Narumugaye - by Kumar Srinivasan and Tara Balki

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This is a melodious, semi-classical duet from the Tamil movie Iruvar. The movie was loosely based on the lives of MGR, Karunanidhi and Jayalalitha.

The song, written by Vairamuthu and composed by A.R.Rahman was originally sung by Unnikrishnan and Bombay Jayashree.

Tara and I have attempted this song. Thanks to Tara for suggesting this song and providing the track. She has done a great job as usual inspite of a cold.

Looking forward to your comments on the singing and mixing aspects.



Kumaran said

One of my favorites in Tamil. This is the best that I have heard of you, Kumar!!!! This was very professionally rendered by both of you. Tara’s voice was very close to BJ. Amazing work!!!! Looking forward for more such performances from you both :-)


George Kuruvilla Pro user said

Excellent singing guys!! This is my favorite song from Iruvar. Kumar, there a few timing issues here n there… not sure if it is an issue with the karaoke track itself. Tara, I am a fan of urs. /This performance was as good as ever. However if i was to nitpick, I feel the last para could have been a little tighter. Overall, 5/5 from me!

Do listen to Kabhi Kabhi Aditi, Koi Nahin and Ek Ladki Hai


Krishnan N v ( nvk ) said

Excellent rendition by both of you…. Could not have been better in my opinion… As I am not too familiar with the song cant make a comment on the finer nuances….But felt too good.

All the best…

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Sudhathee Sriram said

congrats for choosing this song first of all….
Kumar: A lot of places…u could have sung subtly…Though this is a classical song…It definitely requires some places to be sung sure u will agree…especially sembulam serndha neer thuli pol anbudai nenjam kalandhadhenna……
Slighttttt focus on shruthi wud make it better…and ya…this sounded like yesudas’ version of the song:)
Tara: Nice voice:)….i felt the landing notes should be sustained…its kind of abrupt…the breathing was very prominent…dunno if this is a mixing issue….

a little more practise am sure cud have made it perfect.

the first para was nice…nice blend of voices….Good attempt…:)


Radhakrishnan Nair said

Nice song selection, one of my fav from Iruvar.
Very well sung by both of you. Keep it up.


Dhiraj Barla said

One of my favourite classical numbers by Rahman….

Kumar your voice was pretty good and it sounded trained. At some places your volume levels were high, and I can hear Tara’s breathing through out the song, you did an awesome job in mixing this song. Both of you were wonderful in catchin the nuances of this song. Keep up the good work.


Murali Venkatraman said

What a rendition by you both !

Kumar – a very correct rendition except for the nasality in tone and a little excessive vibrato in the ending line. There is nothing one can point out as wrong at all. Very well done !


You are an artist who should be counted in the professional league. It is only by a stroke of fortune that we have you around us. Absolutely beautiful tone, emotions and awesome singing. You are one of my most favorite singers.


Kumar Srinivasan Pro user said


Appreciate all the feedback you have provided. Thanks a lot.



Kumar Srinivasan Pro user said


Point noted about singing some parts in a subtle fashion. I did attempt to do that the best I could – need to try harder. The excessive vibrato pointed out by Murali in the same line as you have indicated is a result this :-).

Thanks for the constructive criticism.



Kumar Srinivasan Pro user said

Regarding the nasality of my tone, I have been experimenting with the mixer settings recently and I guess this may have been an result of that to some extent.

Your point about Tara’s calibre as a singer is very true. She certainly belongs in a different league.


Maruthi said

Hi Kumar srinivasan, you have all the fine points grasped about this song…but I think you are a bit paranoid about that 90 bpm tempo and so much happening on the rythm section. So for me in this song you are a bit on a hurrying up all that sangathees and dropped the cool relaxed feel of the song , you slightly deviated to deliver that feel. But it only takes couple of intense rehearse before a punch in and rec. Let the song just flow as its on a take. Also here is a hint try to sing the female part in mind like muted and just unmute yourself during male part… Or if you punch in record by part by part please try to record from 5 bars before the needed record point …which will give you nice sweet spot as your throat have eased up by you reach 5th bar. overall excellent effort,good singers, daring selection ….bit paranoid about orchestration and rythm section. Kumar please let me know if I am wrong. thanks, Maruthi

Kumar Srinivasan Pro user said


Thanks for the nice comments. I agree with the points you have mentioned.

Thanks a lot for the detailed feedback and recording tips. I will try them in future recordings. This should help be more relaxed when singing and hopefully improve the overall effect.



Rashmi Nair said

Hi Kumar and Tara: Great singing. Really liked it. Lot of clarity in Tara’s voice. Suits this song so much. Keep up the good work tara.

Kumar: In the beginning I felt a little delay in the pallavi, but later it sounds much better. Otherwise, your voice is perfect for the song.


Kumar Srinivasan Pro user said

Appreciate the feedback Rashmi. Thanks.


Vinod C said

hi kumar ……….ur voice is really superb.congrats…and the selection of song is alo fantastic……………keep it up


Kumar Srinivasan Pro user said

Thanks Vinod and Ishwarya for your feedback.


Srividya Kasturi said

Awesome singing, Kumar and Tara!

Beautiful song and Tara’s singing was as good as original!
Kumar, this is one of ur finest performances….Well done!


Kumar Srinivasan Pro user said

Thanks Vidya. Glad you liked it.


Ramya Harish said

Kumar, all points said… am simply so thrilled to listen to this song… wonderfully rendered by u guys…vry good quality…
Tara, great job as usual… lovely expressions… i do wonder why u r in muziboo n not singing in movies…
sum places lyrics need to be corrected… donno whther it has been said already…
Awesome job guys… thanks for this number:)



Prasanna Venkatesan said

HI Kumar,
awesome song and awesome singing….as someone has said u were a little delayed in the beginning….but perfect on the whole…

intially i thought only the male voice is being recorded and the female voice is from the song…i am still not able to beleive that it is tara’s .Mind blowing……


Kumar Srinivasan Pro user said

Thanks for listening and giving your feedback.



Meera Manohar said

Kumar Srinivasan- Excellent song selection. Quite a tough song to render, so a very commendable effort!

Tara— you were very good in this song.


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Meena (on & off from muziboo) said

Awesome rendition!!!!!I loved both your singing :).Especially Tara sounded excellent:).


Kumar Srinivasan Pro user said

Meera and Meena,

Thanks for listening and posting your feedback. Glad you both liked this.



Choco Choc said

this is my favourite song amo ng arr sir’s compositions……both of u sang it very well……tara’s voice is almost similar to jayasree’s voice,,,,and kuram,ur voice also fits d song,,,,,i felt like u wer a bit slow in pallavi,,other than that,everything was perfect and awesome…. :)



Kumar Srinivasan Pro user said

Thanks for your feedback. Appreciate it.


Anup said

aah narumugayeee….one of my favorite songs….what a performance….Kumar and Tara an absolutely brilliant performance….fantastic :-)


Sindhuja Bhakthavatsalam (no longer active on muziboo- pl visit me at said

Very nice rendition, both of you! Kumar’s tempo seemed to be a little inconsistent. Seemed to rush a little in the beginning.
Tara, this is the first heavily classical song I’m hearing from you. Would have preferred an even stronger carnatic touch to this :) Especially the lines ore oru theendal…. seem a little flat. As always, voice flows like honey :)



Kumar Srinivasan Pro user said


Thanks for stopping by here and giving your feedback and adding it your favs.

Point noted about the tempo – thanks. Glad you liked our rendition. Appreciate your feedback.



Ryan Parthas said

Can I get the karaoke track for this please


Kumar Srinivasan Pro user said

Ryan, thanks.

Ven, thank you so much. Sudum Nilavu is on my list :-).



Sushane Shankar said



ARR -————————> GOD!


Rekha swaminathan (on and off...) said

:) Dunno how I missed this song for so long, thank you Kumar for the link….:D
Superb voices, Tara and Kumar! And Tara, your vocal tone matches BJs to a very Wow’ing extent, increasing the charm…
Both your singing were very nice, and most of the details were captured well…
But this track has a problem, its tempo and scale being much faster and higher resp. than the original song…because of that factor, both your singing feels a little hurried. And again due to the same factor, the beauty of the various intricate sangathis feel a bit tarnished…Kumar, in the pallavi there also seemed to be slight timing issues…
Kumar, is it possible still to pan this to a slower tempo without affecting the final effect? Would give this very rendition the missing magic…
liked it a lot!
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Narumugai said

wooooooooow super song nice sining


Shiva Nandhini said

best clasical song………………….awesome….good job singersss


Kumar Srinivasan Pro user said

Eashwar, Rekha, Narumugai, Shiva & Akhila – thank you all for listening and leaving your feedback.



Jami said

can u share dis karaoke wid me?
Where words fail, Music speaks.

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