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This song made me cry while watching the movie Taare Zameen Par. It is perfect for the situation and along with a wonderful actor that Darsheel Safary is, it was a perfect situational song in the movie. Here is my try in singing Maa, a melodious, soulful song sung by the ever amazing Shankar Mahadevan.

Song: Maa
Movie: Taare Zameen Par
Music: Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy
Original singer: Shankar Mahadevan
Sung by: Joe



Shashank Gokhale said


I take bad part as I am sure most of ur fans gonna praise u for this….:D

1. I felt song was sung with some kind of Blockage in voice….I mean SUR was not cominng out Smoothly….and Believe me that kill expressions at some times….which is very important in this….

2. Notes were out at many places….Not expcted from you….anymore….:D

3. Pronounciation problem………‘tuze sab HE pata’ should be ‘tuze sab HAI pata’ etc.

4. Antara and Mukhada sang with the same energy and Expression….I felt ANTARA has more intense feeling in the start….which should be sung in that way….as MUSIC gets little stronger but Voice energy keep at same level….this is make an effect of you singing with less energy in the ANTARA starting few lines….

Don’t hate me for writting all this…. :D

This means I expect more perfection from you….:D


George Kuruvilla Pro user said

Good job Joe. Did u lower the scale on this one? Coz the intro music started on a different scale. I think you sang it well. However I felt the variations that you added were unnecessary for this song. It added a south Indian feel to the song which to me wasn’t a good fit. Other than that, I liked your rendition.


Krishnan N v ( nvk ) said

Hi Joe….

As usual you have great charm in your voice. Very soothing to hear.

I also felt a little problems here and there. Nothing major. It is felt because it is you. High expectations….lol

I am sure you will take my comments in the right spirit.

Best wishes



Joseph Thomas said


Thanks a lot for your critical observations. :-)

1, 2, 4) True. I couldn’t give the song the complete feeling mainly because of my nasal blockage. I am going under a 10-days medication for nasal polyps and it includes nasal drops and anti-biotics so my voice sounds tired here and there.

3) Thanks for pointing these out. My Hindi diction is bad and I need such help. :-)

And how can I ever hate you for pointing out such faults?! :-) I should thank you instead.


Thanks for the inputs George. The karaoke track I had was in the lower scale, I didn’t scale it down. About my variations, I think you’re right on that part when I listened to my version a second time. Thank you so much for these points. :-)

@ N V K:

Thank you for the compliments. I shall take more care in singing upto the level of expectations! :-)


Prem j Hans said

Hi Joe!
You have sang this song very beautifully, it had your pure South kinda Accent which I liked it and you have a great voice tooooo.I would definitely browse through your earlier posted songs also.


Joseph Thomas said

Thank you Prem. :-)


Sanour mohammad "sunny" said

Hmmm….Joe….Wat i found was some added ‘harkats’ wich really exist nowhere. But anyways, gud…yeah hindi, can be improved. Even the feel is a little bit….hmmm….cldnt get word for that. Like it dint touch me much!!! Anyways, thres always a next time ahead :)


Sunny – Lets make some music!!!


Joseph Thomas said

Thanks Sunny. :-)


Joseph Thomas said

Thank you Santhosh. :-)


Prithvi said

hey that was a nice rendition….however as many have pointed that karaoke is a lil problematic….the next time u record this…jus change the pitch of the initial part to match with the pitch of the rest of the track….u can do this on audacity……:)


Joseph Thomas said

Hi, thanks for the tip Prithvi!


Fazal Khan said

I found it very nice….
Your voice is beautiful

I know maybe I am too small to Judge… But the Antra part lacked energy.Otherwise it was JUST PERFECT!!!

I hav also uploaded my song….!!!

Please i need feedback from you!!!
N I wud feel very happy if u point out my countless mistakes. in my sur.
U are elder to me. I respect you. lease make me improve.
U may find the lyrics very unusual.


Joseph Thomas said

Thank you Fazal. Will check out your songs too.


Rahul Parakkat said

Hi. I really liked your version of Maa. It was different from the original in many ways, but you sounded really gr8 and your improvisations is what I really liked. Something done differently than the original.

Gr8 Job Chetta.

Rahul Nair


Joseph Thomas said

Thank you Rahul :-)


Moncy Idicula mathai said

heyy hi…. very niceee singin…. can u plss temme hw to add frnds ????/ i need to add u…. am actuallyy new to thiss sitee….


Monty Agrawal said

Hey Good one….Do Listen 2 My Song Maa…


Unnikrishnan Kb said

That was good… i felt only the pitch was little lower than the original…. The diction… i cant blame you… ….great…Great


Joseph Thomas said

Thank you Monty and Unnikrishnan. :-)


Jose George said

hi Jo, another good creation from you :)

some comments here might be valid. but since myself also being from your same land, i may not be an expert in analyzing your flaws. but i can surely say, your singing is technically perfect :)


Sunil phani Manne said

Ur voice is too good Joseph!


Sobhan Jachuck said

Awesome rendition……

fantastic singing…. Held the emotions through out the entire song. Very original…. You sung it your own way….

Like it. It goes into my favorites….
Sobhan Jachuck


Dr. Mirza said

Hi: U sang song well but that true that due to your nasal congestion problem, at some points, it feels some notes problems and Sur but not too much critical to be addressed. Thats why dont be disappointed and keep it up the struggle and hard work never be wasted. I had the same problem of nasal and gone through the surgey 25 yrs before. So I can understand your situation my friend. God bless U. best regards (email:


Dr. Mirza said

hi again: In advance sorry if anyone hurt from my comments as all comments mentioned above are also valid and corrected one.


Vineet Madan said

no match with u but tried to attempt the same… pl tell mistakes and improvements


Parasu K said

Good work, Jo…. Enjoyed your melody….Thanks

Please visit my page…

Walking in the moonlight


Dilip Gajjar said

Very nice JOE, I felt very good like child of mother… you have sung with correct imotion.Keep it up.


Joseph Thomas said

Thanks a lot Dilip


Kavitha kondapalli (away!) said

Hello Joseph… first time on ur space… This was a lovely song… u have a great voice and this was an excellent rendition too… jus felt vocals went shaky at places. Good to hear you :)


Joseph Thomas said

Hi Kavitha, thanks a lot for your comments. Appreciate it.


Prahalad r said

Very sweet voice n a haunting feel when u start off… patha at 1.20 was adding a little classical flavour… flashes of brilliance in a lot of places t…. the feel was gud… but patha, bura etc should have been flatter i felt… a few places ur variations worked, and in a few others, it could have been sung plain… overall, a great effort…. lovely feel in ur voice… it was as if u were really calling out to ur mom….


Joseph Thomas said

Thanks you for taking your time to put the detailed comments here, Prahlad. Thanks!


Puru said

:) fantastic!!

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