Neele Neele Ambar Par

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This song is for my friend Shashank who has been insisting me to do a hindi song… and is now unhappy with me because I said I dont want to try …
Shashank !! … this is my first and last try just for you.

( Backing track is a midi file )



Shashank Gokhale said

I won’t say this is Bad….this is definately impressive efforts….

But notes is not sung like the original at few places….So practise needed to reproduce correct notes….Pronounciation offcourse needed a lot of improvement….

I felt the HINDI CHANNEL of your Vocal cord need a Extra CLEANING……Something sounded blocked in ur singing style or ur vocals cord…and That Blockage would go away as with more efforts like this…. Would help you to sing ENGLISH more Fluently….

I hope u won’t mind this time….


Sudeip Ghosh said

Sumit…this is a good effort…i however agree with shashank totally…i think he has put you in a right direction…considering that you are very hard working…i think you should try to do some more hindi numbers….its good stuff tho !
i agree 100% with shashanks comments…u shud practise some more hindi songs…u have a nice kishore feel to your voice …i think u shud keep trying some more…dont make it the first and last try bro !


George Kuruvilla Pro user said

Dude… I think your voice suits this song beautifully man. You should give this another try. Its pretty good as it is. But I think you will be able to do a better job. I agree with Sudeip that your voice has a Kishore Kumar feel. You should do more Hindi songs man. Sounds so much more natural. Love it! Waiting for your next revision of this song.


Deepak Nayak said

I second everyone here!! It’s time for you to get a step ahead and this is the right direction… Just get the feel, style and pronunciation right!! Thats it buddy!! You are there!! You know what I mean?? All the best… Cheers… \m/

“It’s all bout music and it always will be!”


Cookie Cookie said

I listened to few of your English covers. I feel you are better with them. This is not bad though.


Krishnan N v ( nvk ) said

HI Sumit….

This is the first and probably only Hindi song(Iam not sure) I could find in your folder.

It was, no doubt, great attempt to reproduce this favourite song of mine. I am afraid, to bring it to anywhere near the impressive status, a major overhauling is needed……:D

Dont get me wrong. Your style according to me does not really match.



Sumit Rai said

Mr. Krishan… ofcourse I am a very bad hindi singer…. I know that very well. …. this song was done just … to please my friend shashank


Dishal Solanki said

hi sumit….how r u?
i like ur instrumental stuffs……its soo effective
I mean u still sing good……

I would like to know more about from where u got such Instrumental piece….of each songs….

I want to get it and i would like to sing with music and get the most out of it…



Vishal Manohar said

Good singing man

Contribute Hindi Lyrics


Ravi S said

Nice one dude…. Can you share the midi please?


Sumit Rai said

Sorry i dont have the midi with me anymore


Zark Khan said

nice attempt bro.
keep it up.
also listen this one in my voice.
I love to singing nd listening new singers.

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