Maine Kasam Li - Tere Mere Sapne

Lyrics & Chords

This song goes out to all the fans of Hindi golden oldies. Sudha and I have attempted this cute and enjoyable song from Tere Mere Sapne (1971). This is my first duet with Sudha. She has done a fab job here.

Originally sung by Kishore Kumar and Lataji, the song was written by Neeraj and composed by SD Burman.

Please listen and leave your feedback for us.




Max Vala said

Kumar and sudha,

Good work,I like it!

keep it up!
max vala


Vishak Subramoney said

Well sung Kumar and Sudha. both ur voices are very complimenting. looking forward for more from the two of u.


Preety Reddy said

Very nice song and singing by you both. Liked it very much.


Kumar Srinivasan Pro user said

Sai, Max, Vishak and Preety – thank you all for the quick feedback. Glad you all liked it.

Sai, very happy this is one of your favs and that this version also made its way to your favs list :-).



Srividya Kasturi said

Thanks for reminding me of this beautiful melody! Wonderful singing, Kumar and Sudha….loved it:)
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Shampak Chakravorty said

Wonderful Kumar ji…. Very open singing….liked it…. :)
Sudha Di…. Equally well sung….
Overall very good…. Thumbs up from me…. :)

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Srini S said

Nice singing kumar and sudha,loved it.



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Thinkal govind kumar Pro user said

My Dear Kumar & Sudha,
Really thrilling to hear Kumar in a totally different style from his earlier renditions that proves how versatile can a talented singer be !
Fabulous rendition of this ever-green song by both of you keeping up the original mood !
Kumar, your yodelling was PERFECT !
Sudha, your rendition was soulful !
Thank you both for sharing this !
Cheers !
GOD Bless !
Loving Best Wishes,
Thinkal Govind Kumar.


Pratane said

xln work kumarji and sudha


Biju Ramachandran Pro user said

hi kumar…….
superb.hearing the song with a smile…….
sooo versatile yu …………
v well rendered…good to hear a peppy number from yu.
sudha-i dont kno whether yu remember.6 mnths bck i told, yu sounded like ks chitra….
lo and behold………….yu sound like errrrrrrrr
the GREAT KSC….still …haha
biju ramachandran


Adithi said

Very nice, Kumar and Sudha! :) Liked it a lot!

Perfect pair to do many such oldies! Let it not stop here….come up with more for us! :)

Peace if possible, but truth at any rate – Martin Luther


Uthra said

Lovely Kumar and Sudha. Haven’t heard this one but liked the simple music and your singing.


Sudha Kumar (back to listen to all of you..) said

Thanks a bunch Sai, Max, Vishak, Preety, Sarada, Sowmya, Vidya, Shampak, Unni, Srini, Govindji, Pradeepan, Biju, Dr.Sridhar, Adithi and Uthra – so nice of you all to come by and glad you all liked this oldie from Kumar and me.
It was a pleasure to sing this song with Kumar.
Sai – thanks for fav’ing. Oldies seem to hit the spot for you! :-)
Biju – KSC? Wow – you made my day… hoping to cover her songs someday – in search of some k-tracks…
Sridharji – Will surely keep your pointer in mind. Sometimes, it can be a mixing issue since this is a online duet – have asked Kumar to check it out…


Rakesh Baro Pro user said

:)Cant stop smiling after listening to two of my favourite singers….lovely renditionnn….I too am dying to sing this songgggggg after listening to you people………

Excellent rendition …….goes to my favourites….


Meena (on & off from muziboo) said

Lovely singing-both of you!!!!


Roshine Gnanatharshan. said

Lovely singing by both of you.
Enjoyed it.

  • Roshine *

“ஒரு சிற்றோடையின் சலசலப்பாய்… சிறகாய்…சிலிர்ப்பாய்…எனக்குள் ஒலி எழுப்பும் சங்கீத சப்தஸ்வரமாய்… நீ "


Kumar Srinivasan Pro user said

Sarada, Sowmya, Vidya, Shampak, Unni, Srini thank you all very much.

TGK Sir, thanks a lot for your kind words of encouragement and noticing the subtle details :-). Appreciate it very much.

Pratheepan, Biju, thanks you both. Appreciate the feedback.

Dr. Saxena, thanks a lot for your pointers. Will keep it in mind for my next attempt of Kishore songs.

Adithi, Uthra – thanks a bunch.

Sudha, really enjoyed working on this song with you. Appreciate the Hindi diction pointers and corrections.

Rakesh, thanks man for your feedback. Always feels good to get your endorsement on Kishore songs :-). Thanks for adding this to your favs.

Meena, Roshine – thanks so much for listening and leaving your feedback.

All, I have re-uploaded the song with song tweaks to Sudha’s vocals to make it brighter in the mix.



Deblina M (away) said

Sudha and Kumar …. Love this song …. Very well done :)


Deepesh A k(indefinitely on and off) said

Beautiful song very nicely done by both of you :)


Kumar Srinivasan Pro user said

Vidya, Deblina and Deepesh, thank you all for listening. Appreciate the feedback.



Sukumar R ( far away ) said

very nice song…1st time to listen… track quality is very good too…

nice expressions…kumar…sudha too…



Kala Vijay Pro user said

very good song sounded very good
and different in both of your voice.hope u will try more songs like this.


Harry Chops said

Kumar and Sudha,
What a song to attempt. You guys really rocked it in your golden voices. Loved it.

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Your feedback is requested.


Kumar Srinivasan Pro user said

Suku and Ajeesh – thanks guys.

Kala, welcome to my space. Glad you liked this. Appreciate the feedback.

Harry, thanks a lot bro.



Santosh george wilson said

good duet u worked out! great singing guys! both of u did extremely well! keep it up!


(( anil Aryanad )) here said

Hi! Kumar -Sudha,
nice singing…
both of u…
Kumar: your voice is very very gud
in this number…

“Someday I will give back what you have given me. Thank You.”


Rajeev Onv(away on a long break) said

Kumar, excellent rendering of a lovely song. Congrats to you and Sudha!


Radhika Nair (away) said

Very enjoyable cover, Kumar & Sudha. Both of you did an excellent job – loved it all the way.

Pl do listen to my latest
Is Mod Se Jaathe Hain – Aandhi


Sudha Kumar (back to listen to all of you..) said

Thanks a lot Rakesh, Meena, Rosh, Srividhya, Deblina, Deepesh, Sukumar, Ajeesh, Kala, Harry, Santosh, Anil, ShaniRuh, Rajeevji and Radhika for taking the time to listen. Appreciate all your feedback!
This was quite a cute song to do and I enjoyed Kumar’s innocent expressions and particularly his yodelling in Paake Tujhe Khoya!
Rakesh – thanks – feels good that a Kishoreda voice like yours fav’ed our work. Smiles! :-)


Vishnu Mohan ( busy mode) said

Kumaretta & sudha Kalakkal Super performance First time listen to this song superbbbbbbbbbbb and u two done a gud job

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Kumar Srinivasan Pro user said

Santosh, thanks man for the continued support.

Anil, thank you.

Shaniruh, glad you liked it.

Rajeev Sir, appreciate the feedback. Glad you liked this.

Radhika, thanks a ton.

Sudha, appreciate the feedback again. It was a pleasure working on this song with you. You have done a great job in this song as always.

Vishnu, thanks buddy.



αнмε∂ Khan said

Woww “flow of curvesss” with lovely expressions:)
Kumar bhai and Sudha Ji, Beutiful voice and Wonderful singing:)



Bodhisattva Dasgupta said

Wow…!! Your voices gelled so well together… Kumar, loved the softness in your voice… it had a Oldies feel to it…. very nice… Sudha ji, you were too sweet and melodious….
Brlliant duet overall….

also… i must say, that you guys were on pitch in every ‘lii’ (in the kasam ‘lii’, i mean)… which actually isnt as easy as it sounds…

goes to my favs….



Tara Balakrishnan said

lovely duet! enjoyed!!
My latest post…


Dr. priya Rajan said

Kumar and sudha …… Gr8 combination of voices and exceptionally well done.
Am running short of time now.
Thanks for giving me happy time!
Keep singing and entertain us as u both have been doing.
All my love/5
thanks a lot for sharing.
MUSIC is the language of the soul!


Kumar Srinivasan Pro user said

Thanks a lot Meera, Ahmed, Bodhi, Tara and Dr. Priya. Appreciate the feedback.

Bodhi, thanks for favoriting.



Kumar Srinivasan Pro user said

Thanks Yogeshji.



Roshan George said

This was beautifully sung Kumar and Sudha! Great job!! :)

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Kumar Srinivasan Pro user said

Roshan, welcome to my space. Thank you for the feedback.

LK, appreciate the feedback.



Venki said

Kumar, Sudha
fantastic performance!
very well sung!!

Music Maketh the Mood


Rekha swaminathan (on and off...) said

Fantastic, Sudha and Kumar…. :) Sorry I missed this earlier….
Loved all the Kasam Li’s and the Hum’s, they were perfectly pitched. Its not that simple to achieve that. Kishore’s voice has a little more throw in the Maines, and Nahi, but I liked Kumar’s subtler version too….
Just to nit-pick, Kumar, I felt you missed abt half a beat the Nahi honge juda at 1:21, but I may be wrong about it, because I don’t remember the original.
I liked the mixing too….the voices blended nicely….
A smiley song… :)

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Krishnan N v ( nvk ) said

Kumar and Sudha….

Good choice of song and very well rendered by both Kumar and Sudha…

Kumar….You are getting more and more comfortable with Hindi songs…Loved it totally

Sudha…Your were sounding soo sweet and almost like Lataji…

Goes to my favs…
ENVEEK-In my “Second Innings”.
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Kumar Srinivasan Pro user said

Venki, thank you.

Rekha, appreciate the feedback & encouragement. Thanks for the pointers too.

NVKji, thanks a lot for adding this to your favs. That means a lot to me. Glad my hindi is improving :-). Sudha helped me out with diction in this song. Appreciate your feedback.



Harshan Nambiar Pro user said

Pretty late here Kumar. Love this song and also the picturisation of the song …Vinod khanna and Yogita Bali on a bicyle.

Very beautifully done Kumar and Sudha, this is a pretty tough song to sing, although it sounds like an easy song.
Great breath control by both of you.

LOVED it and to my favs.
Check out

Bhool gaya sab kuch

Aye dil hai Mushkil
Dekha na hai re socha na-
Pukarta chala hoon mai

dil ke jharonke mein


Sudha Kumar (back to listen to all of you..) said

Thanks friends for your time listening and your heartwarming f/bs! So glad you all enjoyed this one from Kumar and me. Kumar was awesome!
Welcome back Harshan! No, Yogita Bali perhaps wouldn’t have fit on that bike… ;-) It was Madame Mumtaaz…
VG – Thanks! you got me dear! The Ha’s were the toughest part of the song for me – I still am not satisfied with how they turned out.
Thanks Bodhi, NVKji, Harshan and VG for the fav’ing.


Harshan Nambiar Pro user said

My bad ….dont know why I thought it was Vinod and Yogita Bali ….shall blame it on the jet lag :-)
Check out

Bhool gaya sab kuch

Aye dil hai Mushkil
Dekha na hai re socha na-
Pukarta chala hoon mai

dil ke jharonke mein


Kumar Srinivasan Pro user said

Harry, welcome to my space. Thanks for the feedback and adding to your fav list.

Harshan, thanks for listening and commenting inspite of your jet lag :-). Thanks for favoriting.

VG, welcome to my space and thanks a ton for the comments and adding this to your favs.

Thanks again Sudha, for singing this. You did a wonderful job.



Khawer Khilji Pro user said

A beautiful song pick and equally well rendered by both of you. I liked it.

A tribute to great Mukesh jee.



Murali Venkatraman said

Kind of a comical song for me as I used to make fun of dev anand’s clownish head shakes for every “li” and used to joke around saying main bruce lee tum jet lee. Evoked quite a few memories of hostel days…


Kumar Srinivasan Pro user said

Khawer, thank you very much.

Murali, welcome back. Glad this brought back some good memories.



Soumitra Sarkar said

very good work guys ….loved the ‘li’ , ‘hum’ murkis… consistent most of the time…great work :-)
Kumar – you sounded very good :) really liked your murkis . Just need to be a bit more cheerful in your overall delivery with respect to the mood of the song….smile and sing !
Sudha – too good :-)
More of such duets pls :)
- Soumitra
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Shailender said


How I missed it don’t know……brilliantly sung with Sudha……

The feel and expressions were perfect……and harkats were done fabulously….


Music is my meditation…….Shailender


Sudha Kumar (back to listen to all of you..) said

Thanks a lot Soumitra and Shailender for tuning in to this duet from me and Kumar. We are glad you all enjoyed it! :-)
“A good head and a good heart are always a formidable combination. "
- Nelson Mandela


Neetu (away) said

This is such a romantic, heart-warming and fun-filled melody!! Both of u have done absolute justice to it!! Sooo glad to listen to ur rendition!!:)
Do visit my songs here.

When music comes from the heart, Language is no Barrier!!….:)


Neil swanson.. Still not doing well but keeping the faith .surgery looking re october thanks for the prayers and well wishes ! Pro user said

Not knowing the song , i really enjoyed the
beat and vocal.s beautifully executed by all
and a great sound. this is singing at it s
finest . congrats on a great song.

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Swati Prasad said

why on earth i havn’t heard this till date!!

such a sweet duet it is!!
love it so much……….

Swati Prasad


Sudha Kumar (back to listen to all of you..) said

Thanks a bunch Neetu, Sarmi, Neil and Rahul. So nice of you all to check this older upload out, and for liking/fav’ing it. :-)
@Sarmi – yep, expressions Department, remember? Thanks for the feel tip, will work on getting more cozy with the song, and not do it too mechanically… :-)
“A good head and a good heart are always a formidable combination. "
- Nelson Mandela


Kaushick M said

Woww Sudha and Kumar…. great rendition of this lovely duet… it is not as easy to sing this although it sounds simple… in fact I would consider this one of the most challenging duets to render…and you both have a wonderful job…. kudos to you….
Please do listen to my SONGS


Kumar Srinivasan Pro user said

Soumitra, Shailendar, Neetu, Sarmistha, Neil, Rahul, Swati, Kaushick & Anju – thank you friends for your feedback and encouragement. Much appreciated.

Thanks Sudha for bringing this one back :).



Sudhakar said

wow, its a wonderful duet song, from two best singers of muziboo. great work, enjoyed the whole song.

Thanx & Regards


Sowmya Srini (getting back slowly....) said

It really is a very cute song and superbly sung by both of you. @ Sudha- loved this tone of your voice, @kumar- very nicely sung, felt that you could’ve added little more feel, superb on the whole!
My latest


Harry Jassal (inactive) said

Thanks Sudha for bringing this to my attention else would have been wandering for long like a deer in the desert in search of water !! Loved your expressive, flawless singing. Kumar sung well too. Overall I would say a perfect combo for covering this nostalgic song !!

Have a listen to Rafi Sharddhanjli


Chondryma Chakrobortti (inactive) said

Lovely duet and beautifully sung by both….

Kumar – Very nicely sung with proper harqats…
Sudha – Loved your “kasam li”…. Very sweet vocals :)

You should do more duets together !!


Saroj Nair said

very nice duet, well sung Sudha and Kumar :)


Babu Nm said

such a lovely melody…you both complimented each other very well…and nicely sung too…loved it guys
may bless you and be with you always


Ramesh Tadi Pro user said

Wow!! Sudhaji and Kumar… Brilliant Duet rendition complementing each other… nice voice modulations sounding olden dayz loved the flow… Great stuff…

Ramesh Tadi


Sudha Kumar (back to listen to all of you..) said

Thanks a lot friends for checking back on this older upload from Kumar and me. Pointers, pats and favs accepted with glee!
@Ramesh – you can ease off on the "ji"s man… ;-)
“A good head and a good heart are always a formidable combination. "
- Nelson Mandela


Adwait Ranade Pro user said

Nice one, Sudha and Kumar, Enjoyed it again:)
It requires wisdom to understand wisdom. Music is nothing if audience is deaf – Walter Lippmann


Latha Ganti Pro user said

Well sung Kumar and Sudha ! :-) liked it


Anbu Mohamed Pro user said

Not familiar with this Hindi song….nevertheless good singing by both of you and enjoyed it thoroughly……“Leeye….” seems to be really a tough one to sing, though seems easy…(ha…ha….)
♫♫♫ Anbu J. Mohamed ♫♫♫


Anu Anand said

Havent heard the original ! Lovely rendition by both of u ! wonderful voices, great singing :)
My music


Kumar Srinivasan Pro user said

Sudhakar, Sowmya, Harry, Adina, Chondryma, Saroj-ji, Babu, Ramesh, Adwait, Latha, Anbu & Anu – thank you all for listening. Appreciate your feedback :).



Pradeep Barre said

Fabulous job by both of you Srini & Sudha!Keep rocking!
Thanks & Regards,


Sudha Kumar (back to listen to all of you..) said

Thank you Pradeep! We really enjoyed singing this one. :-) Time for another duet with Kumar…
“A good head and a good heart are always a formidable combination. "
- Nelson Mandela

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