Malare Mounama Mouname Vedama - Karna

Lyrics & Chords

This song from the movie Karna was originally sung by S.Janaki and S.P. Balasubrahmanyam. Here is a link to the original song in youtube

Thank you Sowmya for singing this with me.

Thanks to Srini Ramanujam and Vijay Pilli for recording as well as giving honest feedback while recording.

Please give us your honest feedback.



Latha Ganti Pro user said

So beautiful pick !
Beautiful rendition by both of you!
Aravind – few offs,a couple of slips here and there,overall a beautiful effort!loved your rendition.
Sowmya – So lovely rendition ma ! You have worked really hard, That is showing in this out put some harkats are really crisp & beautiful ! Loved this version :)
I am not a Tamilian …the way you have pronounced Malargal is that rite?? pardon me if i am wrong .


Swati Prasad said

its beautiful…. I never heard this song before …. but it is so cute…. you both sung it so nicely…. lovvvved it :)
Swati Prasad


Saroj Nair said

beautiful song, very nicely sung Sowmya and Arvind


Vijay Pilli said

Beautiful song, wonderful composition and very well presented Aravind and Sowmya!! Glad to be part of it. Seems easy, but a tough song to sustain and express – very happy with your cover. Nice mixing Mr.Srini Ramanujam :-)


Rajiv Saddy Pro user said

Sowmya and Arvind,

Excellent! I wish I could understand the lyrics, both of you have done an outstanding job at singing this. It is very well recorded and your pitches / voices are well matched for the rendition.

Enjoyed listening to it.


Sowmya Srini (getting back slowly....) said

Thanks Latha, Swati, Saroj, Vijay and Rajivji for your feedbacks!! Appreciate it.
@Latha- I listened to the original many times and also got my mom’s help to pronounce the word “malargal”. She said that the “g” should sound kind of like “h”. So there. Don’t know whether that came out right :-) . Thanks for your lovely feedback!!
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Neil swanson.. Still not doing well but keeping the faith .surgery looking re october thanks for the prayers and well wishes ! Pro user said

HI Sowmya and Arvind
I agree with all comment.s not knowing song
i will say the voals. are wellmatched in
this duet. great beat to the song also …………
just wish i knew lang. either way still
enjoyed thumbs up god blesss NEIL

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Arvind Subramanian said

Hello Latha, Swati, Saroj, Vijay and Rajiv and Neil for you comments and feedback.
@Latha – If you can, let me know what portions in the song you feel i could have improved. I will certainly take that into consideration for next time.
I appreciate all your feedback….


Padma Mukund said

wow!Very lovely song & rendered beautifully.
Very good effort Arvind.
Awesome singing as always Sowmya !


Latha Ganti Pro user said

@ Arvind Here you go
Your starting is fantastic – Really
@ 2;11 There is a slip
@ 2:29 Need tighter notes
@ 2;42 maarboadu kangal moodavaa could have done better A little bit off to my ears.
@3;49 “poovae” ennaith Off note
My observations may be wrong …easier said than done :) ( and don’t judge my singing through my pointers i am a bad singer :)
I always believe Some one’s opinion is not “The Truth” – it’s only one’s perception! U have a beautiful voice Arvind !With some more uploads u will become a perfect singer! All the best!


Adwait Ranade Pro user said

Welcome back, Saumya! Nice singing. great to hear you again though I could not understand the meaning. Very well supported by Arvind ji in your nice voice. Enjoyed this composition a lot.

It requires wisdom to understand wisdom. Music is nothing if audience is deaf – Walter Lippmann


Arvind Subramanian said

Hello Padma, Latha and Adwait… Thanks for your comments and encouragement.
@Latha – Thanks for taking the time to write up your observations. I am here just for this; all of your honest opinion so i can improve.


Sowmya Srini (getting back slowly....) said

Padma and Adwaitji, thanks for your encouragement. @Raj-Thanks for liking and fav’ing, looking forward to your observations….
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Prahalad r said

Lovely song….

Arvind: Your portions were gud. Felt some of the important sangathis could have been done better, it lacked clarity, and the feel could have been a little better. Finishing portions were very good. That smile has come out well…
Sowmya… Your portions were gud… You have a very gud voice. Your malargal pesuma was very gud everytime you sang it…


Seema & lk - ♫ fuzzy...!!!.......♥ said

Nice pick & Great rendition……
Both of you have wonderful voice…
Loved it.
Lk ♪♪♫….
“Music is the only thing you can love without it breaking your heart"


Raja Mohamed.j. said

Sowmya and Arvind,

wow,amazing….very good attempt by both of you……
Music are my breath:)


Arvind Subramanian said

Thanks Prahalad, Seema and Raja for your comments.

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