Lag Ja Gale

Lyrics & Chords

A rough recoding



Kaveri Gour said

You have a very nice control, amazing! Did you learn music?


Rakesh Baro Pro user said

Hi Pushpa,
Great voice …I have heard other people singing Lag ja gale and all of them messed up , you didnt…you almost sounded like Lata ji…par ek bat batani thi tumhe …it’s not jaroor, it is zaroor, and lub itstead of luv. Please upload some more songs ……like sawan ke jhoole pade, then bechara dil kya kare from khushboo, ae ri pawan from Bemisal


Pushpa . said

thanks for the compliment
aapne jo kaha i agree with that but i wold like to tell u one thing that in ayegi jaroor chithi
at lot of places the lyrics is messed up……coz in gane ko sune hue mijhe kaphi time ho chuka hai…main record nahi karti but mere bhai ne insist kiya to sing a song for muziboo……i recorded 8-9 song at a stretch without practice becouse my exam is approaching.
now i ll tell u what mistake is there
in lag ja gale…….murkiyana is missing
in ayegi jarror chitthi
the lyrics is
baras padenge aanso aab dekhnana while i hav sung
baras padenge mere lab dekhna

well i hav 9-10 songs but unfurnately i m not able to uplaoad song on muziboo.
these song were uploaded by someone else.

sawan ke jhhole i ll try if i ll get the song.
tahnks once again


Krishnan N v ( nvk ) said

Since you yourself feel there are lots of corrections needed , I dont think it necessary to make a comment….May be i will say the same things which you already know….:)

But I liked your voice and singing immensely….

All the best


ENVEEK- In my “Second Innings”


Murali Venkatraman said


U shd lower the scale a little bit so that you can reach higher notes more comfortably. Lyrics need some correction, but that does nto stop me from appreciating ur singing. Bu this version need some improvement. For e.g. the word mulaakaat at 0:21, the second “mmm” (the notes are not where they should be unlike the first “mmm”). your singing level seems pretty high. So you can easily address these.

Apart from that, some recording tips may help I think: Look here:


Rajeev Onv(away on a long break) said

Usha, I should thank Harshan for pointing out this song of yours. You have a lovely voice and ample talent. This is a tough song of Lataji and you have certainly rendered justice to the same. Try using tracks and a better recording process in future to make your songs sound more effective.


Neha ........ said

wow…………! mindblowing! you sound almost like Lata!


Swati Kanitkar said

beautiful voice and singing, you gave us the feel and thats what matters.:)


Pushpa . said

thanks swati pls listen this song with karaoke in my latest post

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