Moongil thottam - Kadal

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ARR’s magical composition… This is a brilliant song from Kadal, have been playing this in loops for a couple of weeks now, and got to listen to two very good covers of this song, by Deepesh&Rinu, and by Sriram bro. This is my cover of this lovely melody sung originally by Abhay Jodhpurkar and Harini. Seetha has done her portions brilliantly, she accepted to do the song at onoce, even though she was new to the song, she learnt it in a space of few hours, and has delivered this really well, i personally loved her portions of the song :) Thanks to Deepesh, CR bro for their efforts in mixing the song. Troubled both of them lots during the process of finishing this song, and they were kind and patient enough to accomodate all my requests :) I am uploading Deepesh’s mixed version, and Seetha is going to upload the version mixed by CR bro. Hope you all like it…



Gopu. k said

dear prahalad
wonderful rendition by urself, deepesh & seethalakshmi. enjoyed listening to this wonderful composition of ARR. I hsve uploaded my own composition Blossom.


Saroj Nair said

very nice singing Prahalad and Seetha……
good mixing Deepesh….


Chandrasekar Ramaswamy Pro user said

Prahalad, Seetha,

I wasn’t familiar of this song until you guys sent me for mixing!! But fabulous song this.

Both of your voices match the original singers!! When I listened to the original, I knew that it had to be covered by both of you!! And fabulous singing by both of you!!

- My comment is an opinion. Opinions are like wrist watches and I have one. I am not sure the time in my wrist watch is the right one.


ராஜ் குமார் அஞ்சன் said

It’s believed that Apollo comes down to stay at Panchathan Inn, once ARR starts to compose songs for Mani Rathnam… :) I was once a fanatic of ARR… I have even engaged in petty fights with my friends, who tried to belittle his genius… In the due course of time, I somehow started to feel that his songs were no more magical and were becoming utter ennui… No offense to the Mozart of Madras intended… It’s just my personal opinion… When ARR-Mani Rathnam collaborate, its for sure, some magic will be cast and the soundtrack will become bane, impacting the routine of the listeners… :) I felt THIS after so many years, when I started to listen to KADAL soundtrack… How did he decipher this tune and orchestration? I only wish, Mani does justice to this phenomenal soundtrack through the script…

Prahals! I could vouch for your understanding of this song… Your voice just melted down in the track, like a honey candy does, when had in one’s mouth… I literally struggled to spot your voice in the mix… I don’t know what plug-in, Dips has used, that it set your vocals in perfect balance with the harmonies… If I am to carp, I would only point at those subtle brihas you had incorporated at some places… I feel, you should have sung those portions a bit more relaxed and subtle… Those brihas actually draw the attention of the listeners (it did in my case)… And yes, your voice is shaping up very well… When we get the thought that we are singing something, we tend to overdo things, belting out brihas/nuances superfluously… I reiterate, you need to take care of that in the future and get going with the mood of the song… And towards the end of this song, you were marvelous… ‘MarangaL Nadungum’ – I really had goosebumps, when your voice kicked-in there… This is the best and finest cover by you hitherto… Keep rocking, thambree! :)

Seetha! I was telling your athimber, that you really deserve a break… The most fascinating aspect of your singing is the adaptability of voice, to suit the song… I also feel that you are a quick learner, having been blessed with an intangible knowledge of grasp… And in this song, the expressions were top-notch and a substantial improvement in pronunciations was also noticed, except for that ‘VeNum’, which at places was heard as ‘Venum’… You can easily break into playback singing and take a lead… Good Luck! Start working for that, if you really aspire to become one… God bless! :)

P.S: I am, somehow not convinced with the quality of the track… Your voices require a better quality track to let the listeners enjoy the beauty of your singing…
♫ ♫ Raj ♫ ♫

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Uthra said

Prahalad and Seetha: Nice song and orchestration. Will have to listen to it many more times to appreciate all the details. You both have sung well. Lovely voices!


Vinod Kumar (trying to catch up) Pro user said

Prahlad & Seetha,

Not familiar with the song….first time hearing this melody……loved your rendition….both your voices blended so well…felt that Prahalad’s voice could have been little more audible….otherwise enjoyed it very much…Keep rocking!!…

Very well mixed by CR……Kudos!!


Poornima Pro user said

Prahalad & Seetha,

Listening to this song for the first time in your voices. I am not familiar with this one but lovely choice…

Fabulous singing by you both. Both complimented each other very well.

Seetha, I second Raj. You must try playback singing…Good Luck!

Great mixing by Chandra.



Prahalad r said

Gopu – thanks a lot for taking time out and listening :)
Saroj ji,thanks a lot, glad you liked it :)
CR Bro – thanks for your kind words :) Happy this has come out well.
Raj – thanks a lot for the detailed note, pointers and the nice words :) Makes u feel you shoudl do more and sing more :) Feels good to hear this from you… I agree. Seetha can definitely become a good play back singer in future.
Thanks Vinod bro, Poornima. Glad you liked it :) Appreciate your time.


Meera Manohar said

Prahalad: Nice song to pick and I liked your intonated delivery…The backing track however was a little too loud to decipher voices clearly (pallavi specifically). I am sure you have gone that extra mile to make it sound good, but felt the effort was lost due to the track!! I am sure there’ll be a good k-track available for this soon. Do think about redoing it or mixing it afresh when you get the chance!

Seetha: Voice suits this song like a T…neat rendition and the mood was carried well.

Overall, very pleasing— thanks for giving me the link Prahalad :)



Vino... said

Listening to this for the first time…

Both your voices suit perfectly for this song…

Prahalad : This is one of your best performances…. Wonderfully sung… Good feel too… Enjoyable in ur voice…

Seetha : Listening to you after quite some time… Notable improvement in singing and pronunciation… You have a great future…

Wonderful mixing by CR

Enjoyed a lot…

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Prahalad r said

Thanks Meera, Vino, Deepesh mixed this one, the one you find in Seetha’s page was actually mixed by CR bro :) glad you liked it.


Nalini Vittobane said

lovely…. female voice sounded just like harini at few places…. i wish i could have done the mixing…. male voice is very professional ….
nalini vittobane


Rinu Srinivasan said

Good one guys!
Prahalad- U have improved a lot!! Good effort :)

Female voice was just like Harini, some portions were mesmerizing :)

Keep it up! :)
“God Bless You! "


Abi said

Such an addictive song. Loved both your voice. Beautiful & sounds very professional. Well done guys.


Prahalad r said

Thanks Nalini, Rinu, Abi, Ashok :) Glad you liked it.


Anbu Mohamed Pro user said

This is simply fantastic singing by both of you……In fact, I wasn’t aware of the song, until I hard it in ARR’s live performance few days ago in Jaya TV. I too feel, that ARR keeps his best of Maniratnam. I liked a few other songs too in this album.

Prahal —> You’ve mastered yourself with slow-paced songs and your original voice is not at all heard in this song and you adapted so well with the original singer. Excellent !!

Seetha —> I know your potential very well and you are a quick learner as this is not an easy one to grasp and reproduce this well….so quickly…. Brilliant @@

♫♫♫ Anbu J. Mohamed ♫♫♫


Prahalad r said

Thanks a lot Bro, for your nice words:) Now that you are back to listening mode, do start singing as well, long since i heard your song…


Swamy Kitcha said

well done both. suits your voice. i’m also waiting to hear a clean ktrack to try this awesome song…
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Prahalad r said

Thanks bro :) Yeap, waiting for a decent track for all the songs from kadal.


Jenefa (inactive) said

Good one from both of you :)

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Giri∂hαrαη. u. r. Pro user said

Beautiful rendition by you both Prahalad and Seetha… Excellent feel, serenity and sincerity in your voices.
Just loved this take of yours…
Excellent recording and mixing too…
Kind regards,


Prahalad r said

Thanks a lot Giri ji:)


Revathi Vasanth (away) said

Great rendition Prahalad and Seetha. Both of your voices suit the song so well. Wish the track did least justice to your singing.




Prahalad r said

Thanks Revathi. Glad you liked it.


Nivetha said

Very, very beautiful one Prahalad. Amazing rendition by both of u.

Seetha – Listening to u for the first time. Lovvvely vocals. U got a new fan :-)

Thanks & Regards,


Raja Mohamed.j. said

Prahalad and SK what A pick and rendition by both of you. very nice liked lotz :D.
Music are my breath:)


Nishaa said

I just loved this one !Prahalad n Seetha,it was so nice to listen!

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