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This song is simply captivating with its deep meaning and the melodiousness of Rafi’s rendering, thanks to the lyrics by Shakeel Badayuni and music by Naushad, in the film ‘DIL DIYA DARD LIYA’ (1966). The film’s hero Dilip Kumar is seen rendering this song while Waheeda Rehman’s face appears in fleeting glimpses. Others in the film were Rehman, Johny Walker, Pran and Murad.

Here is my version of the song.
vs gopal
22 JUNE 2010


Koyee Saagar Dil Ko Bahalaataa Naheen
Bekhudee Mein Bhee Qaraar Aataa Naheen

Main Koyee Patthar Naheen Insaan Hoon
Kaise Kah Doo Ghum Se Ghabaraataa Naheen
Koyee Saagar Dil Ko Bahalaataa Naheen

Kal To Sab The, Kaarawaan Ke Saath Saath
Aaj Koyee Raah Dikhalaataa Naheen
Koyee Saagar Dil Ko Bahalaataa Naheen

Zindagee Ke Aaeene Ko Tod Do
Is Mein Ab Kuchh Bhee Nazar Aataa Naheen

Koyee Saagar Dil Ko Bahalaataa Naheen



Sudhir said

u sang well gopalji thoda sa suron par aur dhyan dena hoga but overall good singing. u may sing one or two notes down.


Harry Jassal (inactive) said

One of my Top Favorites Gopal Sir, There seems to be timing issue, but its a great Attempt, your voice is very clear.

“When you’re up in life, your friends get to know who you are.When you’re down in life, you get to know who your friends are”

Jashn-e-bahara Parody Video Uploaded


V.s. Gopalakrishnan said

Dear Harry Jassal,
many thx!!
I shall redo this after listing out the off-tals!
28 Oct 2010

vs gopal


Ganesh R said

Dear Dr Gopalakrishnan

This is not raag Kalavathi,(I was under such impression a couple of months ago) but a raag called Shivkalyan, also known as raag Narthaki. Note the distinct presence of the note ‘ri’ in ‘dee ’of ’bekhudhee’ and “Qa” of ‘Bhee Qaraar’. Note ri is not present in Kalavati. One my favourite songs which just moves your heart. No one but Rafi can sing like this. I am yet to listen to your version of singinh and my comments are based on Rafi’s version. Thanks. Ganesh.

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