Mounamgane Edagamani - Naa Autograph (Telugu cover)

Lyrics & Chords

‘Naa Autograph… Sweet memories’ is itself a wonderful movie that showcases the difference between attraction, infatuation and love that happens at different stages of life… and this song is very special for the lyrics it carries…! Do look at the translation below. An apt song to start a fresh tomorrow :)

This is a 2 months old recording and probably there was too much noise in the recording… Raj did his best to clear those disturbances to the maximum he could and bring out the vocals sound good… Thanks again dear :) And I need to thank another person who actually helped me start with this recording. It’s Vishnu who helped me with the track. Searched a lot for the k-track of this song but all went in vein… when I approached Vishnu for this, he immediately came up with the V-Cut track of this. He also mixed my recording. But then, after repeated plays of the final version, I thought will do it again to improve few higher register portions :) So, recorded it again and since then, I was busy uploading my dedications… Now that I got a chance to upload this song…, approached Raj for getting my second final recording mixed :D

After all the efforts, Hope you all would enjoy this rendition… will be waiting for your feedback :)

Movie: Naa Autograph(2004)
Singer: Chitra
Music Director: MM Keeravani
Lyrics: Chandrabose
V-cut track courtesy: Vishnu


Implores the sapling to grow silently in life
Implies that to be humble as you soar high in life
Where defeats have occurred,
There alone victory’s call is heard
Where all the leaves have fallen,
There alone the new sprouts are seen
Don’t fear my buddy that many miles are there to go
The paths leading to the goal are quite a lot too

Don’t fret my chum, that burdens are heavy to bear
Following the agony, a bounty of smiles are there
When gods began churning lactic ocean, toxins surfaced at the outset
When they went on churning un-tired, they found nectar at last
Hidden in the isles of impediments are the bounties of bliss sans dearth
Those who cross the bridge of hindrances shall rejoice in mirth
If realized, the truth it would be
If thought of, an easy path it would be

When you sweat hard in life, go and change the course of your destiny
Don’t forget, to you nothing is immutable
Clench your fist and realign your palm lines
Remember, there are no tales which can not be changed
Brahma writes the fate of all in his weighed thoughtfulness
You should re-script your destiny in your own convenience
Finding your courage, the gods should bow down their heads
A shrine should be built in your foot prints, to bring down the paradise
Not able to face your grit, the fate should cede and trounce
You should become the origin of unending histories and bounce



Babu Nm said

lovely song…m new to this one….loved it …great vocals by u …and nice mix by raj .and good vocal cut track by vichu….great team work guys
may bless you and be with you always


Ramesh Tadi Pro user said

Kavitha garu, you are very true and spot on with your simple yet TRUTH write-up, beautiful song and very expressive rendition… chaala manasu petti padina pata idhi andi… chaala baaga paaderu meeru, liked it.
Ramesh Tadi


Harshan Nambiar Pro user said

Kavitha….not really familiar with this telegu song. Honestly I dont care about the beauty of the mix as long as the vocals are clear without noise……pretty decent mix, nice singing….just felt that your vocals could be projected more in the mix….currently its sounding as if coming from far….liked your sincere and confident attempt. More uploads please:)
“Music is the universal language of mankind.”
― Henry Wadsworth Longfellow


Theagaraj Dhanapalan Pro user said

superb song and great singing kavitha gaaru….

chala baga vuntunthi….good team work.



Tha Kathir said

Excellent singing as usual.

Great to listen.

Keep it up dear Kavitha.
Please listen my uploads and write your feel about it. I love Music & friends, n the god inside of me.


Gautam Parekh said

Kavitha Sister….Not familiar with song & language. Very good singing….Liked it….
My Lafango Stage


Sarada Pro user said

Wonderful lyrics in this song, great pick Kavitha.
You sang very expressively. There are some slight offs but over all, very beautifully done.
Loved it.


Vinay Chowdary said

Superb song & very well rendered kavitha garu :) Raj anna superb mixing as usual :) Thanx for de track vishnu :) Keep ’em coming !!!
Check my latest upload,

Venmegam pennaga


Latha Ganti Pro user said

Kavitha garu – excellelnt pick !!

chaala baga padarandi…So expressive rendition! raj gari mix kooda chaala bagundi !

vocal cut tracks from Vishnu !!? I see ! vishnu – be prepare ai am going to request you for so many K.tracks !:)


Jami said

awsome meaning and superb singing kavitha garu…….!!!
Where words fail, Music speaks.


Vinatha Chowdry said

Hi Kavitha!! Naa best friend peru… Meeku manchi voice!! naku chaala nachindhi mee paata…

Raj anna mixing ki muziboo lo entha famous oh manaku theliyani vishayam kaadhu!!

Anyways gr8 attempt of singing such an inspirational song :-) Keep up this good wrk ;-)

All the best



Kala Vijay Pro user said

Kavitha beautiful singing as usual with your sweet voice.dont know telugu still loved this song.thanks to the wonderful team.
(by any chance if i missed out any of your uploads and not commented,pl feel free to scribble me.)
‘cannot live without music’


Nrayana said

nice voice for keep going can u plz post me the instrumental music of this song plz


Adithi said

Beautiful lyrics and a very inspirational song! So happy to see a Telugu number from you Kavitha! Chaala baaga paadyaavu! I am sure you have found out the areas for improvement and are working on them. Liked the mixing too! :)
Peace if possible, but truth at any rate – Martin Luther


Jivan Kohli (will be away for long--other commitment's..--busy on a learning mode---) said

Very nicely Sung Kavitha’ji Beautiful Feel….
Liked your Rendition….Best wishes…


Srinivas Kolli said


A beautiful song to which you have done complete justice. A few off notes which you are aware of by now. Good mixing, Raj.
My Latest Songs – Jadoo Teri Nazar, Panivizhum Malarvanam & Aamani Padave


Kavitha kondapalli (away!) said

Rahul… Thank youuu :)

Babu Anna… After a long long time… Thank u so much for being here again :)

Ramesh garu… Thank u so much andi… chala ishtam ga padanu idi… though, original track dorikithe malli padalani undi… :)

Harshan ji… This song is so close to my heart… struggled a lot to get those higher notes… will redo sometime again with more improvements. Thanks a lot for the lovely feedback :)

Theagaraj garu… Thank you so much :)

Tha Kathir… thank u so much :)

Gautam… Thank you :)

Sarada garu… I admit andi… Thank you so much :)

Sarmi… Thanks a ton dear :)

Vinay… Thank you.

Latha garu… Thanks andi :)

Jami… Thank u so much.

Vinatha… Thank u so much dear :)

Kala ji… Thank you so much!

Nrayana… Thank you for the feedback… will look into if I can find an intrumental version of this. Will post it for sure if I get it.

Adithi… Thank you Thank you… you are such an inspiring and encouraging personality to me… Glad to have your feedback :)

Jivan… Thank you so much.

Srinivas… Thank you so much for the feedback :)



Vinod Kumar (trying to catch up) Pro user said

I dont know the language, thanks for the translation….enjoyed your singing very much…:)

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