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Ranjit Salian said

Hi Raja (Krishnaya Vasudevaya),

|Om Namoh Bhagavate Vasudevaya Namaha

Though your voice has not come through very clearly in the recording, I could feel that you are a true devotee of Lord Krishna. Upgrade your recording gear and you can touch millions of hearts. You have the divine voice, the depth of Bhakti/Devotion in you and Lord Krishna’s grace shines upon you. Do your actions on this path and Lord Krishna will make it materialize very soon.

I am with you as a brother and Servitor of Lord Krishna, do let me know if you need any kind of help from me.

You can contact me at

I myself am a learner in music and singing and learning never stops but I will connect you to people who are self realized masters in bhajan singing with Lord Krishna’s grace.

I want you to bring forth your divine voice and sing bhajans now on in Muziboo to cater to souls who really need it during this time to reinstate their finite consciousness in Krishna consciousness.

Jai Shri Krishna….

Take Care,
Keep the faith always,
Peace be with you,
God Bless You….


Ranjit Salian said

I also give you 5/5 (Infact infinity on 5) only for the fact of taking such a divine step and your bhakti/devotion and your divine voice…God Bless You…


Raja said

Dear Ranjit,
Thanks for your encouraging comments. Ofcourse, I recorded it just online (Impromptu) over my laptop. Ya, I need your help to start quality recording to make it more listen worthy. Thanks for your generous grading. Though I can not accept such a bountiful response for the kind of rendering, I shall certainly strive to get a genuine grading of this type soon from you ……………


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bhajan - Aalaap


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