Khumaar By Maheen

Lyrics & Chords

My first solo. A melodic song, written, composed and sung by me.



Prateek Dayal Muziboo staff said

This is very nice …… both the guitaring and the singing … i like the selection of words …. keep it up :)


Sourabh Gogia said

great song gal! nice melody. al d best


Nithya Muziboo staff said

hi maheen ( mimi??!!) this is very very nice….well , do i envy your talent :-)


Prasanna K said

That was really really cool. Has all the makings of a Bollywood hit, if I may say so. I could even envision the heroine running around a tree :-)….

Did you record it one-shot? Or did you do it in multiple passes? Also, can you post the lyrics?


Maheen Mahmood said

Thankyou guys for liking it.

Prasanna K: Yes i recorded it in one shot. i will definitely post the lyrics later sometime!!

Nithya: yes this is mimi here … thanks :)

Sourabh: thanks

Prateek: thanku for appreciating


Nithya Muziboo staff said

we are definitely waiting for more :-)


Craby Rockstar said

well sang well played…:-)keep rockin…\m/


Raghunath Rao said

Awesome voice…. nice guitaring. Really neat. Keep going :)


Goli Goli said

These is really cool song…. I love the way you go to strumming from plucking…… and great voice as well…


Mussawer Mahmood said

Hi…. Maheen Mahmood
Dear I Must Say That You HAve A Awesome Voice And Your Composition And The Way You Sung Your Song Was Out Of This World…. I Always Took Hadiqa Kiyani As A Great Female Pop Vocalist But I Really Mean It You Can Beat Her…. My All Prayers Are With You…. May ALLAH Bless You With His Grace…. Take Care And Do Keep Rocking……
Mussawer Mahmood


Jyoti munna Soren said




Vimal Kumar said

Cool and neat presentation…you have fabulous voice


Faizan Rathore said

Wow…. its totally mind blowing,extremely good,keep it up,ur voice is out of this world,amazingly magical


Faizan Rathore said

honestly had somebody told me b4 hand u r dis melodious i wouldnt hve believd it,the more i listen da more amazed i get,honestly great job maheen,proud of ya


Rusty said

i want to be as good as you…. very good


Haris Muhammad said

Poor Poor really worst i have ever heard,get a vocal training first,really poor amatuerist & poor mixing & get tht little Kharash of ur throat fixed


A.k.a Ali said

Reall bad poor vocals……………


Shashank Gokhale said

I totally Disagree with A.K.A. Ali…….

Vocals are good Quality……but Notes should have been tighter….Also I felt some Nasal kind of singing….if you could avoid your voice definately has Film Material….

Maheen, This song is going in my Favourite….
I liked the composition….and Guitaring….Did u play Guitar also?

Waitining for more updates……

Shashank Gokhale said

Hi Maheen,

I listen to your song again…… Amazing attractiveness in Music….Guitar and Vocal……Just perfect musical treat…… Did u do a music albums before ? Where did you record this ?

Vasanth Kumar said

Great!!!!!!…. If you have more songs Please upload…….


Nagendra Nayak said

hi there is a small piece of advice if u dont mind.
just try not to tremble when u carry your notes from low to high.
i m not a singer but its purely what i felt. i may not be right as well


Anand R said

Straight from the heart, Neat composition and especially the chords. Its very pleasant to the ears.

Keep it up.


Rishi Kant said

…… i recalled Anaida …quite similar …


Ali reza Khan said

I heAred U iN The Pc 0f Manj00 (Mussawer) n c0inCidEntly Em hErE….

I mUst Say u r kEwl…. U hAve A cRisPy v0iCe n kInda aDdicTed 0nE bt mIsSing tHe pUnCh…. jSt fEeL fReE wEn u r SinGIng…. iNteRnal 0utcum wUd bE gr8….

But U did awEs0mE…. w0rK sUm m0rE 0n lyRicS…. ThuMbz Up!


George Kuruvilla said

Lovely song Maheen. Looks like you used some form of pitch correction software which makes the notes sound a little flat and this doesnt suit our desi songs as compared to vibrato. But I love the song. A winner for sure!


Maheen Mahmood said

Hey guys, sorry i’ve been a little out of touch lately so i couldnt reply back to all of you. I appreciate all your comments specially the criticism!!!

I just want to mention one thing here that i’m not a professional, i just recorded this song at a friend’s studio in just one go.

I’ve been learning music since i was very young. I do riaz once in a blue moon with harmonium but i love playing guitar and singing. I’ve many other songs which i’ve written and composed but this is the only which was recorded in a studio, so i just thought of uploading it here.

George Kuruvilla : I havent used any software to t flat the notes or anything, thanko for loving it!!

Pradip Somasundaran:I’m glad u liked the composition and guitars.

Ali reza Khan: Thanks

Rishi Kant: I just want to be myself and original don’t want to sound like anyone!!

Boliwar Miranda : Thanks

Anand R: i’m glad that u noticed that this song is straight from my heart :)

Nagendra Nayak: thanks for the advice

Vasanth Kumar: I will upload more songs as soon as i get them recorded.

Shashank Gokhale: Thanks, no i dont have any albums or anything, its just one song and i recorded it in a friend’s studio and thanks for defending my music and song

A.k.a Ali: If 1% of the audience is criticizing, i dont think that would really matter :)

Haris Muhammad: Dude i’ve never said i’m a mature artist and neither this place is for MATURE PEOPLE LIKE YOU!!! So let the amatures have their space :)

Nitin Rastogi: I’m sure u’ll be better than me!!

Faizan Rathore: thanks!!

Goli Goli: thanku

Mussawer Mahmood: Please dont compare me with anyone!!! I just do music for fun, it’s my hobby. Anyway thanks for the compliment although i don’t like Hadiqa’s voice except for few songs of her specially the one with AMIR ZAKI!!!

Jyoti munna Soren: Thanku :)


Sanour mohammad "sunny" said

Nice one…But if i m not wrong, auto tune is clearly audible….The antares software…Which makes it sound as a synthesizer, and corrects vocals….Anyways…Gud song….Who played the guitars? And ya do try to put some feel, kindly smile even if its a sad song, tht gives feel in ur voice…Anyways, good try…All d best!!!


Sunny – “Lets make some music!!!:”


Asad Zeeshan said

Nice. Good command over voice and breathe.

Just a little bit voice clearence is needed but i think after some practise it will be fine. Great guitaring.

Asad Zeeshan


Anand Marar said

fantastic work…i loved the guitar work…as a friend stated earlier…the music flows right out from ur heart…

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