O Sajna

Lyrics & Chords

Timeless classic composed by Salil Chowdhury for the movie Parakh and sung ever so beautifully by Lata Mangeshkar.
This song was originally written and sung in Bengali “Na Jeeo Na”.
I see fabulous renditions by great Muziboo singers here. I’ve also sung this at many occasions – here is my version for Muziboo. Hope it is passable…
Thanks Kumar Srinivasan for helping me mix this.



Radhika Nair (away) said

Sudha – very nice pick . Knowing you from your other songs, felt that the flow could have been better .you got most of the twists and turns right, but felt it could flow smoother. But then, its a tough song :) . Feel wise, you could bring in some more happiness. Overall, a very good attempt -Sudha.

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Sudha Kumar (back to listen to all of you..) said


Thanks for your constructive comments – albeit truthful…. here’s my take – I lowered the scale since this pitch suits my voice better. Also, I tried to sing it as much feel and precision as possible, so this was one of my better attempts.
Its hard to please on this song since Lataji has set such a high standard on it…


Harshan Nambiar (away for a month india vacation) Pro user said

Sudha ….I really liked your rendition ….very nice open throated singing, nice expressions ….you really connected with the song. I didnt see any issues with sur aur thaal …
5/5 from me and goes to my favourites.
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αнмε∂ Khan said

What a powerful voice! and great control!
awesome harkatain but some harkatain could av been better!…Lovely rendition :)


Neha ........ said

Wow…… hearing u for the 1st time I guess… u got some control….!! awesome singing… 5/5 frm me


Srividya Kasturi said

Nice one, Sudha….Harkatein have come out well in some places, in some they could have been better….I agree it is a tough song, u have done a good job trying to maintain the feel of the song :)
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Krishnan N v ( nvk ) said

Hi Sudha….

Loved it very much…Excellent voice and great modulations and expressions. Above all very confident singing.

Some harkats like ‘BahAAR aayi’, ‘man KA papeehara’ …‘jale mora JEEYARA’. ankhiyon mein RAINA’ could be better. Felt some landing notes not too perfect…

Overall a nice one…Keep them coming…

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Nandita said

Very nice singing Sudha. Others have already pointed out areas of improvement. Thought would share something Suresh Wadkar said about this song to a contestant in a reality show. When Lata ji sang “pyaase pyaase mere nayan…… kho gaye” she sang it in one breath and that gave it that soft feel.


N.gopinath said

Very nice selection.
You sung this tough song very beautifully.Very nice voice, expressions and modulations… Mixing quality also good. Enjoyed your nice song…

Good luck
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Shonnie Madan said

hi sudha

very nice .liked it a lot


Sudha Kumar (back to listen to all of you..) said

Thanks Sai, Harshan, Ahmed, Neha, Vidya, NVK sir, Bala, Nandita, gopinath and Shonnie for all your fbs. will definitely take your valuable pointers and improve my renditions for the future.


Janhavee said


Very beautiful presentation of the lovely song.
You sang the " tere hi qwaab mein kho gaye" part differently….i suppose.

" There is no Destination to my Musical Journey……
Its the Journey itself that I Enjoy "

- Janhavee

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hi sudha first time listen ur song ……very good voice and nice singing …this song is very tuff song ,,you done good job …baaki guni janu ne bata diya hain kaha improvment ki jarurat hain …….keep it up ….nice work ……5/5 from me
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Fret 'n' tune said


I just love this rendition for the seeming effortlessness. Gives the feeling that you are just humming this song to yourself while looking out of the window. That’s the best way I can describe it.

Please do try a Lata-Madan Mohan composition.


Sudha Kumar (back to listen to all of you..) said

Thanks Janhavi, Aman deep and Nandu for your encouraging fbs.
Nandu – Actually, it was raining outside (LOL – New England area!) and I look outside the window when I had my recording going on! :-) yes, I do plan to sing some Madan Mohan classics too….
Thanks, Sudha


Ganesh D said


very well sung.
Looking forward to hear more.



Kaushick M said

Very nice singing Sudha. I can guage that you are capable of singing this better, even though this is the first song of yours I am hearing. You have great stuff in you sudha. Keep it up and let us keep enjoying your wonderful voice and singing.


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Sudha Kumar (back to listen to all of you..) said

Thanks Kaushick for listening and appreciating my singing.
Will listen to your songs too,
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Geetam Website said

Good Job Sudha ! You have a nice soft voice !
~Shilpa Deepika


Sudha Kumar (back to listen to all of you..) said

Thanks Shilpa and Deepika for listening and appreciating. Welcome to Muziboo!


Angela Paduraru said

lovely song! your voice is beautiful


Harish said

beautiful voice, very well sung! in fact supremely well sung at many places. See if u can maintain that consistency right across ;)


Sudha Kumar (back to listen to all of you..) said

Thanks Angela and HK for your valuable f/bs.


Khawer Khilji Pro user said

Hi Sudha,

You sang this song nicely with good control and feel. Bring some more Lata jee’s songs.

My latest rendition.





Sudha Kumar (back to listen to all of you..) said

Thanks for visiting this song – Its one of my favorites and a special song in my life – I’m thrilled that I got 90% right acc. to you – this song is one of Salilda’s loveliest creations – he has a signature style in his music, and Lataji rates this as one of her toughest songs (atleast from what I’ve read…)
Will definitely work to do better in this song next time…


Sudha Kumar (back to listen to all of you..) said

Thanks Adina and Rajesh. Glad you enjoyed this! :-)

Sing from your heart…


Hassu said

Sudha ji, please let them keep coming :)
Very bold attempt and nicely sung. Leave alone the minor issues, trying out songs of these types is itself an achievement. Beautiful rendering


Shailender said


So wonderfully sung this all time classic…….few murkias could be improved……but very enjoyable….

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Sudha Kumar (back to listen to all of you..) said

Thanks a lot Hassu and Shailender for listening and your great f/bs on this. Its one of my fav songs. :-)

Heard melodies are sweet, but those unheard are sweeter.
John Keats


Shelly Kurian said

O Sudha….:)
what a meloudious rendition! beautiful voice!liked.

“Music is the shorthand of emotion”

Shelly Kurian


Sudha Kumar (back to listen to all of you..) said

Thanks Shelly for visiting. Glad you liked it… :-)


Pradeep Barre said

AWESOMEFlawless rendition in your POWERFUL voice!!!Keep rocking!
Thanks & Regards,


Sampathkumar said

Rag Khamas


Prashant said

One more of my favourites. Loved the song and enjoyed.

Would like to hear Lataji’s song ‘Jaari jaari o kaari badariya’ from the hindi movie Azad (1955) in your voice :-)


Asim Ghosh said

Great rendition SudhaJi. You are a capable singer, and know your stuff well. Your ability to grasp and executing the murkhiyan are awesome.

What I thought missing in this evergreen SalilDa cover is energy, and little bit more confidence. Some words (“ras ki puuhar”, a couple “O sajna”s, for example) sounded casual.

Main to aap ki fan ban gaya. Would like to do a duet sometime, if that’s OK with you. Although, my singing is not at your level yet. Par, koshish karenge!
“Gaa-Ke Jiyo Toh …. Geet Hai Yeh Zindagi”


Sudha Kumar (back to listen to all of you..) said

Thank you so much friends.
@Prashantji – Thank you. Yes, will try that song sometime. :-)
@AzimJi – Thank you so much. I agree, this cover is not at all upto the mark, imo as well. I think the problem you state is coz I used a lower scale as meri awaaz baithi hui thi, and that compromised the happy brightness in the song. Bilkul, we can do a duet sometime. :-)
“A good head and a good heart are always a formidable combination. "
- Nelson Mandela


Zubair Alam said

Sudha Kumar ji, kia baat hae! You have sung with great expressions and your rendition was pure honey. I was enjoying your melodious song with my eyes closed but suddenly it finished so quickly. I have to download to listen to it again and again.

Please be assured that you are an accomplished singer and you are gifted with sur and melodious voice quality. Very few, among us have that capability, specially me as I have no control over my voice frequency. LOL.

Thank you for sharing and all your time and effort in uploading this evergreen classic.

God Bless.
There are as many paths to God, as there are souls on earth. Bulleh Shah-1680


Priya Sukumaran said

Loved it,Sudha-hugs :)


Sudha Kumar (back to listen to all of you..) said

Thank you Priya! Hugs back to you dear! :-) Thank you Zubair Saab… my version pales in comparison to all the accomplished singers here, I just sing from my heart.
“A good head and a good heart are always a formidable combination. "
- Nelson Mandela

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