Ninakkai Snehathin......

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A very special dedication in my profile for a person whom I have still not met. It is for my sweet life partner. Who ever is born in this world will have some one born for them some where . I don’t know where is my gal is (May be in Poland, Ireland, Austria, USA, UK….or India ) God only knows hehehehe…….
So I would like to dedicate this song to her (Blushing blushing). [ Mulachchu 4 ilai vidala ….adhukulla unakku life partner ketkudho….appadinnu neenga manasukulla thitturadhu enakku kekudhu thaaney……. No problem, building weak basement strong :D nalla thittunga vaanga naan ready] .

Basically this is a Telugu song but now I am covering the dubbed version of it’s Malayalam movie. Nowa days there are lots and lots of movies which are dubbed like this, but this particular song was very catchy to my heart because of the awesome lyrics and tune. Who ever knows Malayalam would know why I have chosen this song to cover as a dedication. Okay my beloved dear this song goes to you….(evalo……enga irukaalo????)
Hope you all enjoy this song and please do leave your valuable comments for me.

Song : Ninakkai Snehathin….
Movie : Ithu Njangalude Lokam
Singer: Vineeth Sreenivasan
Music : Mickey J. Meyer
Cover : Vishnu Mohan
Karaoke & Mix : V DiGiTaL



Kala Vijay Pro user said

listening this song for the first time.but u r right it is a catchy song.very good lyrics and very good feel also.for me it is a new song originally sung by u.perfect.very happy to comment on usual great singing vishnu,congrats.


Cassy said

Hi Vishnu,
err well,i don’t know malayalam so that I couldn’t get what you re exactly saying to your girl ;-)
here n there,i could grasp few meanings :D but ofcourse,music doesn’t have language barriers,it is a universal language … your voice sounded awesome as usual,very soft and smooth :)and soothing :D great singing….it z indeed a catchy number…i enjoyed listening to it :)

best wishes,
You’ll be surprised to know how far you can go from the point where you thought it was the end !!!


Unnikrishnan Kb said

Wow, i have tried to sing the same song in Telugu. I haven’t heard the Malayalam Version. :) Lyrics are lil funny. But hey your singing is awesome. I liked the small lifts and dips in throw. Great one again. Go Go vichu.
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Santosh george wilson said

nice singing by you… though didnt like the song much :)


Shelly Kurian said

Hi Vishnutta

Awesome!! valare careful aayi paadi…
your expressions are excellent!! loved the modulations, superb!!
oru painkili song, u made it in a very classy way. i should say better than the malayalam original(ippol poyi kettu). thanks for avoiding the naughty dialogues….lol

and mixing is Excellent!! your voice is so soothing !!

Vishnunte penninu sherickum ishatappettittundu!! Orappu! evida kutta aval?

Shelly Kurian


Suresh r (slowly slowly slowly....on the track) said

Vishnu , what to say……….Now it’s 12.56 am in India……And i have heard this a minute back using head phone….I dont know how can i express my feeling to you now after hearing the same……YAAR , IT’S GREAT !!!! A big salute for the extreme care that you have given for the song while recording….Secondly , for the girl (hello , excuse me….where r u…??….pls don’t come now…we want our Vishnu to sing such like songs more….pls dont come now….he he he) to whom you have dedicated this song……

Yes…I agree with Shelly chettan….You are really crossed over Vineeth !!!! Better than the best……I was closely watching but failed to get a sruthi slip cum pitching off …he he he…….

I request all our muzibians to hear this version in between 12.00 am to 1.00 am (early morning)….You will get the real feel that Vishnu felt inside while recording….

All the best Vishnu………Congrats…goes to favourites !!! (3rd)
“Santham Gambheeram….Loka Samstha Sukhino Bavanthu”


Faisal Kp said

Hi Vichu,

I am with suresh kumar, we love to hear more from u, so dont think about “GAL” now…….(Ithra aakrantham venda Samayamavumbol chettanmar parayum).

Lovely singing, much better than vineeth’s version.
Music is love!!!!!!!


Roshine Gnanatharshan. said

Vichu kutty !
Awesome aayittu paadi ninnu.
valara ishtamaayeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee :D
Paadum podhu nannayintu feel kondu vandhello :D
ennamo olarurano ?
super jinging da.
Ice cream saapudum poley voice nannayintu valukkintu povudhu :P
sari sari eva ava? inga oru naathanaar (sister in-law)irukennu marandhudaathey da. :D

  • Roshine *

“ஒரு சிற்றோடையின் சலசலப்பாய்… சிறகாய்…சிலிர்ப்பாய்…எனக்குள் ஒலி எழுப்பும் சங்கீத சப்தஸ்வரமாய்… நீ "


Max Vala said

Vishnu mohan,

Fantastic singing!

I like it!

max vala

Vishnu Mohan ( busy mode) said

Kala chechy Thanks a lot :D

Cassy Thanks da :D

Unni Thanks a lot dear :D unnide telugu njan kettathalle thakarthu vechekkuvalle :D

Santhosh chetta Thanks :D

Shelly Chetta Thanks a lot :D Nalla video aanu (aa dialog matti nirthiyal alle :P ) pinne aaa pen kutty ithuvareyum ente munnil vannilla :D

Suresh etta Thanks a lot for those super comment :D
pinne eethu pennu vannalum first preference sangeethathina etta athu kondu pedikkanda :D

Faisu Thanks dear :D ( akrantham onnum illa ippole avale onnu soap ittu vekkam ennnu karuthy athre ullu )

Vishak Thanks

Rosh kanna Thanks a lot daa >:D< nee ennamo solla trypanniyirukku tamilile sollu mallu vena azhuthiduven ( vadidel style :P )

Max Thanks

LK etta Thanks :D

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Kumar Srinivasan Pro user said

Superb rendition Vishnu. You voice is well projected in this mix. Liked the thought behind the song post :).



Sushanth Shankar said

Hey Vichu!

I love this song to great extents, tht I cannot express…. :D But then I love this song in telugu… Malayalam enikku athra ishtam alla… It is cos the lyrics sounded a lil funny to me, like Unni said… :D

But loved your take on this one bro! You have sung it with a lot feel and expressions… Loved the care u put in to sing this one bro… Loved the husky touch you have given in the anupallavi…

Lovely pick and sung very well da! All the very best!

Aa pennine kurichu njaan onnum parayunnilla… Cos adhu nammal kure samsaarich vishayam alle mone!! :D

- Sushanth


Rajeev Onv(away on a long break) said

Vishnu, Loved your singing, loved the way you dedicated this to your future love. May you be successful in both!


Vishnu Mohan ( busy mode) said

Aisooma Thank you daaa :D

Kumaretta Thanks a lot :D

Sush Thanks dear :D enikku mallu version nalla ishtanu movie um ishtayi :D pinne pennine kurichu nammal othiri charcha cheythittundallo ;) ( i mean ideas :P )

Rajivetaa Thank you so much :D

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Kartika V said

Vishnu,ella songs um adipoli akkum,pinne nice nice ennu parayanda kaaryame illa.epolum pole tanne very beautiful.


Rahul Soman said


I enjoyed this song the most in your voice. The best cover of yours for me…

Rahul Soman‍
“The great pleasure in life is doing what people say you cannot do!!!”

Please listen to the original compositions for which I have penned lyrics

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5. Ponaryanpaadam – Onam Song


Deepesh A k(indefinitely on and off) said

Your best cover muthe till date……Aval meetaan mutti nikkuvaa alle….odukkathe peel……olu barum mone……Gr8 one muthe……


Rekha swaminathan (on and off...) said

Vishnu…. :D enna write-up….

I am not believing you are still ‘waiting’ for the girl of your dreams….who is she? :P

Heard Unni’s Telugu version of this song first time, and liked the tune a lot. Enjoyed the Malayalam version too….and since I don’t understand either language….hehehehehe….

Very nice presentation…good job! I liked it a lot!
please visit few of my latest songs –
Aathangara Marame with Deepesh
Akkadannu naanga – Indian
Small Sanskrit song


Jaishree Pro user said

Vishnu- Nice write up and Nice singing :D (Got it rite this time!)
Not heard both versions of original. Hope u find her soon!


Babu Nm said

vichu this one!!!!!!!!!!!!!! wow dearest….i am sure she will like this….and i am also waiting for that day….a great sadya….lovely vichu great singing great just great
“Music is God’s gift to man, the only art of Heaven given to earth, the only art of earth we take to Heaven."
may god bless you and be with you. ALWAYS……


Adithi said

Your best till date, Vicchu! Loved it to the core! :)

Appram antha Gal matter….;) enikkariyaam! ;) Will talk offline ;)

….but only after adding this to my favs!
Peace if possible, but truth at any rate – Martin Luther


Ramya Harish said

Hi Vichu, heard the telugu version, enjoyed this one too. Very nice singing!
My recent covers:
Gopika vasandham
Un Panithuli
Nenjukkulle innar endru
Janina Janina
Dhoore Kizhakudhikum with Kumaran


Srini S said

Nice one Vishnu.Keep it up.



My latest upload,




Ajay m nair said

mone vichu kutta…. super da kutta…… loved it very very very much…. awesome singing…. with lots of feel…. but i feel this is not the dedication for ur future girl infact this is for the girls to fall in love with u :) da kallaa……… superb……. keep it up….


Vishnu Mohan ( busy mode) said

Karthika Thanks da :D

Rahul Thanks a lot dear :D

Muthe Thanks a lot :D

Rekha :O appadi ellam onnum illai, Thanks da :D

Jai chechy Thanks :D

Babu chetta Thanks a lot :D okke namukku sari akkam :P

Adithi akka Thanks :D Appadi yarum illai akka :O

Sowmya akka Thanks :D roomila than paadine romantic ah padumbol ethukku energy athan soft ah vutte :P

Ramya akka Thanks :D

Srini anna Thanks :D

Ajay anno Thanks a lot :D Gochu galla kandu pidichu alle kandu pidichenkil aa pennu ethennu oru paranju
Tharumo njan poi muttikkolam ;)

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Vishnu Mohan ( busy mode) said

hi Dylan
Thanks dear aa sthalangalude peru vechathu avide ulla malayalikalum aakam enna uddesithilanutto :P

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Hashim Koodali said

dear vishnu waaaa nice singing
good feel lake m g sreekumar voice.
good attempt
keep up


Rashmi Madhu said

Wow wow wow Vishnu! I don’t know what to say. What a feel! Much much better than the original.
Dr.Rashmi Madhu


Biju Ramachandran Pro user said

mone superb.v v well sung.
simply awesome…
biju ramachandran


Bharathi Dinesh said

Beautiful singing Vishnu. V.nice


Vishnu Mohan ( busy mode) said

Saqib Thanks :D

Rashmi chechy Thanks a lot :D

Biju etta Thanks a lot :D

Bharthi chechy Thanks :D

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Romiyo said

hey vishhhhhhhh………….adipoli tto :d
perfect singing superb !!!!!!!!

ee song njaan kannadathil paanamallo :p



Vimala chandrasekharan (busy) said

Hi Vishnu!

Nice song and great singing.You sing very well.Your voice modulation and the feel of the song are really good.
All the Best in your search for your sweetheart!


Akhil c nair Music creates love said

Vishnu cheta awesome …….superb feel u r voice is suit for the song very much……keep singing


Arjun B nair said

pls upload song karaoke………………


Sarayu Bala said

nothing else to scribble down……just to say….its awesomeeee……


Vishnu Mohan ( busy mode) said

Arjun Give ur mail id

SArayu Thanks da :D

Nijin Thanks :D


Kavitha kondapalli (away!) said

ahaaa… 2yrs old post and u dedicated this to ur unknown pretty girl… super :) now she must be blushing on her birthday :) Beautiful singing Vishnu… heard this a lot in telugu :) lovely pick indeed :)

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