Maanguyile Poonguyile - Karakattakkaaran Cover by Raja

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Karakattakkaran is one of Ilayaraja’s best albums. Every song in this album is so popular. There is a duet and solo version of Maanguyile Poonguyile. This k-track is SPB’s solo version of the song. I would like to thank Hari Bhaskar who kindly shared this track with me.

As soon as I posted Kalaivaaniyo Raaniyo from Villuppattukkaaran, I decided to post another folk song and especially this one from Karakattakkaran. I couldn’t control my laughter when I watched the video of this song. Not because of Ramarajan but because of the romance between Senthil and Kovai SaraLa while she dances with Ramarajan during this song.

Enjoy the rendition of this beautiful folk song.



Hamsapriya Pro user said

Beautiful song & excellent singing as always

Best Wishes

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Saroj Nair said

like this song, nice expressive singing Raja


Adithi said

Lovely!!!! :)
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Theagaraj Dhanapalan Pro user said

oovuru padal veliyeedugalilum……unga munnauraiyai thedi padikkum nabargalil naanum oruvan……thelivana pazhaya kala pasumai mara ennangalai pagirnthu kollum thangalin munnurai migavum pidikkum….

padalgalum …… ketkatha padalagalai veliyeeduvathil ungalukku eedu neengalae….

Migavum rasithu kaeteen….

Mikka magizchi…

Nal nazthukkal….


Raja Mani said

@Hamsa, Thank you for your appreciation.
@Saroj, Thank you for your appreciation and adding it to favs.
@Adithi, :) Glad you liked it and thank you for adding it to favs.
@Theagaraj, en munnuraiayai neengaL padippadhu enakku migavum magizhchi. Thank you for appreciating my rendition and I’m glad you liked it. Thank you for adding it to favs
@Jenefa, Thank you for your appreciation and adding it to favs


Anbu Mohamed Pro user said

Super song…Raja Mani,
Thalaivar SPB….asaalta paadiyiruppar intha paatta….Athe effect, neengalum kondu vandhirukeenga….that makes this song a perfect rendition. K-track seems to a recreated orchestration and sounded a good one…but too much reverb in the K-track itself. Enjoyed it thoroughly and goes to my favs.

♫♫♫ Anbu J. Mohamed ♫♫♫


Raja Mani said

Anbu, thalaivar romba asaalta pAdiya pAdal idhunnu romba sariyA sonneenga. I tried to bring the same mood and feel and I’m glad that you felt that I brought that effect. That extra reverb could be due to my mixing experimentations by adding mastering effects on the final mix (slowly and steadily I hope to master mixing skills). Thank you so much for adding this rendition to your favorites.


Prahalad r said

idu mariyellam oru composition inimel yaravdu pannamudiyuma sir? this has Raja written all over it… milestone song in Tamil cinema music… very gud try… nalla vandiruku…


Raja Mani said

Prahalad, Thanks for visiting my space and for leaving a nice comment.


Anu Anand said

Very nice singing Raja !! :)
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Hemanth Kumar Pro user said

Fabulous…. :-)….

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