Nadhiyilaadum Poovanam- with Raja Mani

Lyrics & Chords

Ilayaraaja, in my honest opinion, is the King of Kalyani. The numerous compositions from him based on the raagam are immortal melodies and this is one such gem. This is one of the best albums of Ilayaraja. When the legends Bharathiraja, Ilayaraja and Kavi Perarasu join hands, one can only expect a treat to the audience. In spite of a good storyline, good direction, excellent lyrics and music this movie failed to impress in the box office because of the stupid sentiment that movies with lead characters as visually impaired would never do well :)) You name any song in this album and I’m sure many of the Muzibooyans would have listened to it at least a few thousand times.

This song has been in my wishlist for a very long time. I was totally mesmerised by Meera and Raj’s version of this song which I think is one of the best duets in Muziboo.

When Raja asked me if I would be interested in doing this duet with him, I readily said yes. Our portions were sung about 6 months ago but due to various reasons, the mixing was getting postponed. After my recent return from vacation, Raja and I decided that we will finish this at any cost. Gopi kindly consented to mix the song for us and after half-a-dozen iterations, it is finally ready to be posted! :)

The song starts with the third verse from Soundarya Lahari, overlapped by the roller coaster alap in the melodius voice of SJ. To make it a bit more challenging, Raja and I wanted to do the intial humming and chants. So we had to get the Shruthi file and join it with the original track before mixing. Now you might have an idea as to what headache Gopi had to endure in the process! :D

Please do let us have your comments and suggestions. And thanks for listening! :)

P.S :I would also like to thank Sushane Shankar for having tried a hand at the mixing a few months ago. Unfortunately, my rendition wasn’t doing much justice to his superb mix hence we gave up on it! :)

Movie: Kaadhal Oviyam
Music :Maestro Ilayaraaja
Originally sung by: S.P.Balasubramaniam, S. Janaki
Mixing: Gopi Shanmugam
Track courtesy: Raj kumar Anjan



Anju Bennie said

Adithi, you were awesome as always. Raja , first time listening to your voice… very well rendered.



Surendran Menon said

Adithi & Raja

One of my all time favourites. Wonderfully sung!! A very soulful rendition indeed!!!!! Loved it. Keep it up!


Tn Arunagiri said

Very nicely done Adithi and Raja. This is one of my favs too.

One realizes how thrilling, exciting and challenging songs from Maestro Ilaiyaraaja are, when one sets to perform or sing the songs. Indeed, this is one of those challenging roller coaster ones.

BTW, the Soundarya Lahiri piece and the overlapping alaap is not Kalyani – it is in Hamsanaadam, and it then goes into the Kalyani territory. I would refrain from calling it Kalyani as such, in light of the heavy Kalyani songs like ‘Natarajanin’ (from Aboorva Sakti 369), ’Naan Paada Varuvai (from Udiri Pookkal) etc.


- Arun.


Kala Vijay Pro user said

Adithi your voice is sooooooooooooo cute in this.singing is as usual excellent.but in this
your voice sounded really sweet.both Raja and you have done a nice duet.liked it very much.


Lavanya Voruganti said

fabulous….jst fabulous both of u….its the best song i feel is 4rm ur collections….u have scored 100*** in the song….u sounded soooo sweet in dis song and raja garu also did great job….he has a fab voice……

extraordinary totally adithi ji





Lavanya Voruganti said




Latha Ganti Pro user said

Excellent work ! So beauutiful rendition !! liked it alot !!


Tha Kathir said

Superp singing by both of you. Great. Keep it up dear Friends Adithi and Raja.


Suresh r (slowly slowly slowly....on the track) said

Hi Adithi Akka & Raja…….

Aahaaa…….Adaadaadada…….Enna otrumai……Enna Azhaku…….

Randuperum sernthu engale sthalakaala boadhamillamal nikka vachitteengale……Asathiyittange…….Akkaave pathi inime onnum sollurathukku ille….Neenge SJ songs paadinaa, naanga athe kannu moodi kettaa mattum pothum….Matthathellaam erkkanave neenge kudutha guarantee !!!! Samayaayirukku….

Rajaa……Muthalile neenge romba kuduthu vachirukken , akka koode paadurathukku…….Piraku , unga voice romba azhakaayirukku Rajaa….Voice mattum ille paattileyum asathiyittange……….Romba hit aana song ithu……Nalla mudichittange…….Great……

Nal vaazhthukkal…….

“If we discovered that we had only 5 minutes left to say all that we wanted to say, every telephone booths & all mobile phones would be occupied by people calling other people to stammer that they loved them !.”


Swamy Kitcha said

Enna solradhu. Rendu perum Top Takkar singing. Thanks for this super musical treat.

Raja Raja dhaan. What a Genius composer that India has produced. Chancae illaba….

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Musically Yours,
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Biju Ramachandran Pro user said

initial alaap is out of the world.
amazingly well rendered adithi.
1st time listening to raja.what a voice!
v good selection.
to favs
biju ramachandran


Baiju John said

very good duet…
well done adithi

Keep singing
Please check my first ever upload to Muziboo : Pavithram – Sreeragamo

Thanks and Regards,
Baiju John Mathew

I touch my keyboard
And roll my fingers over
Just like this
Whenever I think of you


Swati Prasad said

awesome adithi didi…start alap was brilliant….

you both sung fabulous :) loved it to the core :)

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Adithi said

Thanks a lot friends, for all your kind comments :)
Peace if possible, but truth at any rate – Martin Luther


Devan S said

Adithi and Raja

Wonderful rendition.Great.

Keep them coming up.


“**** Music leads my life……****”


Priya Shankar said

Wow…. beautiful duet guys…. well sung…. simply superb…. great job done…. love it.

Music is the divine way to tell beautiful, poetic things to the heart


Raisudeen ( little busy ) said

HI Adithi,
Very Nice Song….Superbbbb Singing Both of you…
@adithi unga voice A1 ah erukku….Very Nice.
@raja Unga Voice Kooda romba NaLLA erukku…
Keep it up…I liked It…



Kumaran.k.k. ( i am back ) said

adithi…. in the song was sung by you when you were around 20 or what ??!!! amazing and wonderful voice here in this song of you….

manasukul oosi kutthum ilayarajaavin isai raajaangam……

rajamani… nice alaps n great breathe control……kalakkal.

adithi n rajamani…. great treat of this week !!



Maruthi said

didnt you guys felt you were sounding flat at many places….? inspite of your good efforts…… disapointing. Please redo this with the tabla shruthi adithi both of you are running flat.
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Sushanth Shankar said

Hey guys… :)

Good effort by all 3 of you…

Chechi – You were sounding really good here as always! :)

Raja – Good effort bro…

All the very best!

- Sushanth


Adithi said

Thank you folks! :)

@Maruthi- No! :)
Peace if possible, but truth at any rate – Martin Luther


Srividya Kasturi said

Adithi and Raja enjoyed this duet very much…felt the scale was a little high for Adithi…nevertheless very well sung:)
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Hamsapriya Pro user said

Adithi & Raja Mani

Congratulations on singing such a difficult song so perfectly!

What more can any one say about IR’s compositions? Evrythg abt this song is so tough & perfect at the same time.

Initial aalaap is to die for Adithi- very well done & u hv sung it so perfectly

Raja Mani has sung it so well esp the swaras & his expressions are awesome too

Adithi- I feel that u have held bk ur vc a lot and not sung freely with open throat thro’ out the song. I wonder why i hear it that way?
I dont state this as a complaint in any shape or form.
I am probably not at all qualified to say so!
But it is just an observation

Very well done to both of you


Sukumar R ( far away ) said

heard the song yesterday itself…but cudnt commnt…

i remember this song as original and also in raj& meera voices too…as adithi correctly said both have done a good job…couldnot stop remembering raj version…side by side when i listen your version…

surely adithi scores more…excellent performance as usual…enna sonnalum athu munna sonnathavethan irukkum soo….enna solrathu…? seri onnum sollala…vidunga…

raja mani done it so well too…but sincere attemptnu sollamudiyathu…enga oor kararla…enna mathiri konjam irupar thane… ;)


Shaniruh said

Adithi & Raja ….Very nice duet …great work :)
Cheers :)



Praveen k nair | പ്രവീൺ കെ. നായർ - will be back soon!!! said

aditi akka – very nice singing, as usual!!
raja bro – very good support…

overall, a very good duet cover…. liked it a lot!!

Listen to my latest upload, Poongaattinodum

Praveen K Nair
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Ajay m nair said

what a lovely song it is…… beautiful….

adithi…… in the aalap ur voice was missed in one point hope u have noticed…… other wise as usual suuuuuper singing…… keep it up

Raja…… just in one place (edipp nindraal)sustain could have made it better…. and at the v.end portion of the song u were slightly off the sruthi…. otherwise it was lovely…. lovely voice and the swarams u handled it wonderfully…. u dominated this song with that swarams…. suuuperb…. loved this duet…… suuuuper…. keep it up


Adithi said

Thanks a lot for the comments, friends! Appreciate your honest feedback, Hamsa and Srividya!

Ajay- Yes! The volume was too lood in that portion hence Gopi had to treat that portion(I don’t even know what he did- Gopi could explain it better) but in the process, that place sounded as if it was cut off.
Peace if possible, but truth at any rate – Martin Luther


Vishnu Mohan ( busy mode) said

ADithi akka N raja Superbbbb pick rompa nalla paadiyirukku randu perum :D

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Ramya Harish said

Adithi – wondeerful singing., Raja mani- awesome attempt, sum portions werer too gud:)
My recent covers:
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Un Panithuli
Nenjukkulle innar endru
Janina Janina
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Kartika V said

Superrrrr singing,what a voice nice


Sarada Pro user said

Beginning aalaap was just brilliant, very smooth curves, Adithi. You sounded just like S.Janaki throughout and mixing was also awesome.

Never heard the original but I really enjoyed this song in Kalyani.

Seemed quite challenging, but that said, I have to also say excellent singing by both of you and I loved it :)

Sarada Bhagavatula


Deepesh A k(indefinitely on and off) said

brilliant effort….enjoyed this….


Faisal Kp said

Hi Ashiti, Raja,

Brilliant attempt, really enjoyed.

Adhiti, Starting portion was outstanding.
Music is love!!!!!!!


Babu Nm said

aditi and raja
nothing much to scribble here speechless

“A friend is someone who knows the song in your heart and
sings it back to you when you have forgotten how it goes.”

may god shower all his blessings upon you and be with you……. ALWAYS……


Uthra said

Well sung Adithi and Raja. Good job with the mixing Gopi. There is some tempo issue during the swarams for example.


Retheesh(unni) S said

Hats off to both of you for rendering such a difficult song.Expecting more from you….


Anbu Mohamed Pro user said

மனதை மயக்கும் பாடல் !
அழகாக, அசத்தலாக, அற்புதமாக வழங்கிய இருவருக்கும் என் நெஞ்சார்ந்த நன்றிகள் !

Aditi :
1. ஆரம்ப ஆலாபனை ……சொல்ல வார்த்தையில்லை ….
2. சரணம் 2 முடிவில் : ஒரு கனவு படுக்கை போடுமே ……போதுமே…. TO
நதியில் ஆடும் பூவனம்……அலைகள் வீசும் சாமரம் …… பின்னிட்டீங்க .

RajaMani: ஸ்வர வரிசைகள் & இதழ்கள் இதழை தேடுமே …. கொன்னுட்டீங்க

Anbu J. Mohamed


Divya Dharshini - away !!! said


adithi n raja…,

U both sung well…. excellent singing… such a toughest song … happa chance ilaaaa… adithi akka i just loved ur vc a lot :)

Awesomeeeee !!

cheerz !!
With Lots Of Love,
Ur Divya:)


Adithi said

Thanks a lot for your kind comments, folks! :)
Peace if possible, but truth at any rate – Martin Luther


Adwait Ranade Pro user said

Lovely song and wonderful singing Adithi and Raja Mani! LIKED it a lot!!

Adwait Ranade
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My original composition
Qatil Adaa….


Adithi said

Thank you Adwaitji! :)
Peace if possible, but truth at any rate – Martin Luther


Balaji Seetharaman said

Beautiful rendition Akka and Raja anna ……

Very tough song ! a beautiful composition. Akka you were effortless in most places. Initial alaap and podume towards the end were so lovely !

Raja anna, your feel was very good. Sweet little sustains in between made it pleasing. Few flat notes & lyrics rushed thru a little in a few places. Good work on the feel, swaras and singing.

Enjoyed it lots !
Balaji S


Adithi said

Thanks da Baju! I know how much you love IR and this composition in particular! Blessed to hear a nice review from you! :)
Peace if possible, but truth at any rate – Martin Luther


Adithi said

Thanks Meera! :)
Peace if possible, but truth at any rate – Martin Luther


Rajeev Onv(away on a long break) said

Adithi & Raja, well sung, both of you!The pitch seemed a bit too high for Raja and you also seemed straining at some points. Swaras need a bit more precision. it definitely is a tough song and have to appreciate your attempt. Congrats!


Adithi said

Yes Chetta- The scale was a little too high but gave it a shot anyway as I thought the effectiveness would be gone if the scale was reduced. Perhaps if I try the same song now, I might be able to manage. This was done about 6 months ago when I did struggle with this pitch :P

Thanks for lovely comments :)
Peace if possible, but truth at any rate – Martin Luther


Raja Mani said

Hi friends, Thank you so much for spending your valuable time listening to our rendition and for the nice comments/feedback.



Asmath Hussain said

Hi Aditi and Rajamani you have sung the song very beautiful. Aditi’s voice is extremely good. Your song was refered by anbu excellent reference to follow your songs – Asmath


Tha Kathir said

Star Adithi and Raja:
Excellent singing by both of you and greate to listen.
Keep it up dear friends.
Please listen my uploads and write your feel about it. I love Music & friends, n the god inside of me.


Anbu Mohamed Pro user said


You brought tears again with the initial aalap…. God Bless U !!

♫♫♫ Anbu J. Mohamed ♫♫♫

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