Mere Dholna

Lyrics & Chords

Singers : Shreya Ghoshal and M G SreeKumar
Movie : Bhool Bhulaiyya
Music : Pritam Chakraborthy

Covered by : Srividya Kasturi and Rajesh Raman



αнмε∂ Khan said

This is my fav number…I Loved the harkatain of Shreya ji in this song…n what can I say about your voice… its really difficult song Srividya ji
loved your flow of curves and perfect piece of molding…. Sung so beutifully…
Rajesh Ji. bohat aacha gaya hai…In this song your voice sounded just like original to me… lovely control too… some minor corrections are needed on sargam…


Shampak Chakravorty said

Hi Sri!!!
Fabulous singing….top class…. Very very tough song this…. Though sargams from Rajesh ji could have been better…. Though he sang very well since the sargams at that pace is very difficult to deliver…. 100/5…. Thats what I call my fav. singer here….




Srividhya Kannan said

great singing!!could u share the karaoke with me?


Arati H said

beautiful rendition!! Srividya, this is my favorite song….you guys sang it so effortlessly! :)

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thanks….good luck! :)


Archana Menon said

Both of you have wonderful voice and singing.


Ishrat Mahmud said

nt gud enuf……………. more improvement needed :) hope u all the best


Srividya Kasturi said

Srividhya, Arati, Archana and Ishrat, thanks for listening and ur feedback:)
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Janani V said

I luv this song….:) great job !! keep them coming :) ur voice is very sweet :)

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Sangeetha D said

wow! such a tough one but so effortlessly and beautifully rendered.Loved it!


Wanabe said

Its sung beautifully…but a little like the singer is not letting go of her voice…i mean like not singing on a full throat….some notes off key….sing with more zest and energy…more feel


Geeta Chawla said

Iam speechless this is excellent and marvellous….god bless


Sreeharikumar said

like a very tough song… regerdsss

Zubair Alam said

Srividya Kasturi ji, Your selection of a semi classical gem is a super super treat but your and Rajesh rendition is fantastic.

I would love to listen daily to start my day on a happy note. And if I am stressed by tensions of everyday life, even then it would bring serene tranquility and calm to my mind and soul. Is it not then a magical potion to cure such ailments?

I am not happy with my comment as it does not come up to the beauty of your gem creation. Please forgive.

Thank you for sharing. Many prayers. God Bless.
There are as many paths to God, as there are souls on earth. Bulleh Shah-1680

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