Om Kaara Naadhanu from Shankarabharanam - cover by Hari

Lyrics & Chords

My humble rendition of this classical number sung by Shri. S.P. Balasubrahmanyam from the movie Shankarabharanam.

Would appreciate your feedback.


Om kaara naadaanu sandhaana mou gaaname sankaraabharanamu – 2 sankaraa bharanamu….

Sankara gala nigalamu sreehari padha kamalamu- 2
raaga ratna maalika taralamu….sankaraabharanamu

Saarada veenaa……. Aa…….
Saarada veenaa raaga chandrikaa pulakitha saarada raathramu – 2
naarada neerada mahathee ninaadha gamakitha sraavana geethamu – 2
rasikula kanuraagamai…rasa ganga lo tanamai- 2
pallavinchu saama veda matramu….sankaraabharanamu. sankaraa bharanamu….

Advaitha siddhiki amaratva labdhiki
gaaname sopaanamu……2
Satva saadhanaku satya sodhanaku sangeetame praanamu – 2
tyaaga raaja hrudayamai raaga raaja nilayamai- 2
mukti no sagu bhakti yoga maargamu mrutiyaleni sudhaalaapa swargamu sankaraabharanamu

Omkaara naadaanu sandhaana mou gaaname sankaraabharanamu



Ritika Prasad said

Simply Superb!!


Saroj Nair said

excellent performance Hari….


Srikumaran Menon Pro user said

Exemplary rendition Hari………it was a treat ……
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Sheba said

Outstanding perfomance…Hari.


Muzaffar Naqvi Pro user said

Wow….so typical and probably true original South-Indian style with minimum of background instruments allowing singer to focus on his singing. Quite complex and classical based melody you have done a very decent job here. Enjoyed the sargam. A pleasant experience listening to you Hari. Wonderful.


Sarada Pro user said

Very well done, Hari ji. Enjoyed it all through :) What a wonderful song !!! I wish to cover this too. Excellent sangathis, just very minor pronunciation issues….other than that it is superb :) For eg: It is naada (omkaara naadam) not naadha.


Krishnan N v ( nvk ) said

Very well sung ….Liked your honest attempt…lovely voice and modulations … Sounded almost like SPB….I do know how tough it is…especially a duet like this, singing alone is not easy… Just felt little more clarity/perfection needed on certain sangatis and swarams…Otherwise a nice cover…
To my favs undoubtedly…

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Vishak Subramoney said

awesome effort. u sounded great. Telugu pronunciation can be improved (u sounded very Tamizh ish). consult some of ur Telugu friends or some Muzibians who are good at this.

overall awesome!


Latha Ganti Pro user said

Posted a comment yeaster day !Don’t know what happend !!
Hari – well – Done !
Diction issues were there for sure!
I wish . you should have send your song for ‘diction checking’ to someone before uploading.!
would love to share the meaning of this classic ! Its like a heartbeat for every telugu person!

Om kAra nAda = the celestial sound called Om
anusandhAnamou = that applies / harnesses
gaanamE = the song
SankarAbharaNamu = the rAga called SankarAbharaNamu (the jewel of Shiva
Sankara = Shiva’s
gaLa = throat/neck
nigaLamu = embraced
Sreehari = Lord Srimannarayana’s
pada kamalamu = lotus feet
rAga ratna = the gem of rAga
mAlika = garland
taraLamu = shining

SArada veeNA rAga = the song of Goddess Saraswati’s instrument
chandrikA = the moonlight
pulakita = made ecstatic
SArada rAtramu = the night of Sarad Ritu (the season that follows rainy season, known
for its moonlit nights)
nArada = the muni nArada
neerada = the cloud
mahatee ninAda = the sound coming from the instrument called mahati
gamakita = filled with the nuances of notes (gamakas)
SrAvaNa geetamu = the song of SrAvaNa month (Aani maasam that’s characterized by
rasikulaku = to the connoisseurs
anurAgamai = dear / close to heart
rasa gangalO = in the great river of “rasa” (emotion or sentiment)
tAnamai = bathed
pallavinchu = that blossoms
sAma vEda mantramu = the verse of the fourth veda called saama veda

advaita siddhiki = to attain the state of advaita
amaratva labdhiki = to gain the immortality
gAname sOpAnamu = only music is the staricase (path)
satva sAdhanaku = to achieve the satva guna (best one of the 3 gunas – satva, rajas,
satya sOdhanaku = to seek the truth
sangeetamE prANamu = music alone is the life
tyAgarAja hrudayamai = as heart and intent of saint tyagaraja
rAgarAja nilayamai = as the abode to the king of music
muktini osagu = granting the liberation
bhakti yOga mArgamu = the path of devotion
mrutiyalEni = that has no death / that never perishes
sudhAlApa swargamu = the heaven where song (alapana) is the ambrosia

Sargam part is wonderful!! its flawless !singing in Alien language is always a tough task ! commendable job Hari ! Loved your cover !


Anbu Mohamed Pro user said

Haribhaskar……Some songs go across language barriers and stays in our heart for ever. This album songs is one such. As others pointed out, except for the diction, it is a flawless, professional presentation….You pulled out the swaram part at the end brilliantly !! Don’t know if you have classical background though !!

One of your best renditions !! Goes to favs !!

♫♫♫ Anbu J. Mohamed ♫♫♫


Anbu Mohamed Pro user said


Hats off to Latha….for the translation…Helped to enjoy and feel the song much better than I’ve been hearing till now….

♫♫♫ Anbu J. Mohamed ♫♫♫


Vasudevan Subramaniam said

what a great song and it is indeed a tough one and u have done it really well. loved it all the way . keep rocking. vasu


Hari Bhaskar said

Thank you all for your feedback. It is much appreciated.

Mr. Prasad….thanks. I recd. your email.

Leo….thank you.

Saroj….as always, thanks for listening to my uploads and for your encouragement.

Menon sir….thank you so much.


Naqvi sir….much appreciate your feedback.

Sarada….always a pleasure to receive your feedback. Thanks.

NVK sir….thanks a lot for your feedback. Comments on the swarams are noted.

Vishak….thanks a lot. I’ll make it a point to consult with others re: diction.

Latha ji….thank you so much. Really appreciate you taking the trouble to translate the lyrics. Thank you for your honest feedback.

Anbu….thanks my friend. Your feedback is much appreciated. I always find it useful.

Vasu….thank you for your kind words.
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Hemanth Kumar Pro user said

Simply spectacular mate :-) ! You have sung this extreme toughie with such elegance!! Kudos!!!

I can see that you are not Telugu. You can refine diction parts down the road.

Enjoyed thoroughly.

Thanks & regards,



Radhika Nair (away) said

Kudos for the pick and the rendition. Some more sharpening of the alaap,the diction and some of the sangathis will take this even further. This was an enjoyable take of the classic.


Hari Bhaskar said

Thank you Hemanth!

Radhika…thanks for your feedback. best wishes!

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Nirmala Kp said

hai hari,what a song ,fentastic singing .my fav raga ,sankarabharanam .good sangathys and raga bhavam .swaras too good .liked a lot .


Thinkal govind kumar Pro user said

This song is very much connected with my humble career in music !
So many years back, just one week after when this great film “Sankarabharanam” was released in Andhra, Karnaatka & Tamil Nadu, through one of my close friends, I got hold of the cassette from Hyderabad, learnt this very song & presented it for the very first time in Kerala in connection with the Jubilee celebrations of Govt. Ayurvedha College, Thiruvananthapuram(the film had not yet been released in Kerala) along with Lata Kailas (mother of cine actress Priyamani), who rendered the little portion originally sung by S.Janaki Amma and we got a thunderous ovation after this rendition ! From that instance onwards, “Omkara Nadaanu” used to be the first song in every programme of ours for years & my humble self used to be fondly called as “Sankara Sasthrikal” by many of those who had heard my humble rendition of this song !
Please excuse me for this long & prosaic reminiscent write-up !
Great rendition of this divine song by your good self in style with apt expressions quite in line with the original which I LIKED !
Hats off !
Thank you for sharing this very special one !
GOD Bless !
Loving Best Wishes,
Thinkal Govind Kumar.


Hamsapriya Pro user said

This song has got to be in the list of all Music Lovers

Loved your voice & rendition so much
I felt that the swaram was a little different from the original in some places
I may be wrong bcoz I have no classical background at all

Enjoyed it
very well done

  • * * * *
    Real knowledge is to know the extent of one’s ignorance.

>> @ Confucius

  • * * * *

Bijayashree ( listening & enjoying all your tracks) Samal said

Dear Hari
My all time favorite. You did really good in maintaining the sanity of the song. No comments:)


Vinay Chowdary said

Waah !!! Hats off anna :) Pronunciation could hve been better agree with vishak anna :) Singing was fantablous anna !!!
Venmegam pennaga


Sivakumar said

I really enjoyed with your voice


Ajay m nair said

Amazing!!!…. what a song pick…. congrats for that alone…… and a big congrats for ur singing…. v.v.close to the original…. top class…. i have not heard better cover of this song before…. it was just suuuperb…. keep it up

“The above comments are made upon my v.little knowledge…. the recipient plz forgive if iam wrong”


Kartika V said

Ahaaaaa realy beautiful…………

music heals……


Hari Bhaskar said

Thank you Nirmala!

TGK sir….thank you so much for liking my rendition.

Thank you Hamsa!

Bijayashre….thank you so much.

Priya….thank you. Much appreciate your feedback.

Vinay….thank you my friend.

Sivakumar….thanks a lot.

Ajay….I much appreciate your feedback. Thank you.

Kartika….thank you.

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Hari Bhaskar said

Thank you Nivedan. It is a blessing to have you as a friend. Best wishes.
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Asok kumar Bhaskaran said

sung beautifully except for diction compared to original song. all the best


Meera Manohar said

Hari bhaskar— nice pick, and neat one. You sounded a little conscious of the prononciation but maybe I am not the best person to talk about it :) Most of your sangathis were very well done— not an easy job I am sure!

Hope you get to cover more classicals in the coming days….




Hari Bhaskar said

Thanks Meera! I much appreciate you feedback.
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Uthra said

Hari: Nice voice and singing. Enjoyed it. Please sing more SPB songs. Suits your voice.


Raja Mohamed.j. said

Hari sir…HATS OFF:)_…gREAT PICK sIR……Amazing performance……Enjoy and like more this your classical number….Beautiful:))
Music are my breath:)


Raja Mani said

Hari, Not an easy song and your rendition goes to my favorites for your sincere effort and your love towards this song. You’ve sung the Sangathis are well and you pulled off the swarams in the end.


Chandrasekar Ramaswamy Pro user said

Hi Hari,

First time in your page (though I already listened to and liked Alolangili Thoppile).

Amazing song selection and beautiful, majestic rendition. An absolute favorite.

I don’t know anything about classical music, but this sounded so perfect.

Privilege to be here.

- My comment is an opinion. Opinions are like wrist watches and I have one. I am not sure the time in my wrist watch is the right one.


Poornima Pro user said

hi hari,

very nice singing. Started listening to your songs from now on… Good song selection and superb rendition. Its not an easy song to sing. Your singing was effortless. Enjoyed a lot.

Please listen to my uploads :“Maraindhirundhe paarkum” “Maalai pozhudhin mayakathile”.

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