Mariachi's Revenge

Lyrics & Chords

This one goes out to Antonio Banderas :))))

Actually its loosely based on España Cañi….just recorded to kill time…. :P

Hola Amigos!



Recess said


It’s clipping a bit. Keep the levels in check….


Prateek Dayal Muziboo staff said

Amazing …. I have not seen many people playing spanish guitar in India.


Geniusoid   said

@ Sanmeet – yeah I know man……its due to the poor wires tht the basic input itself is jarring…….wasnt like this till my wire got screwed :(

@Prateek – Thanks pal……i`ll work more on this :)


Nithya Muziboo staff said

Música asombrosa!!


Geniusoid   said

muchas gracias! :)

(I had to check Collins for asombrosa – i confused it with ambrosia :)) )


Shashank Gokhale said

Sweet….Guitar Skills are amazing as I always Say….:D


Tharak Abraham said

Talent !! , i should add….


Ananthakrishnan Gopal said

Awesome strumming. I like the notes at 1.35-1.37. Would love to hear more like these from you. I guess you would now have a better idea about the distance of the mike from your guitar for this kind of playing.


Geniusoid   said

yeah i know its blarin at some parts……but i wasnt usin a mic. I had connected my semi acoustic to the comp directly & there was some buzz already due to a faulty cord.

Will wrk more….but ryte now am tooooo tied to wrk :(

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