nilavu thoongum neram

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One of my favourites when I was young……just gave it a quick shot……hope youl all like it.



Murali Venkatraman said


Classics like these cannot and should not be done in quick shots. There are many places where you have gone off. I request you to re-do with some more patience.

Songs like these are not meant for rushed renditions but are tailor-made for a languid evening supplemented with slow and steady inebriation among a circle of music lovers. Ghazals and songs like these would fit the plate.

And if you are a married teetotaler, a relaxing evening and a candle light dinner with your wife. If budget is unkind, one could take a cue from the movie – go to the terrace and watch the gelid moon as the song is unraveled.


Meena (on & off from muziboo) said

I completely second Murali.A remake of this song with some amount of patience would make wonders :).


Jenefa (inactive) said

I liked your voice a lot in this one, than any other song i heard from you! This song really suits your voice and style of singing….Would like to hear these kinda songs from you :)

Good one for a really quick attempt.The few offs didn’t bother me much as it was overtaken by the expressive singing and the lovely voice….Nice mixing as well :)



Arvind R said

Awesome song and very nice of you to render it bringing back memories!. Songs like these only go to reiterate the countless expressive songs given to us by Southern Masters!.

You have captured the essence of the song well. Charanams suffered a bit because of lack of voice control. Liked your voice tone overall.

BTW, what a colourful comment by Murali!. Made me smile!.


Maruthi said

Sowmya you are right , most of the time I hum a song while driving….or it would be a tune of mine own. Some time the tune have almost captured and so hard to get rid off from the head….this is when I hit the record button. So anything in my rendition you hear is my mistakes only not any bodies….but I welcome those mistakes as a part of creativity….and I dont regret it……if proffesionals being paid for doing a song ….we are paid by the plasure we get….this is very important for us to continue in muziboo. Love and live muzic But I dont justify my mistakes ….a mistake is a mistake….its only in ones vision.





Srini S said

loved dis song in ur voice maruthi.great feel in th
e song.the emmotions has very well come out.beautifu
l song n beautiful lyrics,but u have made lot of mi
stakes in the lyrics.u could have listened the song many times n recorded.otherwise i liked ur singing.
Many persons love dis song n the lyrics r saved in
their minds including takecare of the lyrics.
keep them coming n gudluck.



Srini S said

thanks for singing dis song bro.



Kumar Srinivasan Pro user said

Not one of your best Maruthi – sounded like a dry run before serious recording. There are pitching issues in a few spots and for those looking for the original sangathis (I am not one of them) this will be a dissappointment. Knowing your temperament your probably sang this in a single shot and posted it :-). I am sure you are capable of redoing this and bringing it to perfection.


Thinkal govind kumar Pro user said

My Dear Maruthi,
Wow ! You’re really a talented singer ! Like our SS, you also sound like the Great SPB ! I loved this well-mixed rendition of yours having a lot of feel for which you are eligible for all the five stars !
Hearty Congrats ! Keep it up !
GOD Bless !
Loving Best Wishes,
Thinkal Govind Kumar.


Maruthi said

thanks srini, thanks kumar, thanks thinkal ji ….pointers taken
Semi finalist in UK International (songwritting/ composers contest) 2009 judjed by Simon Cowell and his panel.

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