Maude - Suite

Lyrics & Chords

“Maude” is a story about a young vixen named Maude striving for acceptance as an aviator. It is a story about love. It is a story about finding yourself.
In 1931, at the National Air Races in Cleveland, Ohio, a group of specially designed racing aircraft took to the air to fly around a set course in an open display of tenacity and courage. The pilots, all hailed as heroes of these ‘modern’ inventions, battled for space in what was one of the most dangerous sports ever conceived – pylon racing. Amidst the noise of seven powerful engines, belching smoke and flames from their exhaust stacks, only one could be crowned the victor.

This is the full suite of music I composed for this project, including 3 different tracks.

Read the story here: (audio-book is in the makings)

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