Main duniya bhula dunga- Duet with Pooja

Lyrics & Chords

I am not getting enough time to sing and record these days. I thought I should make you listen an old recording.



Rashmi Nair said

Its been so long I have heard this song. Good singing. Good expressions! Who is th female singer ?


Please listen to Anbendra Mazhayile
Jalten Hai- Unplugged version


Vivek Chauhan said

Thanks Rashmi,
She is Pooja Mehta. This was my first duet with her.

Life may not be the party we had hoped for, but if we are here we should dance.


Shampak Chakravorty said

Hey nice work Vivek…. One my favourites from my chilhood…. Sanu Da Zindabad…. Pooja has a good & sweet voice as I have told her before but she needs to develop more control on it…. A lot of shakyness in all the lines…. I have heared better from her…… By the way…… why don’t you try to bring your vocals more upfront & sharpen it a bit…. Just a bit blunt…. Thats only about the mixing part…. Good work in all…. keep it up…. Since you have sung Sanu da song…. May I request one….? Ok…… Jane Jigar Janeman……


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Vivek Chauhan said

Thanks Sham,
Actually we had done this song long ago. That time I had got new amplifier and software. I just recorded and sent it Pooja without any effects in my vocal. Because I was out of city for some time. I was not able to resend her. She had to put effects on mixed audio. Thats why my vocal is a bit low.
And ‘Jane jigar’ is favourite of mine also. this is in my target list. But I am waiting for my right mood to record it because I dont want to spoil this song.
Life may not be the party we had hoped for, but if we are here we should dance.


Neha ........ said

Nice vocals Vivek! Pooja has done a good job too… enjoyed it

I think you should do ‘Jaane Jigar’, it would suit your voice :)


Vivek Chauhan said

Thanks Neha!

Defenetly I will do ‘Jane Jigar’.
Life may not be the party we had hoped for, but if we are here we should dance.


Shonnie Madan said

enjoyed it i like this song well done


Shaniruh Pro user said

Vivek Chauhan !

Nicely sung by both of you with good expressions, keep them coming ;)
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Cheers :-)



Dheeraj Govind said

superb singin vivek… nice controlled expression… all the best


Sapna Meliwal said

Hi Bibek,

Nice duet song sunged by both of you? Who is pooja?her voice is nice….



Pradeep Barre said

Nice singing Vivek and Pooja! keep it up!
Thanks & Regards,


Priya said

Very well sung Vivek. Liked it a lot. Pooja has also sung very nicely . Well done.

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Pooja Mehta said

arey i just saw this vivz……

“MuSiCaLlY YoUrS”


Sobhan Jachuck said

I really like your voice….

Very well sung…. Awesome….

Also very well sung by Pooja….

Sobhan Jachuck


Max Vala said


Nice song and you both sang it well

max vala

Zark Khan said

v nice vivak……. keep it up and plz listyen it in my voice duet with my friend.

I love to singing nd listening new singers.

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