Netru Illatha Maathram (Cover)

Lyrics & Chords

Movie: Pudhiya Mugam (Tamil)
Singer: Sujatha
Music Director: AR Rahman
Lyricist: Vairamuthu
Cover: Rashmi Nair

Here is the cover of a very melodious song by Sujatha.



Adil Saeed said

Good sound. Closely resembling Sujatha! Good singing. But some distance to go to get to the “great” status. Please don’t stop here. You must re-record it for perfection.
Looking for a re-recorded one!
BTW, How do you get the karaoke track? Do you generate it using any software or buy the Karaoke CD? Or do you create the track on your own using keyboards?



Jenefa (inactive) said

Brilliant pick….and excellent singing….



Arvind R said

Hi Rashmi,

Nice pick …

Voice should stand out a bit more … mix is not right in my opinion and voice dynamics is missing!.

This song is the reverse side of the coin of that other hit “Chinna Chinna Aasai” from Roja. Talk about cashing in on one hit song to get another!.

Rashmi … I was a bit disappointed with your performance in this one I have to say … because I know you can sing this much better, and mix it much better. Needs more gusto in singing too … was too dull and no excitement in words rendered, which is what this song is about.

Anyways……nice to hear it … sorry if my comment was dull too!.



Srini S said

hi rashmi,

great effort of my favs of rahman.soothing
rendition.i thought u were dull in pallavi,but in c
haranam n throughout u made it.keep them coming n a
ll the best.Enjoy singing



N.gopinath said


Very well sung. Good expression & feel. Enjoyed your song.

Good luck


Ramya Harish said

Hey Rashmi, Well done. this is my alltime fav. Some places were really good like ‘vaasamillamale vannapoopookalaam’. Felt You could have sung it with more happiness esp ‘iDhu dhan kaadhal enbadha’. In charanam, pitching in the high notes were fractionally off.

I admire Sujatha for her overflowing happiness in the song, she expresses every word with so much of clarity and happiness, am sure she would have sung it with her ever smiling face. I have got the same such admiration on you in some of your songs. This one, you can do much better.



Santosh george wilson said

Hi Rashmi,, it’s really Good!! A real treat on a Rahman song! Vocalnu volume kuravayirunno ?? i felt it low…! – a blog of true stories!


Harshan Nambiar Pro user said

Rashmi …this was a very good attempt ….never an easy task covering Chitra songs. I have to agree to some of the above comments on the mix and the mood. Based on your previous performances …I am sure you can do much better than this :-) Nonetheless I enjoyed this rendition.

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Srividya Kasturi said

Beautiful cover, Rashmi….Ur vocal volume was slightly lower than that of the Ktrack. Expressions were good, but could be better:) Good song choice for ur voice:)

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Satish Murti said

This song brings fond memories….and your voice is healing….and i sense positive energies….keep singing….

Listen to these healing tunes:




Rashmi Nair said

I sincerely appreciate all the constructive feedback. I am glad some of you liked this rendition. I guess I was not able to give it my best. It is a beautiful, yet tough song to cover. Thanks you for all the pointers. I will sure keep them in mind when I record next time. Please do continue to lay down your honest comments & suggestions.



Roshini said

lovely rendition rashmi, enjoyed listening to your version.

Best Regards,


Tara Balakrishnan said

Hey Rashmi… Ur voice fits the song perfect. Loved the expressions and singing esp charanams were beautiful. u shud have tried the harmony in ‘idhayam sindhi vittadha’…

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Meera Manohar said


Awesome song choice…. voice sounds like a young girl in this, and I am imagining some other heroine running around in meadows as to Revathi :))

Honestly, sounded nice, but there was something missing in this rendition, maybe a little more emotion, an ooomph would have done wonders. Somehow the mixing was a little muffled as in the projection of your voice.

Nice pick overall for your voice though….


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George Kuruvilla Pro user said

Tag Team,
Well done! Rashmi, you’ve sung very well. The problem was not with the singing. It was the emotions. You could have been more expressive. I think this is a very good choice for you and I think you should try it again. You will definitely kick B#@E!



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Rashmi Nair said

Thanks a lot Roshni, Tara, Meera & George. Yep, this rendition sure lacks the expression it deserves. Raj (my husband) had warned me that if I upload this rendition, its gonna draw some flak from our Muziboo pals.
I sure will take care of that in my future renditions. Thanks again.



Kumar Srinivasan Pro user said

Very good rendition Rashmi. Most points already covered. Agree it is a tough song. It has a fast pace and yet it is very curvy; so it demands lots of subtle modulations in various places to get the expressions right. The singer is really kept busy in this song :-).
Enjoyed listening to this song in your voice.



Radhika Nair (away) said

Rashmi – what a choice of song and nicely sung. Will you check the sonnathu and ennathu … in a few places felt that it could have been better…You have set a high benchmark for yourself :) and hence these points. Good effort nevertheless!


Rashmi Nair said

Kumar, Radhika and Soumya: Thanks\ you for stopping by and leaving your valuable comments. All points are noted :)



Pradeep vs said

Hi Rashmi,
Well sung…. liked it…. may be you could give it another try to exceed your previous renditions!!:)….



Mohammed Ashraf said

Rashmi, much awaited song. You sung it well, but, those who listen to your previous uploads, will be disappointed. Not becoz this is bad, but you set such a standard in this community.

I also felt something is missing, might be the feel….or mixing probs??? I donnow.

As others, me too wish to see a re-upload :)

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Kumul Saini said

thanx rashmi,
u talked about adding reverb to my rendition ,,
its all……new to me….i havnt understood anything…………it would be so nice of you if u put sm more light on this area…thnx again…for listening…and guiding me…!!

nd i must say u got a nice throat too……

tats……. indian idol 5 for u…!!!!!


Surajit Chatterjee said

Once again a very good rendition from you. Enjoyed a lot. Keep singing.


Rashmi Nair said

Thanks a lot Pradeep, Ashraf, Kumul, Surajit & Ajitha. Glad you all liked the rendition. I will surely keep your suggestions in mind during my future renditions. Thanks again.



Jane Mathew said

Hi Rashmi…

U sung the song well, but not as well as ur other songs…ur capable of doin much more…My observersion is dat ur singing has taken care of nuances of the song where as feelings are not matchin the original.U could sound happier :)

Keep Singing :)


Dhiraj Barla said

One of my most fav songs from this movie purely becoz of its arrangments and singing. You have sung it really well, you got everything right except the mixing and little bit of emotions. Its a jolly peppy song which explains the mood of a young girl who is in love for the first time in her life(Revathi is too old for this I think :-))….very similar to Girija’s intro in Geetanjali…. you should try it again.


Priya B said

Hi Rashmi,
You have a such a sweet, silky voice….
Very nicely sung….
Thanks for such a wonderful song…


Seetha said

Nice. You need some more expressions to this song. Good attempt. Could you pls share this karaoke.


Montrealbabu Babu said

good job.nice voice and more emotions very very good singing.i got lots of female solos mail me

I am a musician from colombo srilanka.i perform witharound 70 south indian playback singers.i create jingles and recordings for radio and tv programes.


Anup said

very nice rendition rashmi….awesome song and nicely covered….


Maneesha C m said

good singigng… little more energy was required i felt….




Jenni said

Great song and very well rendered too :)

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Rajith T said

excellent, out of words to describe your talent.


Choco Choc said

wooowwww….lovely……. :)


Archana said

Good one……!


Harika said

wow……sounds sooo good. can you plzzzz share the karaoke????


Akhila... :) said

I really njoyed this Rashmi chechi :)!! really! :) suits ur voice very well! :)


Radhika said

Awesome singing. Keep up the good work!!!


Muthumoorthy said

nice singing…. :) Very nice voice….


Shankar Pro user said

Beautiful rendition of an ARR’s gem…. Thanks for singing this so well and sharing this….

— Shankar
Music heals….

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