NaadharoopiNi - the swara circus of Ravindran

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I posted this in my blog in March 2009 which was a long break from singing semiclassicals since late 2005.

This is an extremely difficult song and I would not claim to have done reasonable justice. But I did give a try.



Meera Manohar said

I have heard this way back a long while ago Murali.

All I can say is " tons of respects for trying this out" and kudos on an awesome effort!!


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Rahul Soman said


First of all really appreciate your effort. I am not yet equipped to sing this song. But from an audience point of view, the rendition didn’t appeal to me. I am not sure about the technical aspects, so its not that but I felt that the words were just sung and that words didn’t have the impact. Naadharoopini enna wordinte oru impactund…. it was missing aa oru passion :-). You are brilliant singer so maybe this one didn’t turn out to what i expected.

“The great pleasure in life is doing what people say you cannot do!!!”

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Sushane Shankar said

Annaaaaaaaaaaaa……. adadadaaaaaaaaa……. enna oru gamakkams n stuff……. yeeeee yuppaaaa…… SUPER !!
“M Back” tadadattaaan (Billa Music)



Sushanth Shankar said

Very very very goo attempt bro!! Lovely singing!! KUDOS to you for even thinking of attempting this song!

Singing Raveendran master’s songs is an hill-up task! Moreover, singing his classical compositions are even tougher! You have done a good job!

Just one area that I felt you could work on is the low notes… Listener can make out the strain in your voice when you singing the low notes… Just work on tht a bit…

Singing otherwise was absolutely fabulous! Once again hats off to you for attempting this song! :)

5/5 from me and goes straight to my favs!

All the very best!

- Sushanth


Maya Menon said


but as Sushanth said….did u have strain singing the low notes….??


Maya Menon said

when you have time, can you pls sing “Allah Tero Naam” and upload it?


Dr. priya Rajan said

Murali … You have deep voice. Always love to listen
and admire your selection of songs.

keep posting more and full marks from me.

Thanks for sharing and giving us a good time.
MUSIC is the language of the soul!


Priya B said

Murali….nice upload!
You have wonderful voice….lovely.
Loved your singing a lot….u r one bundle of talent….5/5!


Kumaran said

Murali, loved your your fast gamakams (i am still learning the meaning of this term), some places gamakams sounded out of sync a little bit, but this is again one song which people wont even dream of covering. Kudos to you!!!!!!


Venkat S said

Murali…… Good work……. 5/5

You are too good in swara prayogam. Keep it up.
Enjoyed listening.



Rohin said

Murali …. liked your voice.

In fact we should say a ‘big thanks’, and its not you.Putting all the efforts and giving us such wonderful music inspite of doing your daily profession.

I admire you a lot Murali and do keep posting more of such semi-classical songs. We all enjoy it here.My mom likes your music a lot.

Always a 5 from me and sure for my fav’.

Music is an expression of Love – Rohin


Meena Raman said


Great Singing ,liked it a lot.
5/5 and to my favorites




Ramya Harish said

Have heard it a couple of times. what a great attempt! Kudos!
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Tara Balakrishnan said

great attempt Murali!
My latest posts…

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thumbi vaa

Mundhinam with George


Ramachchandran Selliah (ganesapillai) said

Hello Murali!!

Ohhho! Wow!!! I loved every bit of it…. please post more like this… I am too busy to even comment these days but I couldn’t move on…… Very good Murali.

Kind Regards,


Murali Venkatraman said

@ Meera : Thanks ! And I also remember you trying to mix it !

@ Lalitha : Thank you very much !

@ Rahul : Given this song’s complexity, there were some limitations in saying the syllables properly ad I agree completely that the punch would have been missing in some places. But yes, this song was testing my limits.

@Sushane : Thanks. These sangathis are nothing compared to what you play in your violin 

@ Sushanth : you are absolutely right. I must have increased the shruthi before I sang this song. Then I would have felt a lot more comfortable.

@ Maya : Thanks. Yes I did have a problem in hitting the lower notes. I don’t think I have heard any one other than Pradip who has a really vast range. Allha tero naam – you mean the old hindi song ?

@Priya Rajan : thanks !

@ Priya B : thank you !

@ Kumaran : gamakams are slides from one note to the other. And sangathis are the fast delivery of swaras in akaaram / ukaaram / ikaaraam / makaraam. This song tested both these.

@ Venkat S : Thanks !

@ Rohin : Thanks a lot. My regards to you and your mom who have been kidn to extend support to my work here.

@ Meena : Thanks ! I am yet to check out your sons’ new venture.

@ Ramya : Thanks !

@ Tara : Thanks. I wish I make the progress from a great attempt to a great delivery 

@Ramachandran : It was very nice of you to have stopped by and passed your comments !

@ Bala : Thanks. As I said earlier, your rendition of those “thaatharathaari” in yaaravan is also not an easy one to do.


Subbu said

Murali-that was awesome…as has been said upstairs,and by me,several times before,your taste is unique and exemplary……I love that kinda GNB like timbre you manage while singing the lower registers in classical no’s….hats off!!!

Now,can we listen to you,please,in some numbers,lesser mortals like me,would be equipped to listen to and appreciate?Thanks
Straight From the heart, Always


Bharathi Dinesh said

First of all one must appreciate you for attempting this song! Great job!
What a song and M.G.Sree had sung so beautifully with excellent clarity in sangathis and swarams.

The initial alaap and fast swarams are not that easy to render. There were some minor slips nevertheless the singing is very good, over all!

Welldone and keep posting more songs!
I really enjoyed it!
All the Best


Venkat Balu said

hi murali,

i was expecting this kind of song…….in fact, I would rather skip this song for it’s complex swara prayogams and fast alaaps.

great that you have attempted it and presented it very well……….

keep going friend.




Murali Venkatraman said


Thanks a lot. We are all equally mortal Subbu – no discrimination between us. I will certainly try some non-classical songs soon.


As I had said earlier, it is a tough song and I did lose my grounding in a few places. Thanks for stopping by !

Venkat Balu:

Thanks a lot !


Subhash David Pro user said

Wow!!! A real tough song! Gamagas and swaras are beautifully rendered except for few slippery areas in the beginning. Nice to have singers like you arround. Regards, Subhash

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