. Anga inga diction issue irundhalum unoda overal stunning performance elathayum overcome paneetu kanna….next time diction improve pana dhaan pogudhu appuram indha muziboo members aachariya padura madhiri kalaka porada. Unoda charanam……no words to describe esp the line: en vaazhkai……wow wow…
Srivi- amazing singing…it sounded almost the like the orig……a big plus point is ur voice esp the husky effect u added to this song! Great job!!!

“இசைக்கு ஏது எல்லை”


Ramya Harish said

Great work Guys!! Srividya – SUper voice pa! Awesome singing! Vishnu – Sema throw n nice singing as usual!
My recent covers:
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Janina Janina
Kadhal Oviyam with MuraliV
Dhoore Kizhakudhikum with Kumaran
Kadhal kavidhaigal with Joseph
Thendral dhaan with Kumaran


Meera Manohar said

Enjoyed this one, haven’t heard this one before :D

Srividhya— your tone suits this genre quite well, kudos!!

Vishnu, you sounded very energetic…. nice vocals excepting some sruthi glitches when you hit the higher registers….


A few of my latest posts:
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Sangathil Padaadha (cover version) with Sriram Srinivasan
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Vishnu Mohan ( busy mode) said

Ahal kannu Thanks da chellam :D

Ramyakka Thanks a Lot :D

Meeraji Thanks a Lot :D


Deepesh A k(indefinitely on and off) said

Vichutta……Very nice da….I thoroughly enjoyed…I kno the pain and effort u have gone through ….and lemme also tell you you have improved a lot in ya singing and diction….Yes there is scope for improvement… So lets take it up and do it…simple illaya :)

Srividya….wow….very nice….I dunno how i missed you here all these days….Your singing was perfect… Looking forward to hear more songs from you in the near future….BTW have u joined kuthu club….If not dont delay any further….Right place for right people….LOL

Hats off guys….Loved it….


Balaji Seetharaman said

Not a great fan of this song ! Ana TV/Radio/Cell/Ring tone la every 5 mins pottu pottu pudikka vechuruvaanga pola :) Yesterday heard Krish, Suchi render this in vijay TV and honestly you guys did a fabulous job.

Vichu, Sound very professional and every bit like a native tamil singer. Unga diction really has reached a different level. Automatic a unga voice just sounds really good and modulations/feel were sooperb.

Srividhya, Your best so far ! You husky beginning just made me wonder like ’ Wow ! ’. “Payanam Poguthe” edam was absolutely spot on and sure to be a crowd puller. Loved every bit of it .
Balaji S


Srividhya Kannan said

Hey Thanks to all for ur sooper dooper comments:)Thanks once again:)


Srini S said

Great work guys.


This rendition was somewhat diff from your other
renditions.Great singing keep it up.

agree with sowmya abt ur singing.but nevertheless
enjoyed it.


N.gopinath said

Vishnu & Srividhya,
Not heard the original…
Both of u have sung very well…
Great performance…. congrat…
Srividya- your voice and singing…. great improvement…
Please listen to my latest upload & comment Karimukil Kattile


Vishnu Mohan ( busy mode) said

Mutheeee Thanks a lot >:D<

Balaji Thanks a Lot dear

Sowmyakka Thanks :D ivalavu energy kondu vanthe nan oru vazhi yachu :P

Srini anna Thanks

Gopi etta Thanks :D


Kumar Srinivasan Pro user said

Awesome show Vishnu and Srividhya. Both of you sang really well with right modulations. Expressions were also wonderful. Keep up the good work guys.



Srividhya Kannan said

Thanks Kumar and Gopinath sir for ur appreciations:)


Shyamala V said

Great Singing Srividhya and Vishnu :)… Brilliant job…Excellent Mixing too :)… I enjoyed the song thoroughly. Weldone both of you!!! Hatsoff to your Work… It’s very beautiful to hear!!


Srividhya Kannan said

Hey thanks di shyamala:)


Shyamala V said

What a Singing Mam?? In this 5 years you have gone somewhere…. Your Voice couldn’t imagine…
In Karoke i didn’t believe you could give this much effect to the Song… It’s Beautiful dear!!! Really Hard Work Pays that has been shown!!! I listened some of the other songs that’s in your profile. Felt this one had great attitude and energy… May be because of good sound Mixing…:):):)… I believe you can start trying for big oppourtunities!!!

A wonderful career is awaiting you!!!
But try all the possibilities to showcase it!!!

Wish You all the Best !!!! :):):)


Dwarak S said

Vishnu n Sri, Gr8 song to pick- It suited both of u…. Hear the original song
by Krish n Suchi once again and you would agree to me in my comments.

Vishnu, there were few bugs in lyrics which you sang as

‘Antha minnal vaarthaigal’ instead of ‘Athan minnal’,
‘moigindrathey’ instead of ‘moikkindrathey’
un kaigal ‘thorkaamal’ instead of ‘korkaamal’,
‘mokshathinaai serum’ instead of ‘mokshathinai’.

I heard it as ‘vinnal vaarthaigal’ however it didnt sound like
‘minnal vaarthaigal’.

In my opinion, ur voice has great abilities to modulate far better than
Krish bcoz u could even sing a song of a different pitch like
‘en uchi mandaila surrunguthu’. Having said that, u have a gr8 voice while
singing that can easily adapt to the mood/feel of the song. From the songs
that I heard of yours, I could discern that you are one of the very few
singers who is perfect in choosing the right song and delivering with right
feel. I can understand the hard work put in however since u’ve already been
established as a good singer here, I would suggest you to give importance to

Sri- Gr8 singing and versatility as I can see a tremendous transition in
your singing from the first song that I heard of yours which is
‘Nee oru kaadhal sangeetham’. ‘Unnodu vanthaaley saalaigal mudiyaathu’ could
have been a bit fast, rather it was too slow. However now am addressing my
favorite part which is lyrics. It sounded like ‘vaatham’ in the line
‘Un vaasal thedi poga cholli kenjuthu en paadham’; In the line
‘Naan ithanai naalai ezhuppiya gopuram nodiyil kudai saayum’, you uttered as
‘ezhudhiya gopuram’- dont u think it affects the inner meaning behind the
original lyrics. Its advisory as a first step to be cautious about lyrics.
Its tough to sing the songs delivered by Suchi and you have given the
best performance in terms of singing. I think this song has addressed your
voice very beautifully…. Am delighted to hear your voice with karaoke and
mixing…. Mark my words Sri – U gotta real bright future as a female singer
if you are serious to focus on singing as your career with professionalism.

Vishnu, I found such flaws in your lyrics apart from diction. Getting right
lyrics is a tough deal but its worthy to spend more time in that area. Am sure
you would have had lot of friends here who can guide you with lyrics and
diction -if you could have used such tips, this rendition would have been
much better. I believe in a saying
‘What is right to me may be completely wrong in your opinion’….
There streams the scope for improvement by getting the feedback of people
to be perfect. I do apologise if my comments have been harsh to you
but I believe a straight forward and honest comment from me would help you
towards a professional career in singing in the long run….
Please Vishnu, my dear brother its certainly an achievable feat to get
right lyrics and improve your diction. Dont think that I am here just to post
my pointers; I would be happy to help you get right lyrics and improve your
diction for a song if you believe it was necessary.

In terms of singing, you both were stupendous….
Thanks Vishnu n Sri for delivering one of my recent favorites.
Looking forward to hear more from you and help you as well,
if required….
To Me, Mom & Music Mean An Invaluable Asset In My Life


Srividhya Kannan said

Thanks Dwarak for tat detailed note of each and every line in the song:)


Srividhya Kannan said

Thanks a lot Bala sir for ur appreciation:)…


Pratane said

Vichu: Nice singing dear. KCI have planned to cover all vettaiikaran song it seems.:D
Srividya: Very well sung. Loved it…


Shampak Chakravorty said

Vishnu & Srividhya…. excellent one…. Very nice song selection…. Loved the style…. Hats off…. Thumbs up & favorited…. :D


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Venki said


well done, Vishnu!

Music Maketh the Mood


Srividhya Kannan said

Hey Thanks pratheepan,Shampak,Venki for ur comments:)
Cheers,Keep Going,


Rajeev Onv(away on a long break) said

Vishnu & Srividhya, Superb singing. I havent heard the original yet, could easily mistake this for the real one! The total feeling is beyond a cover, since both of you have sung this flawlessly. Congratulations to both of you!


Vishnu Mohan ( busy mode) said

Kumaretta Thanks a LOt :D

Shyamala Thanks :)

DWarak Wah What a keen observation, Thanks a lot dear. Kandippa nan gavanikkuren abt Diction and lyrics in my future renditions.Once again vary thank u dear for this detailed comment :D

Balaji Thanks a Lot

pratheepan Thanks dear, enakku koda appadi than thonnuthu :D

Shampak Thanks a lot dear :D

Venki Thanks

Rajivetta Thanks A Lot :D


Srividhya Kannan said

Thanks Pradip sir for ur appreciations:)
Cheers,Keep Going,


Dr. priya Rajan said

Srividya very nice to listen. Vishnu you are a good singer have told you b4. Loved every bit of it. Keep entertaining us with more music as it helps the singer and the listener too. i love singers and keep them close to my heart. If a person is in real love with music then he can understand the heart of the listener:)
U both gave me good time. Will listen to your other songs as well. Thumbs up1 god Bless.
MUSIC is the language of the soul! …Priya


George Kuruvilla Pro user said

Nice work Srividya and Vishnu! I cant comment on diction and pitching. But I thought the singing was very good. Srividya, I thought your expressions were great. Vishnu, I think there were some pitch issues with the high notes, but other than that it was very good!

Do listen to my uploads


Srividhya Kannan said

Hey thanks George and priya for ur encouaging comments:)
Cheers,Keep Going,


Tara Balakrishnan said

very good rendition srividhya and Vishnu. Great attitude both of u! well done!
My latest post…



Srividhya Kannan said

Thanks tara:)
Cheers,Keep Going,


Vishnu Mohan ( busy mode) said

Pradepetta Thanks

Priya ji Thanks A Lot :D

George etta Thanks a lot etta :D

Tara chechy Thanks :D


Jittukhannah Busy in pre-production works " karai" - tamil feature film.. said

Vandhutomulla Paarangalloada… :P

First kallu un thalai le thaan poduthu Vichu Paiyaa….
1:49 – le Vaarthaigall ovvoru tharam kekkum bothu Vaathugall,vaarthugall nu varuthu, ange oru slip ayiruku. apram

2:03 le Varalaattril maari Vallaraattril aagi irukku. adhu paathuko.

3:05 le Motchathinai style pandren solli Motchathi Naai serum nu vandhurukku… adhu paarthuko.

0:48 & 3:54 le Moikkindrathae thiruchi Moigindradhe ayuchu. adhum paathuko.

idhu konjam Sample kallu. Matha badi ku Romba nalla paadiruku Vichu… nalla style aa paadirukku neraya edam… adhu ellam Super. appuram Track minus aa? appo innum konjam voice level +2db kootikko. nalla varum.

Enakku pudichirukku nee padunathu… I Luv you Vichu Paiyaa


Oru kilo Neiya Oothi arai kilo Ravai ya varuthu adhulae rendu kilo Dalda kotti, thiratchai payam ellam potu , 3 kilo Sakarai ya kalanthu, ponnu paaka po sollo oru kesari kinduvaangallae… summa eduthu vaile potta Vayuki kinu thondai vayiyaa thobeelnu kodalukulla povumae… apdi oru shokku mma un songu… Vaa shokku… Vaa shokku… Pinni puttae mma… Sema ishtyle aa paadikirae… Suchi oda kuralu konjam dumeelaa irukkum… ana unukku kita thata namma thaleevaru olaganayagan ponnu keethu illae, avungo saayalu lite keethumma…

Kalakumma Kalakku

adthathu un Pettaiyaanda vandhu Granite kalla podrean maa…

PinKuthu :- (Backnote)

Thamizh teriyadha Tamizh arasargallae, Arasigallae, appale adutha naatule irundhu vandhu Kallu udara kanavaangallae… Namma Paya Pullae Songu le mukkiyama Diction issues thaan gavanichi solanum… yenna Paya Pulla kattuna Tamizh ponnai thaan Kattuvennu otha kaalla nikiraanama… kellvi patean… So ippave thamizh ucharippu nama seriya solli kudutha thaan pinnale ivan onnu solla wife vera onnu purinjikaama iruka help fulla irukkum… adhunalae tamizhae teriyama Tamizh songu ketutu thappae illae nu solli oru vallara vendiya Paya Pullai yoda Isai Payanathai Muziboo voda mudichiraatheengappuuuuu Namma KCI members Eppavum Paatule Pizhai irukkunu sonna Netrikann ellam thirakka maatanga…

ithai Sananga allarum Pirinjikanum… akhaaaangggggggggg….

Vaanga Pazhagalaam
Palagi Paarunga.Pudicha join pannunga… illenna Friends aa iruppoam
Please Listen my Dummies, Polythene covers, sache, bottle whatever it may be called….
OhOh Sanam Dasaavathaaram Abeesu Cover…
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Arun said

wow congrats for giving such a great song….

Srividya was outstanding the voice energy and throw was fantastic…

Vishnu u have a cool voice man…. felt a bit more throw needed at places

Overall enjoyed ur rocking song…



Suthahar said

srividhya u r voice rocking… enjoyed lot


Srividhya Kannan said

thanks Jittukannah,Arun,Suthahar for ur wonderful comments:)I am happy tat u al liked our rendition:)
Cheers,Keep Going,


Vishnu Mohan ( busy mode) said

g2 annaaaaaa inna ithu periyakallu pottirukke.

Amam anna nannum en paazha pona dictionum sari pannuren ;)

Amam chinna kalle than :P

Luv u too annaaaaaa >:D<

Arun Thanks dear

suthahar Enna suthahar unga oru pakka speaker out aa, srivishya voice mattum ungalukku ungalukku?


Harish Ram said

beautiful rendition!!lot of changes in both of ur voices comparing the previous songs!liked it!



Srividhya Kannan said

Thanks harish:)
Cheers,Keep Going,


Vishnu mohan (vimo) said

da you have to listen to each and every silly things in the track….
there is a problem at starting ORU CHINNA THAMARAI…. avide thamarai enna sthalathu nee additional things kodukkunnu,,, athinte avishyam illada…
just pichil cherthu layipicchu vidanam….
this is for your improvement…if you like to clear it… take it…
i am also a composer….


Vishak Subramoney said

good job Vishnu…konjam kuda energy thevai.
Srividya…very well done.suits nicely


Srividhya Kannan said

Hey thanks Vishak:)
*Dream to Achieve**


Babu Nm said

wow lovely singing…you have sung this one beautifully …i mean both of you have dont a great job wow
<embed src=“http://www.muziboo.com/swf/new_player.swf” height=“112” width="272"></embed>
yeh daulat bhi lelo sung by priya and babu | Music Upload
may god bless you and bw with you always


Tamilselvi@amlu said

yeah is that you really awesome singing,and your voice changed and matured alot"compared to our colg days"am glad and happy to hear the song.Both of you(vishnu and you)rocked!!


Annapoorna kumar said

Vishnu Anna & Srividya Akka……Soooperb i looved it
Annapoorna Kumar

Listen To My Latest Uploads

The Climb
Happy Birthday Vishnu Anna & Raj Uncle
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Srikumaran Menon Pro user said

Music is Godly and His presence is felt in all kinds of music. Good Luck and Cheers to everyone……….


Verghese George said

Intha chinna thamarai was also gr8!!!! God bless!!!


Priya Shankar said

really superb….

Music is the divine way to tell beautiful, poetic things to the heart


Karthik said

nice song nice singing but i thought u r singing a bit slow sorry for this.


Karthik said

oh how i missed this to comment good work……………


Sundar said

hi srividya and ur team songs is lovely very much can i join with u am intersting join with u

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