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Sindhu Bhairavi is a 1985 Indian Tamil language drama film directed and produced by K. Balachander starring Sivakumar, Suhasini, Sulakshana, Delhi Ganesh and Janagaraj. The film’s score and soundtrack are composed by Ilaiyaraaja. The songs in the film were sung by K. J. Yesudas and K. S. Chitra. The film won three national awards in 1986 for Best Actress, Best Music Direction and Best Female Playback Singer.

This was a film where Balachander was considered successful in reflecting the thoughts of Ilayaraaja. Innovatively there is no use of Mridangam in the song “Mahaganapathim”. This is picturized in the film as a scene where Gurumoorthy (Mridangam musician) arrives drunk to a concert and is asked to leave the orchestra and hence, the day’s concert performance has to happen without Mridangam. And the most important fact is all the songs are composed under the sindhu bairavi ragams and few being composed under the branches of sindhu padham.

The way the folk song “Paadariyen” merges with the Carnatic song “Mari Mari” is admirable. This is picturized in the film as a scene where Sindhu challenges JKB at a carnatic concert. Ilayaraaja is said to have believed that all the emotions, feelings and depth found in the carnatic songs are adequately, if not, equally available in the folk tunes. When Balachander is said to have narrated the situation to him that Sindhu sings a folk song and most unexpectedly switches to a carnatic tune. Within 24 hours he came with up the song which became the biggest controversy in his career, he faced staunch opposition from certain classical musicians for having changed the original raga from Khamboji to Saramati

Dear Friends, as i am not knowledgable about Tamil Language pronunciation, i apologise for any errors in my diction….



Musique said

Hi Ananya….wonderful pick of Chitra’s….take little care of diction….liked it
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Ananya Ramprasad said

Gosh that was quick Musique :) i was a bit apprehensive as tamil is french to me ………but grew up listening to illayaraaja’s songs :) so cudn’t resist singing this……….Thanks a ton for your comments :)


Jenefa (inactive) said

Good pick and nice singing Ananya, i would say your diction is not at all bad for the first tamil song! Loved it in your sweet voice!
Few words may be you should take care of diction “thalayezhuthu enna” mudhalezhuthu enna" in the second charanam.

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Ananya Ramprasad said

Thanks Jenefa, sure will keep that in mind if i dare to attempt a nother tamil song :) but some words are tongue twisters to me like the ones you mentioned above :)


ராஜ் குமார் அஞ்சன் said

Nothing goes wrong when the doyen of film-direction, KB; the Maestro of Indian cine-music, IR and the mercurial lyricist, Vairamuthu associate… This movie will ever be remembered for this grand alliance and this song, in particular is my personal favorite from this movie… Barring the diction anomalies , you sounded too good… Not an easy song to undertake minding the range and I liked your take on this awesome number… Keep sharing such gems of IR… Thanks for sharing this… Good Luck!!!
♫ ♫ Raj ♫ ♫

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Dilip Mani said

great song, beautifully sung by u.
Music is never made,its created from deep within.

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