My First Hindi Cover Song - Aj Se Pehle - ChitChor

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My dear friends,

It’s one of my long time dream comes true.Yes its true….it was my dream….i’ve recorded a couple of hindi songs (cover) before, but it was only for my ears.Due to my bad Hindi diction its all still resting in my computer hard disk……i’m very afraid to upload those.Since 2007 i was an active member in the music blogging world, visited a lots of music forums and after reaching here i got inspiration from the fellow muziboons.
I always love to listen and ofcourse love to sing hindi songs, but due to my BAAAAAAAAAAAD diction, bad means i know its realy bad, its because i’ve no idea about the language (feel shame to say that, being an Indian).It may be coz during School days our Hindi teacher was very cruel and she used to beat the children a lot and she was very strict and serious in classroom,may be coz of that,from child hood itself i hated Hindi.Even when there was option for second language (Malayalam / Hindi)in higher classes, still i remember my parents told me to go with Hindi, but I cried a lot to have Malayalam as second language just to avoid Hindi,NO!….to avoid Hindi teacher(i dont want to mention my teachers name).Later on even i argued with my friends during college days comparing Hindi and English Language, saying English is enough rather than Hindi, but, now i regret,and realise the importance of our “Rashtra Bhaasha”,our language,Hindi.
After coming to England i came to know it was a great loss not learning Hindi, not only in music even in communication.Trust me its a must. Anyways i dont want you to get bored reading my boring stories…

Here we go again……I expressed my interest in singing Hindi songs here and my dearest Babukka,our Babji, one of muziboos best mixer as well as a wonderfull singer (Babu N.M). I’m damn sure if i was singing this in front of him he wud have kicked me out because of my diction.He was so fedup with me.But Babukka, Thanks a lot for your GREAT support and your patience in this one.After it came to an “OK” extent he brought the final output with his magical work in mixing.Here i would like to thank our dearest Saroj Chechee (Saroj) as well for encouraging me to upload this song.

I know that there will be a lot of errors in this cover.Hope my dear friends will tolerate me with this.Please listen to my try and let me know……After getting your valuable comments only, i need to take a final decision, whether to continue covering Hindi songs or what????.
Hope this will not be my first and last Hindi song upload (LOL)…ha…ha….

Thanks for leaving your valuable comments.




Hamsapriya Pro user said


You have sung very well
Pl post more hindi songs

All th ebest

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    Real knowledge is to know the extent of one’s ignorance.

>> @ Confucius

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Sojan Chacko said

Devanbhai maja aa gaya!! Ekdum badiya gaaya!! About Babubhai’s mixing! fantastic.


Harish Nambiar said

hi devetta……nannayi paadi……superb mixing……description il ezudhiyadhu vaychappol njan idhonnum alla prateekshiche……charanam SAPNA ho…….kurachu diction problem undu……ws nt clear 4 me….bt m sure u wl work and improve over ur diction part……apt voice fr the song


Devan S said

thanks a lot Priya……

thanks….haaa….cud you pls translate what you said……ha.ha….sorry i cant understand nothing…what you said.

“**** Music leads my life……****”


Devan S said

Thanks Harish, for your honest comment…….
Will go through that in future

“**** Music leads my life……****”


Saroj Nair said

Devan first of all Congratulations for your first hindi song posted here in Muziboo.
paattu valare nannayi paadi
yes very little diction problems are there
but in front of your great voice and expressive singing they are very minor problems.
keep singing more hindi songs, thats the only way to get rid of diction
Devan I am talking from my experience :)


Theagaraj Dhanapalan Pro user said

My Dear Devan….
Waaareh waaaah …You finally made it… excellent dear….
This song is very familiar to me…. you sung very well….Loved it from your beautiful voice….Diction don’t worry because I also like you.
I remember well you had mention about your interest of covering Hindi cover…

In fact I need to comment separately for your beautiful write up… very much enjoyed…

Please sing and upload more Hindi covers….

Congrats ….and Best Of Luck….for future covers…



Madhukar Mehta said

Devan bhai, Great vocals…. you sounded very close to the original!! What diction problems?? You sound my friend……… go fast forward. Goes to my favs. You have a new friend here now :)
Chookar Mere Man Ko


ராஜ் குமார் அஞ்சன் said

Too good for a maiden venture… Diction issues – no idea… Construe that you have succeeded, if your singing has struck a chord of happiness even in a single listener… This was a rich blend of everything… Keep covering hindi songs… What will make us perfect if not these trial and error attempts?? Great work, brother!!! Good Luck with your upcoming hindi covers…
♫ ♫ Raj ♫ ♫

If there is affinity, no matter how bitter it could be, one is always contented… If there is no affinity, let love be in your heart…


Vimala chandrasekharan (busy) said

Very well sung Devan, with good feel. Don’t worry about diction, it will improve with your singing. Brought memories of the nice film ‘Chitchor’, of Amol Palekar…. This is one of my fav Hindi songs of Dasettan. Congrats for the superb rendition!
Heard melodies are sweet, but those unheard are sweeter – John Keats


Devan S said

L.K,Saroj Chechee,Theagu Sir,Anju,Madhukar Sir,Raj and Vimala

Thanks a lot my dear friends for encouraging me with your valuable comments.And you are right we’ll learn from mistakes.
Thanks again to each and every one.Thank you so much.

“**** Music leads my life……****”


Harish said

Devan, that’s an excellent effort! Beautiful! Don’t worry about diction, do try and get the pronunciation right, though sometimes there is a thin line separating the two.

I hope you will not stop singing Hindi songs cos of diction. I have two suggestions. Focus on your strengths and sing with your heart. After the recording, send to a friend and do a diction-check. You can then correct any critical errors that might have popped up.

Do scribble me on your next Hindi upload.
Din Dhal Jaaye


Jenefa (inactive) said

Very nice, first time listening to the song, suits your voice and style very well, i suggest you should more hindi songs :)
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Adwait Ranade Pro user said

Beautiful upload! Excellent voice and singing, Devan….! Congrats on such a lovely outcome for your maiden Hindi effort. enjoyed every moment of my listen! Way to go bro…. Frankly, I did not notice any objectionable diction issue.
It requires wisdom to understand wisdom. Music is nothing if audience is deaf – Walter Lippmann


Harshan Nambiar (away for a month india vacation) Pro user said

Devan ….I have sung this for the school competition in 8th standard. Very good rendition by all standards…even Dasettan had diction issues in hindi…so dont worry:) The only word which stood out for me …nahi…it has the malayalam accent….overall great pitching and expressions….loved it.
“Music is the universal language of mankind.”
― Henry Wadsworth Longfellow


Aparna Ghosh said

Lovely voice and very well sung Devan….enjoyed listening to you….thx for sharing.
Can you please sing jab deep jale ana from the same movie “Chitchor”.


Dinesh Mehta said

Great voice and expressions.

Please visit my songs page located here

Enjoy each breath with effortless balance.


Devan S said

Harish, Jenefa,Adwait, Harshan Bhai,Aparna and Dinesh Sir,

Thanks alot for your great support.Feel very happy after reading all the above comments.
Thanks alot dear friends.

and Aparna, Yes i’ll give a try, and will let you know, if the output is good.

Thanks again dear friends

“**** Music leads my life……****”


Devan S said

I feel so happy after reading all the above comments, I didnt expect this……Hereby i’m expressing my sincere thanks to Babukka (Babu N.M) for helping and forcing me to do the cover. 75% of the credit goes to him.

Thanks alot.
“**** Music leads my life……****”


Neil swanson.. Still not doing well but keeping the faith .surgery looking re october thanks for the prayers and well wishes ! Pro user said

CONGRATS… on your first Hindi song. i agree
with all comments. i do also like hindi …
and this song was sung very vibrant and well
xecuted…u have the midas touch . with music
a gift from god. great vocals. god bless NEIL

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original tv score
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Manoj Babu said

Excellent Devan,. I appreciate your efforts towards hindi music,, keep up…


Swati Prasad said

hey its not so bad diction that you write bad in bold and add so ma A’s in that :D

its very good diction …. and just lovely singing …. you just rocked the floor
Swati Prasad


Ananya Ramprasad said

Devan, congrats on your maiden attempt ……….what can i say, your voice completly makes me speechless :) ………you touch our souls with your singing, irrespective of what language you sing in , so to me that should be enough…….pls do post all your hindi songs stored in your pc :) i am sure all your followers wuld love to hear it :)……….once again bravo !!!


Sangeeta Sutar ... said

Wonderful singing Devan.

You did a great job on this song.Total justice to this song.

Do upload more hindi songs.

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Anirban said

Devan – Dont worry about the diction, they will improve over time. You already are a very good singer no doubt, so 90% of the battle has been won!! You have a voice that is so pleasant to the ears.
Keep singing……

I liked it.



Devan S said


Thanks a lot for your wonderfull support guys….Thanks a lot.

“**** Music leads my life……****”


Soumitra Sarkar said

Your diction is much better than many and so is your singing :) excellent :)
Pls listen to Mera Dil Bhi


Suresh r (slowly slowly slowly....on the track) said

Hi Devan…

It’s been too many days before hearing a cover of u………

Beautiful dear !!!

You have done a brilliant job. Of course , this is a very popular one & very close to all malayalees too. Problems related to diction & slips are quite understandable yaar. Dont worry about those things…….Your amazing voice quality covers all those……….

And about Babji & Saroj chechi , they are my masters too……Really very very helpful in sorting out any problems that are put in front of them………About mixing , nothing i have to say. Coz , he is a well known & amazing personality in that field….We cannot do much on that ! he he he………Babji & Saoro chechi , we are really thankful to u people for helping this wonder ful singer

All the very best…….

“Life is like music, it must be composed by ear, feeling and instinct, not by rule.”


Babu Nm said

so devan what u expect from me???/
nothing but just soooooooooooooperb daaa

loved each and every nuances in this one….and diction??? common yaar…forget it….u will get used to hindi…when u sing more.okey?…dont worry about diction now…what matters is music and singing…and you have done it….
goes to my favs
may bless you and be with you always


Thinkal govind kumar Pro user said

Nice choice well-rendered in your great voice in style !
GOD Bless !
Loving Best Wishes,
Thinkal Govind Kumar.


Shaniruh said

wow….Devan, very well sung with lovely expressions, if this is your 1st ever Hindi attempt then you must continue, really enjoyed listening this in your soothing voice :)


Ramesh Tadi Pro user said

Devan, just want to tell you one think before you even think about D in the word Diction… I know u were listening to my Hindi songs and i am a stranger to Hindi like you but see how shamelessly i keep singing Hindi songs though they are all filled and stocked up with DICTION errors… its only because i love to sing… who cares abt other stuff when you and ur dear one’s enjoy your singing

And with such a terrific VOCAL you have… i repeat such an awesome terrific Vocals you have… dont even in dreams fear to attempt what you like… i can say that you did 9999999% much better than me, if i tried this same song….

Fantastic rendition and vocals as always…

Keep uploading more Hindi cover buddy… Great mixing by Babu anna and great support from Saroj ji… loved it

Ramesh Tadi


Chondryma Chakrobortti (inactive) said

Devan…. Congratulation on your first hindi upload…. Since it is your debut hindi upload, we will not talk about your diction. :)

However, your diction is much better…. rest will improve over time if you sing more of hindi songs and understand them….

Loved your vocals here, your style and your expressions !! Liked it…. keep them coming….


Srividya Kasturi said

beautifully sung, devan…didnt find diction errors:) Congratz on ur maiden hindi attempt!
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Sudhakar said




Pradeep Barre said

Sorry for being late Devan!Wonderful rendition remniscent of the Legend!Beautiful vocals very similar to the Legend.Are you sure, you have not uploaded the original:)??
Rocking performance Devan!!!God Bless You!
Thanks & Regards,


Jaishree Pro user said

Devan! Congrats on your Hindi Upload. Dont worry about ur diction Devan! even though I am not the rite person to comment about that. But, really enjoyed ur singing of this old one! Enjoyed!


Sarada Pro user said

Your voice is really wonderful in this :)
Loved your singing too !


Devan S said

Hi dear friends…Thanks a lot for your wonderfull support.Ohhhhh i’m so happy to see all these comments, coz you know , all the comments goes beyond what i expected.Thanks alot my dear friends.Its not a simple dialogue…From my heart….Thank you each and evey one….

Pointers noted and will try to clear it …….

“**** Music leads my life……****”


Rajeev Onv(away on a long break) said

Devan, good choice for you. There is a strong malayalam flavor in your diction-you should listen to and sing more of non-yesudas songs to improve. Enjoyed your singing all the way-Congrats!


Devan S said

Rajeev chetta Thank u so much for your honest replu….You said it……Thaks for that and sure will try to sing some non-yesudas songs as well….if it comes out well i’ll defenitely post.

Thanks you Rajeev chetta.

“**** Music leads my life……****”


Vidhya k said

Congrats, Devan. You dont sound that you are not comfortable with this langauage. Anyways, your singing style, with your voice modulations and feelings is awesome. You need not ‘know’ the language to sing in one. Lata Mangeshkar has sung in around 20 languages. Do you think she knows all the languages? When you can take guidance from the original song for diction, then, ‘darne ki kyaa baat hai?’ Go ahead. Post more, not only in Hindi, but any other language that you fancy :). Learn ‘NOT to HATE’ aaany language :) BEST OF LUCK!


Sudha Kumar (back to listen to all of you..) said

Congrats from me too, Devan. You had us swaying and tapping our feet to your lilting mellifluous rendition of this peppy KJY melody, and that counts most. Improvement pointers have been covered perfectly by our trusty and experienced friends, so you can polish on diction and murkhis as you sing more and more…
Amen to what u said as well, Vidya! :-)
To favs,
“A good head and a good heart are always a formidable combination. "
- Nelson Mandela


Ajay m nair said

Devan…. suuuper selection of the song and u have done a v.good job…. it sounded v.close to the original…. just one or two diction issue doesnt matter much…… lovely mixing by anna…… keep it up…. loved it v.much…

“The above comments are made upon my v.little knowledge…. the recipient plz forgive if iam wrong”


Dr sridhar saxena said

Devan ji very good effort….diction is not bad either……your vocal quality is superb and feel is great….congrats….keep it up
Dr.Sridhar Saxena


Devan S said


Thanks alot for ur appreciation.\thanks a lot for ur support.

“**** Music leads my life……****”


Hema Shamal Pro user said

Good one, Keep it up…! Try more Hindi songs , do not worry about hindi some people like us never been good at any south indian languages.You are absolutely right, some times we start hating the subjects due to teachers.Well , try to forgive her by thinking she would not be in very good situation.


Sushanth Shankar said

Hi Devan…

A lovely choice of song! A fav of mine too! Very well sung by you… Am not very good at Hindi too… So will not comment anythg abt the diction… :D Very good singing…

All the very best!

- Sushanth


Nivetha said

Am new to this song… Enjoyed this rendition of yours… :)

Thanks & Regards,


Latha Ganti Pro user said

Devan ,this is my fav from KJY ! wonderful pick ! you did a wonderful job ! liked it !


Sowmya R said

Devan, Very nice rendition with soft and mellow rendering…very apt for the song.The beauty is you dint show it in the rendition that you dint know the language.Great effort and do more hindi songs to overcome the inhibition.Liked it much !
Visit my blog

..Love the music in yourself, not yourself in the music ._.


Devan S said

Hema, Sushanth,Nivetha,Latha and Sowmya….

Thnks a lot for your wonderfull support.

“**** Music leads my life……****”


Anu Anand said

Congrats on ur first Hindi cover !!! :)Very gud singing Devan !! And diction ?! I didnt see any issues at all :) Enjoyed the rendition ! and yes, do keep singing Hindi as well :)
My music


Khawer Khilji Pro user said

Devan- A nice and beautifully rendered song by you. I enjoyed it very much.


Devan S said

Anu, Sarmi and Khawer

Thanks a lot for your wonderful encouraging comments.

“**** Music leads my life……****”


Archana said

Hey thats a good singing…. Your Hindi is not bad at all!!! :)


Jaya Ganapathy said

After reading all the introduction, listening, nicely rendered with emotions, good, as Rajiv ONV written, listen to kore Hindi songs sung by Hindi Singers, you can pick up the accent quite easily. Awaiting more Hindi Songs from you!
With Warm Wishes,


Kavitha kondapalli (away!) said

Hello Devan…! First time on your page… The comments history had already cleared your diction doubts…. For me, U were very very good in that part. I m sure your coming upload would be a Hindi Cover again :)

This was a very good song pick and in-spite of carrying diction worries in your mind, you no where missed the essence of the song… That is really appreciated. Excellent rendition. Babu anna’s mixing and Saroj ji’s support added color to this effort….! KUDOS :)


Devan S said

Thanks alot Archana


“**** Music leads my life……****”


Devan S said

Thanks you so much Jayechee and Kavitha.

“**** Music leads my life……****”


Dj Wazif said

Well Devan you sounded so nice in this Hindi number…. the Urdu wasn’t bad as you mentioned but still there is space for correction…. your voice was great in this one and so was your throw and expressions…. enjoyed it …. mixing was kind of professional by Babu and he is really good at it :)

Wish you Gr8 Luck!

Please listen to my original here: Dekho Mausam

DJ WaziF


Vishnu Mohan ( busy mode) said

Devan chetta super song selection nannnayi paaditto :D



Bijayashree ( listening & enjoying all your tracks) Samal said

hi devan
very well sung & nice expression. Congratulations for your first hindi attempt.


Hema said

beautiful. my fav too… :)


Chandrasekharan Nair(always with music) Pro user said

Hi Devan. You are singing so beautifully. You have a very good voice and rendering the song like the original. My request to you. Please try to record our old Malayalam Classics also of Dasettan and jayettan. Because for a good talended singer we have something to do in that songs than when singing new songs. Keep it up.
Be always with a music mind to be a good person


Bijayashree ( listening & enjoying all your tracks) Samal said

Hi Devan
I am listening you for the first time. Though you have written your doubts about your Hindi pronunciation. But I really love it the ways it is. No such diction issues. I love your vocals. Very well sung.


(( anil Aryanad )) here said

Hi! Devan,
nice song
nannayi paadi.

*anil aryanad
GSM: 0091 9633235130

“Someday I will give back what you have given me. Thank You.”


Prashant Joshi said

Nicely sung bro. First time hearing you.
“Words make you think. Music makes you feel. A song makes you feel a thought.”
Prashant Joshi


Muzaffar Naqvi Pro user said

Out of several Malayalam songs I picked this Hindi song….and glad it was your first Hindi song too. Very nice singing. Enjoyed reading your description too. What an experience you had with the cruel Hindi teacher….LoL….but carry on with such singing. Enjoyed it.

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