New York Nagaram

Lyrics & Chords

Perfect composition and a song for everyone who miss their loved ones… I miss her as well :)



Prasanna K said

La issues again :-)… Kappal

Mixing was not good, your voice was a bit too loud I felt. And again Karaoke track did not have voice completely gone.

And in some places your pace did not match up quite well I felt….

Your voice deserves better treatment than this, it’s really rich and you have good control. Especially when you want to sounds relaxed it sounds great :-)….


Sandil Srinivasan said

Your vocals seem to have a good range in terms of scale. I agree with Prasanna, you need to find a karaoke that does more justice.


Raj Munu said

You seem to have the perfect voice for this “one of kind” song. I have composed the tracks with a slightly different style (more western) and would like you to sing using my music. If interested, shoot me an e-mail at and I will be more than happy to send it to you.

Raj Munu


Tiju said

avoid this song buddy its high pitch song
ur sound is soft
so try soft songs you have a wonderful voice

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