Oh Dilruba - Malayalam Cover with Adithi akka :)

Lyrics & Chords

My fellow Muzibians,

Here I’m with my first duet in Muziboo!! And that too with the most sought-after singer of
Muziboo, Adithi akka :)
This is a very popular song from ‘Azhakiya Ravanan’ and I don’t think the song need an
introduction to majority of the Muzibians. We have put all our efforts to do complete justice to the song!

So very honoured to have akka as my first duet partner! :)
A big thanks to Babuettan for that wonderful mixing work!
And a bigger one to Murali Ramanathan for sparing the song for me as he was supposed to do
the duet with akka quite long back!! ;)

Please give your honest comments… Thanks for listening!! :)

Movie: Azhakiya Ravanan
Music: Vidyasagar
Originally sung by: Hariharan, K S Chithra
Mixing: Babu N M



Subin Abid said

vaisu, u rock :-)


Siji Menon said

U both have sung it well :)

Keep rocking !
“Words make you think a thought. Music makes you feel a feeling. A song makes you feel a thought.”
Siji Menon


Santosh george wilson said

AWESOME PICK AND gr8 singing by both of you! Vaisakh, all those sangatis came to you very naturally!! gr8 going!


Neil swanson.. Serious fall again .black out. neck surgery coming in 2 wks prayers requested thanks neil Pro user said

HI all . great team work . dont know this
as u well know. but listening to the song i
could feel the over all impact. very vibrant
and great vocals. full of presence and modulation…god bless NEIL SWANSON . GOES to likes

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Vaisakh Somanath said

Thanx alot Siji, Santosh and Neil :)
@subin… Thanx aliya…:)


Bharathi Dinesh said



Babu Nm said

what a voice you guys got….gift from the god…its from the god….and God loves you guys a lot….coz the musik is from god…….and am really happy to be a part of it….of it goes to my favs……
may bless you and be with you always


Adithi said

Thank you Bharathi Akka and Babu aNNa! :)

ANNa- Any number of thanks to you wil lnot be enough!!!! :D
Peace if possible, but truth at any rate – Martin Luther


Uthra said

Vaisakh: I am hearing your voice for the first time, I think. Lovely lovely voice. Would love to hear many many more songs from you. This one was beautifully done. Esp the tough sangathi that Adithi was referring to – just brilliant. To favs.
Adithi: Lovely singing as always.


H. S said

U r blessed with a wonderful voice…n this one is well sung.Best Wishes!!


Anand said

great singing

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