mandram vantha thendral

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thought of doing this song for try my rusted vocal to come out…….this song is from mouna ragam movie….please bare with me in this try out. This is a branded SPB song so I tried not to do any creativity here.



Murali Venkatraman said

Pretty emotive. Good range. Some places do not touch the right notes (e.g) vilagi chella. Some places like “vaanam uNdo sol” need attention on the curves.


Adithi said

Liked this a lot! But your voice seems to be thinned out! I was expecting more heaviness in the rendition! Glad to see you uploading your songs atlast! Keep them coming!


Kumar Srinivasan Pro user said

If you call this rusty, I am sure we are all in for some great numbers from you. I thought you have done a great job with this song. Keep the songs coming. Your voice sounded real close to SPB in tone.


Kumaran said

Superb, Maruthi. Your voice is lovely. Upload more :-)


Sudeip Ghosh said

very nice Maruthi !! great stuff

~ Muziboo…get an audience…BECOME A STAR !!!


Maruthi said

First of all thanks to Adithi to get my voice out to the audience. And kumar srinivasan for posting the karaoke track to me. Murali yes I agree there are few bad spots for shruthi ….but the whole song is a single take.I couldnt beleive that myself. Kumaran thanks for the comment about my vocals. Here is a precious tip for any vocalist ( try chewing some….valmilagu….before singing trust me in this tip you will feel the relief in your vocal cord.If you use a large diaphragm condensor mic chewing vaalmilagu ( tamil word ) is very important to get rid of the phlem in your throat. thanks sudeip ,glad u liked my singing too.

Krishnan N v ( nvk ) said

Hi Maruthi Nambi….

Good voice and great modulations. That is the first impression I got. Singing can be better, but not very much to correct though.

Expecting more creations from you.

All the best
ENVEEK-In my “Second Innings”. Please listen to My Latest Nee Madhu Pakaru and "Oho Re Taal Mile ":


Maruthi said

thanks Krishnan ji there is a word line “bantha pasam illamal” were SPB has sang this as “Pantha pasam illamal” SPB takes great care on lyrics but has left this uncorrected ….dunno why so I sang it the same way …… I thought one of u guys will spot this interesting mistake in my version but didnt. bantham means relationship pantham means fire torch Krishnan ji i find your comments very valuable…thanks



Dhiraj Barla said


Your voice is pretty good nice modulations and expressions, liked it a lot man. You sound very close to SPB, actually i like your voice in the first charanam, i hardly hear your voice during the pallavi. Keep them coming man.


Maruthi said

shrinesh I am not blaming SPB for this….I know how much care he takes in lyrics being his mother tongue is telugu . But when something is presented to public and being paid……its a big no no .

Excuses are just excuses they are not cure…if spb says thats what ilyaraja told him to do ….I think this was made delebrately for making it sound good….but for what ? In the cost of his mother tongue huh. ( This is what KJS said when he was asked why he sang Therukovilae odiva instead of thiru kovilae oodiva )

My humble opinion is you can style or slang a lanuage in a song upto a limit of not changing the meaning of the context. Them people are stalwarts and have an authority to do changes and make trends……like shakespear in english and Kamban in tamil had an authority to make new words in their writings and were accepted in the dictionary. But the above two examples are simply pathetic. And I dont have any respect for the mistakes done when u r being paid.

Theagaraj Dhanapalan Pro user said

Very good to listen and done well.


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