May madam minnale nee cover

Lyrics & Chords

May madam – Minnale nee vandathaenadi cover by Ravi



Adithi said

Welcome back Ravi! I was wondering what had happened to you!

Singingwise, I think you were brilliant! Most sangathis were captured accurately. But I think the beauty of this song is the feel it imparts- the way it plunges one’s soul into deep sadness and conveys the pain of a separated one! A little more softness should bring out the emotions well.

I loved the lines"Kanneeril thee valarthu…….poothirukkiren" and also “kaathirundhaal….neelum illayaa” – you were spot-on there. Hope you will take my comment in the right spirit- it was just my own opinion!

And please do keep posting more songs! :)
Peace if possible, but truth at any rate – Martin Luther


Ravi Shankar said

Adithi,Priya : Thnks a lot for the support and appreciation ! Srry, haven’t been checkin muziboo updates lately,been busy with wrk :( But really happy at seein the support and suggestions….Will definitely try to improve myself with my nxt upload.

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