Listen To Your Heart (Remix)

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Listen to your heart, When im callin for you babe
Everything I’ve ever written down, I kinda wanna change
The words of past now seem to me, that they don’t relate
cuz you’re my heart’s content, my brain it holds no debate
Everything i’ve ever wanted is right there inside of you
like a swissarmy everything ive ever thought resides there to
and i do think of you when i start to fall asleep,
and when i sleep, half of the time i think, you’re mine to keep
but when i awake, its to a colder harsh reality
where our love is more a fairytale type palace scene
disney movie endings dont fit into a real-life type script
so im stuck outta luck continuing a voyage on a sinking ship
but this is just the beginning and i know there’s more love to follow
right now the pain is thick, and thats a pill hard to swallow
but i’ll always be right here for you forever til the end
not only as the spark of love in your life, but as your best friend

As your friend, there aint much more I can do
Then trust in you, to confine in me, and tell the truth
and i can promise you, what our love cant make it through
our friendship will prevail through and i will do
everything in my power to,
keep in contact, same sweet long chats
stay strong on path, and love you long past
any formal or contemporary kinda love
the road we’ve traveled has been rocky, but it’ll get much more rough
This is tough i know
concealing secrets, pretending this is meaningless
you were always so sturdy, i didnt know if you were feeling this
but now i feel bad, like ive backed you into a wall
so i guess its my turn to be strong and stand tall
and all ive ever really wanted was you,
i know i have every bit, just not the physical you
and i would do, whatever it takes to have that to
so once upon a time i died inside
but you came along and ressurected my mind.

I really don’t have much more to say
but lemme make it apparent, i love you in every single way
Everything about you has came and touched my heart
minutes feel like hours when we’re apart
I once said you’ve surpassed amazing
guess you’re off the chart
the way you move is pure beauty
its your personal kind of art
and your smile’s like sunsets
kisses our love pecks
hugs our rain checks
and deep conversations, our brain sex
last one makes me wanna LOL
oh hell, you’re the greatest invention since alexander bell
if you’re suppose to fall in love, i already fell
i love you like you’re orange soda, hi my name is kel
so this last verse does that mainstream kinda thing
guess i like the deeper verses better, but this one adds some bling
I dunno if we were suppose to just be a fling
we kinda started off with no strings attatched, sorry i brought string



Chance Michael hartje said

great! your really good man keep at it!!

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