Megam kottatum - female version - cover

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Its very funny, when I got the thought of doing this song, simply becoz of SPB ! and the immense attraction of the composition.

Hats off to raja. Even after so many years, I dint get tired of listening to this song at any time. I discovered Ennakul “oruvan” …lol

Song : Megam kottatum
Movie: Ennakul Oruvan
Music: The one n only Ilayaraja
Originally sung by : SPB
Cover : Sowmya & Sowmya



Arun Nair said

wow! a nice power packed performance! I enjoyed it very much :)


Chellappan Annamalai said

.::Awesome::. Visit

female track paadi,raja music la oru song kudungaleyn. i’ll try my best.


Tara Balakrishnan said

hey sowmya… I liked the ‘la la’ voice better. may be try singing in that pitch… may sound even better…


Krishnan N v ( nvk ) said


That was too good… Great to hear such a song in the low pitch that too with such perfection….

Brilliant effort…

All the best…


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Roshini said

wow that was really cool, although i do second Tara’s views.
very different and bold attempt, keep it up!

Best Regards,


Arvind R said

he he … “Enakkul Oruvan”? … that should have been the title Sowmya!. Appadi paartha even I did a song … is it “Enakkul Oruthi”??? (now there is a scary thought!!!).

Nice singing … but but but … how come when a female sings a male song it is easy (low pitch) and when a male sings a female song it is regular pitch!. This is not fair!. But the big BUT is (no pun intended here!), you have a bass range that is awesome and I was impressed with your bold expressive exhibition.

By the way, I thought it was “Vaanam-Baadi OYAAADHU” … to me it sounded like “AAYAADHU”. It was all pretty good otherwise and I enjoyed the rendition, as much as you enjoyed singing it!.

Keep them coming!.


Rajesh Raman said

Nice peppy Number…ENJOYED VERY MUCH….

Keep Singing!
Rajesh Raman


Ramya Harish said

What an attempt… Very nice… This is ur best I wud say…



Tara Balakrishnan said

If it was ur intention to sing like male… 5/5 for ur voice… It did sound like male voice:)


Srividya Kasturi said

Great attempt to sing in a low pitch!!! Energy and expressions were spot on:)

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Kumar Srinivasan Pro user said

Very good experiment. You have sung with a lot of energy and boldness. Nice work – keep it up.



Ganesh D said

Never expected to hear this song in female voice.
Really good job Sowmya different listening experience.


Rashmi Nair said

wow Sowmya. That was superb! I really enjoyed the female version of this song!


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Abi said

Brave attempt Sowmya. First of all when i looked at the title “female version” i was expecting something else but the outcome was different, i mean it was a very base voice. But since u have mentioned that it was ur intention to imitate the male singer i couldnt go further about it. As Tara mentioned you could also give a try to a slightly higher pitch (like the one u have sung " la la" …) I liked ur attempt though. It was truly bold.


Harshan Nambiar Pro user said

Loved the modulation of your voice in this rendition ….you are a great singer ….always experimenting ….you should attempt Usha uttup songs ….great going Sowmya.

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“Panthi hoon mai”

Dekha na hai re socha na

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Sundar Karthikeyan said

I think you are great in this song….


Sriram Srinivasan said


That was very interesting and entertaining!! Thoroughly enjoyed your singing!!



Theagaraj Dhanapalan Pro user said

I am new to Muziboo and no much time to spend on this site. But I have seen this song in female version. Really I have enjoyed. Superb. Your voice have wide range from good base and talented Singer.




Hamsaa Priyadharsini said

wat an enthu!!!!!!1seriously so lively ……u rock

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