Malargale Malargale

Lyrics & Chords

A Song from the movie Love Birds



Prasanna K said

Singing Rahman songs is sometimes very difficult I think. Cos he cuts and splices so much.

I felt you started off awesome, but somewhere in the middle, you were appearing a bit breathless. Perhaps recording with multiple takes would have been closer to the ‘original’.

How do you record? And where do you get all the BG music?


Nithya Muziboo staff said

bargie…i am still waiting for you to respond to my request!!….
this was a good try…as prasanna says ur voice loses strength somewhere half way…


Clear Waters said

Good. Keep practicing until u perfect this. Follow your heart and be selective in choosing songs that suit your voice. It makes world of difference.

Is it that your Mom is twisting your ears everytime you reach high-pitch part of any song ;-)


Malarvannan S said

Sila edangala pause panni padanum….For ex urgiyatheeee oru chinna pause appurom enathu ullam……AR Rehman song kashtam thaaa….ana u have done a very good attempt….


Hariharan Ramamurthy said

you have good voice , you should try and take some lessons from classical teachers and some voice practice a a is a andyou willbe awesome ,


Vaidehi Balaji said


Small pisirugal. But still worth to hear this song. How did you get this Karaoke song? Nice to listen. Good Keep it up. Good Luck!!!!!!!!!!! See you next time with one more new song!!!!!!!!!



Meganathan G.k said

hi friend sorry i dont know ur name just nw i heared your song its nice u have such a cute voice pa…. i think u feel trouble in high pich ,,and while singing you need to feel that song so only u will get correct output…. mainly u need to concetrate on ur pitching and there his sum flaws in ur sangathi’s pa try to correct other wise its so good my friend (i think soon i will hear ur voice becoming shine ) kp it up…….


Mathuri said

it s a good website but some word’s r to be mistake.

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