Margazhi Poove

Lyrics & Chords

This is my cover version of margazhi poove, I have tried some multi track chorus pieces though the song quality is quite raw. Am still trying to get a hang of pretty much everything i am using to record :)



Meera Manohar said


You have a got a nice voice. A few pitchy portions ( serndhaal is one instance ) The backing vocals have a little too much reverb in them, so is not clear. But then, since this is practically your first upload, I am sure you will get the hang of it very soon

And, welcome to Muziboo!

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Arun Raja said

Enjoyed it really well.


Ranjit Salian said

Nithya Nithya NithyAnanda,

I have accepted your friendship. Welcome to Muziboo. God Bless You….

Wonderful rendition.

I give you the name NithyAnanda – There is a divine halo about your voice which elevates one to the state of BLISS.

You have the star quality but now go through Meera Manohars same song. It is the best version on Muziboo.

Your song with the best of mixing can come close to her performance. Get some tips from Meera and also with respect to Mixing learn from George Kuruvilla’s blog, link to which has been given in his Muziboo Profile.

Meera is by far the most versatile singer on Muziboo. You have a powerful voice with a punch. With Meera and George to hone you, the way is skywards.

All the best divine NithyAnanda.

Infinity on 5 for me for the effort and the Divine Voice.

Your Divine Voice touched my heart and soul and Meera’s rendition and mixing was better, but I know you have the potential to reach that level very easily with practise.

This goes into my favorites.

Take Care divine soul,
Keep the faith always,
Peace be with always,
God Bless You and your loved ones….


Anirudh Ks said

good redention , i would like give u a tip , you need to add more of feeling into the song :)

“Music is a universal Language”
and I am proud to be a part of it :)



Pavan Sharma said

A little more life and it will be a great rendition.
In this you have sung more like the original:)

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Akhil Chand said

care on mic balance in high freq


Akhila... :) said

difficult song but well sung :)!

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