Kanda Naal Mudhalay in Raaga Madhuvanti

Lyrics & Chords

Here an presenting a traditional composition in the raaga Madhivanti which is Janya Raaga of Dharmavathi which is 59th melakartha raaga. A remix version of the this composition has been used in the tamil film Kanda Naal Mudhal released in 2005. I am presenting an unplugged version.
Thanks to Meena Menon(Meena chechi -:) for suggesting this song. I also suggest to download and hear it since I am noticing a significant quality issue with the player.

Composition : Kanda Naal Mudhalay
Raaga – Madhuvanti
Singer : Murali Ramanathan



Mythri Raveesh said

Absolutely beautiful Murali!!! Your voice is in a class of its own!! A “have it all”- texture, skill and emotion. So very beautiful!!


Meena Menon (visit my blog : http://meenamenon.blogspot.com/) said

thank you….thank you …murali………
this is just beauuuuuuuuuutiful…………………
100% involved singing….
naturally goes to my fav….
god bless you dear………
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“arikil nee undayirunnenkil” and give a feedback
arikil nee undayirunnenkil
Ennu varum nee


Vishnu Mohan ( busy mode) said

awesome murali kalkkan performance


Subbu said

just terrific rendition Murali…….very very nice……diction….like at Mudhalaai(not Muthalaai)…….needs some refinement………otherwise……enjoyed it.
Straight From the heart, Always


Shrikanth Kumar said

Aaha arumai….param sukam……hats off to your singing this song….


Dr. priya Rajan said

Murali my dearest ….

This piece has revealed the singer in U, bringing out the classical beauty well.Very pleasing to hear.

U are my fav’ singer and always love your songs with the traditional and classical touches a lot. Keep practicing and give us always the best my dear. Your music does make me so happy that it elevates my moods so use this talent for your and our happiness.

God has gifted U with a Special Enviable deep Voice, with perfect diction, that it makes me
hear most of your songs.I loved this song just for its Ragam and the way U sang.

Will wait for a song with excellent swaras and classical touch, and should SHOCK everyone here. That is my Wish my dear:) Take your time but give me something unique and so special that U leave all of us at bay!!!

Wish U all the best my dear kutta, u are my best singer whom i admire a loooooooooooooooot.

10/5 and sure for my fav’.
God bless U with lot of singing.

MUSIC is the language of the soul!


Adithi said

Have not been a big fan of the remix version of this song……

But your rendition made me shed tears, Murali! No words to express the joy and bliss experienced!

May God shower with all the blessings and make you attain great heights in your musical career!


Usha R said

Murali Your voice is nice have done full justice to this song.You must be be a very good singer hence attempted it, we all appreciate it a lot. Our whole family liked it. There are very few singers of your caliber here in this site. Thank you.


Rohin said

Ohhhh!!! Such a beautiful song. You have sung it so well, no words to complain left.

Only praises for this song. How could you sing this unplugged version, it is such a tough song ?
Appreciate you a lot. Making me cry and you have been so expressive, oh! God – liked it a lot.

Thanks a lot and surely 100/5 and my fav song too.
God bless you so much that you keep singing a lot.
Music is an expression of Love – Rohin


Harshan Nambiar Pro user said

Murali ….great rendition ……to start my morning.
Loved this classical song ….great expressions and voice control ……perfect !!

full stars *************************** and to my favs.
Check out

Aye dil hai Mushkil


Srividhya Kannan said

chance a illa.5 on 5.great singing…loved it a lot…pls listen to my upload and leave ur comments which would be helpful for me to improve…


Bharathi Dinesh said

You have rendered this song soooooooo beautifully!
Great voice!
Regarding the diction some words like….Ezhil… you sang as Aezhil…I just wanted to clarify….not a pointer really!
Fantastic job
Wishing you greatttttttttt future@
Regards and love,


Saroj Nair said

wow Murali what a great voice and you sound like a real professional singer. 5/5


Shampak Chakravorty said

Murali…… Man hatts off to you….
Don have enough words to express my pleasure of listening this…. I don’t exactly know raaga Madhivanti….so can’t go on with the usage in this…. Though i don’t think there’s any need of this…. Just mindblowing…. One more thing is fab throw which is so so very essential in pure classicals…. 10000 marks n straight to favs…. Awesome bro keep it up….


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Sudha Kumar (back to listen to all of you..) said

Beautiful melody to listen this Sunday morning – what a raaga! You were simply divine, and your voice rich, deep and amazing! Loved your rendition totally – have you heard of this Sanskrit song – Pashyati Dishi Dishi rahasi bhavantam….
God bless you…
5/5 and goes to my faves,
Do listen to my latest uploads
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Gagan Sadan Tejomaya


Murali Ramanathan said

Mythri, Meena chechi,Vishnu, Subbu, Shrikanth, Priya akka, Adithi,Usha, Rohin, Harshan, Srividhya Kannan, Bharathi akka, Saroj, Shampak, Sudha – Thanks a lottttt for listening and giving your valuable feedback. Speaicl thanks to those who have added to fav list.Response am getting is beyond my expecations…am so happy to see that all of you liked it.

Warm Regards,
Murali Ram

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Harry Chops said

This is a masterpiece. 5/5 and added to my fav.
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Rama Iyer said

Simply wonderful Murali. Such a beautiful rendition. Moved me no end. Way to go. God Bless.


Uthra said

This was superb. You were able to give so many variations/sangathis because it was an unplugged version and thoroughly enjoyed every bit of it.


Kumar Srinivasan Pro user said

Wonderful rendition Murali. The alaap was very nicely done too. Diction needs some attention as Subbu pointed out, but those are minor corrections to your awesome singing.



Dr. daniel Paul said

Hey man!!!!! You have an unique tone and voice texture which only a few are gifted.
Both in high and low range you are so expressive, a powerful voice, now would check all your posts.
Keep rocking the show and it is a pleasure to visit your post. 5/5 and God Bless You.


Sukumar R ( far away ) said

good aalap…humble n soulful presentation…feeling like listening to a live concert…sangathis too very nice…could feel how much u love enjoy the music in this song…my whole family was listening to it…i played it in speakerss…the fun is,thy were listening by thinking that this is my song…romba over confidence…wht to do…dont worry…i told them that it is by the great MR.MURALI RAMANATHAN.



Swamy Kitcha said

Murali, great singing bro. The song was divine and your voice is always the best. What can I say, it was just the way it should be :) Keep singing. 5/5 stuff and flies screaming to favs :)

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Musically Yours,


Sriram Srinivasan said


Outstanding Performance!! keep it up!!

5/5 adding to my favs



Rahul Soman said

Murali Ettan(Bhajan Tansen),

The depth of your voice. I was not able to move anywhere, just had to sit and listen to this. The feel in which you sang was superb.

The initial “aaa” was superb. Vel pidithu……irainthu vitaal….ellam kalaki….the high register were flowing and was a treat to hear.

Thanks a lot for letting us all hear this wonderul singing….

“The great pleasure in life is doing what people say you cannot do!!!”

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Srividya Kasturi said

Lovely singing, Murali…Bhaavam rich! enjoyed it thoroughly! The aakaram at 5.07 in the charanam was out of the world!!U must teach me to sing so effortlessly like you:)
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Murali Ramanathan said

Harry, Rama,Uthra,Kumar, Dr.Daniel Paul, Suku, Kitcha, Sriram, Rahul, Srividya – Thanks a ton for listening and commenting. Thanks to many of you for adding to favs.

Warm Regards,
Murali Ram

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Uthrada Ponilave- Onam Song


Deepesh A k(indefinitely on and off) said

Hi Murali, Wow…. I am so happy that i was able to hear you sing…Your singing is so perfect. Pls do know you have yet another fan from today. Awesome rendering and tremendous knowledge.



Ramya Harish said

Beautiful rendition Murali, Loved the alaap portions. Words like sugama, kadhal, perugudhadi, mudhalai – ‘dha’, ‘ga’ need nt be stressed sounding like tha, ka as in malayalam. ‘Vandisai paadum’ last sangathi was awesome!
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Kadhal kavidhaigal with Joseph
Thendral dhaan with Kumaran


Dr. priya Rajan said

Downloaded your song as i was listening to it from my i-pod today, could hear a small variation
’kola kumaran mana koyilil niraindu vittan ’is correct…heard it as so irandhu ….see & edit it, sometimes some words are heard in a diff. way after uploading like ‘ha’, ‘da’, just these things happen very rarely!
I know u knew the correct lyrics and its just a slip of tongue or may be after uploading it sometimes sounds different.

Just logged in to write this. Good day.

MUSIC is the language of the soul!


Sona Moorthy said


This is an excellent rendition. Your voice is divine. The feel with which you sing is something that every singer should learn… Especially the way you sing vanthu sukham “thanthu”, “irenthuvittai” and the way you end “kadhal perukuthedi” all those give me goosebumps…. And the best part (or rather my favorite part) in all your songs are the humming… I feel I am standing in front of a temple or something when I am listening to this. Amazing……Keep singing… This will be played for sandhya namam in my house……



Unnikrishnan Kb said

Amazing… Murali… You have proved again… That was a real treat for ears… I have no words to express…
Full marks and straight to my favs… :)

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Ennavale (Tamil Cover) – Kadalan
Jashne Bahara – Jodha Akbar(Hindi Cover)


Vishak Subramoney said

WOW!!! Amazing. One of my favourite songs especially a song that can boost anybody’s mood in an instant….lovely voice which has been highlighted without any other instruments.


Murali Ramanathan said

Deepesh, Kuhoo, Ramya,Sona, Unni, Nithya, Vishak – Thanks a lot for listening and commenting. Thanks a ton for adding to favs.

Ramya, Priya akka – Thanks for the pointers. I will correct it and upload it again…Will take care of this in future renditions.
Warm Regards,
Murali Ram

My recent uploads
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Mookambike Devi- Devotional Song
Uthrada Ponilave- Onam Song


S.ayyappan Nair said

Classic rendition of a classical song. Marvellous. Congrats.
Keep it up. 5/5.


Hamsapriya Pro user said


Wahhhhhhhhh! Amazing…
Superb voice/ singing & fab expressions…
Excellent rendition with perfect Sangathis.



Roshine Gnanatharshan. said

Clean singing.
nicely rendered.

  • Roshine *

Thinkal govind kumar Pro user said

My Dear Murali,
Wow ! What a treat to the ears !
A real rendition in its utmost beauty !
Hats off to you !
All The Stars !
Keep it up !
Cheers !
GOD Bless !
Loving Best Wishes,
Thinkal Govind Kumar.


Krishnan N v ( nvk ) said

Excellent rendition by you, Murali. Keep it up

ENVEEK-In my “Second Innings”.
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Sangeetha said

Amazing rendition murali.It shows the intense contribution of yours to the world of classical music.Great going.Keep it up.


Meera Manohar said

I just love this song Murali, and I did a techno version of this song from a Tamizh movie. Your expressions are top notch and it fits the lyrics so aptly. A small nitpick would be the word karunai as against you saying karuna in some places :)

Directly to my favs, and needless to say 5/5


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Oru Murai ( cover version ) from Manichithrathaazhu with Murali Ramanathan

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Rajeev Onv(away on a long break) said

Murali, Superb! Of all your songs I have listened here this certainly is the best. Your singing reflects your deep involvement with the song and the raaga. The alaap at the beginning and after kolakumaran was outstanding. I would have loved to hear the drone of a tanpura in the background to make your voice more effective.
It is very heartening to have singers like you with an affinity for ‘shudh sangeeth’. You are obviously at your best while singing classical, semi-classical songs. Let’s have more of it from you!
A five and my fav.
Keep singing.


Arvind R said

Awesome rendition Murali … your classical mettle is something to behold … I am sure you will go places if this rich talent is polished off a bit further.

Hate to bring up any pointers in a classic rendition like this, but have to tell you two things:
- tamil diction can further improve to make you sound even better!.
- secondly, you need to sing a bit faster to bring out better fluency … all your sangathis are nice but they should never give the impression that they are measured. Of course all sangathis are rehearsed beforehand but when delivering they should have a fluent expression that is the hallmark of great singers. I think to achieve this you need to hasten up your singing a bit but keep all the nuances and sangathis in tact. This will also make the emotion ring much better.

Superlative voice and sruthi etc … waiting for further exploits!.

~With a rhythm is born a song. From a pulsing heart is born music!.
~ Arvind ~


ராஜ் குமார் அஞ்சன் said

I have been listening to this rendition whenever I visit Muziboo. Dont know what to say!!! Literally u have ceased my elocution. I envy you man…. Keep rocking. Thanks for this awesome rendition. :-)

Thanks & Regards,

Music is what our feelings sound like….


Satish Murti said

Dear Murali….what a healing voice….you take us to a different world…. God Bless You immensely…!



Satish Murti said

listening to your melodic voice makes me feel the divine presence…



Rashmi Nair said

Great job Murali…… Totally loved it !!! Expressions were too good.

Please listen to Mann Mohana


Arun said

No words to express yaar…. You have sung it wonderfully yaar…5/5 and my fav list


Dwarak S said

If there could be something that would really bring peace to people and the countries, it would be none other than music – this is the message I derive from the way you involved yourself in singing. Murali I admire you however I frankly admit that I envy you at times. I had the hallucinogenic effect from the time I listened to your rendition…. I doubt if I’ve any right to comment on your performance – one thing I noted was the word ‘karunai’ being sung as ‘karuna’ n do excuse me for my pointer. Astounding performance Murali!!! I would love to hear more and more from you….
To Me, Mom & Music Mean An Invaluable Asset In My Life


Swati Prasad said


awesome, too good, no words to explian my exact feeling to hear this song. very very lovely excellent, you have done superb job.
5/5 and my fav:)
plz give your some time to listen my songs

i want to spend my lifetime loving you

akkam pakkam yaarum illa

o mere sona re sona



Tg Tg said

good voice yaar,do more and more like this.



Sharad Setlur said

Great job …. amazingly done …… thoroughly enjoyed it!!!


Narasimhan Tsl said

HI Murali Great and awesome, hey what a voice man. God bless you.

with best regards and love



Priya B said

M magnificent…
U unbeatable…
R refreshing…
A awesome…
L lovely…
I innovative…
OUT OF THE WORLD rendition!


Alice said

Awesome!!!!!!!!!! Pleasure listening to you!!!!!!!!


Karthick Gopalasubramanian said

I can xperience ur soulful singing.
The first aalapana shows ur understanding about the raga.

Madhuvanthi’s caught, overhauled……
xpecting more like these.
@@@@ geekygk @@@@


Sukumar R ( far away ) said

murali just felt like listening to u…

i love this song like anything…

whr r u now a days…where ever u r god bless



Kalyan Dasika said


You voice is filled with peace…. you were very much enjoying singing as much as I did listening to… it was a great pleasure… Congratulations…

- Kalyan


Ahalya * in love with music * said

Murali- wooow- no words to express….I am speechless….what a voice you have….God has gifted u with this beautiful voice….extra-ordinary performance!!! Enjoyed all ur songs
This def goes into my favourites.
Pls keep uploading more songs.

“இசைக்கு ஏது எல்லை”


Sai Prasad said

Brilliant singing and very powerful voice. Man please sing would love to hear you. You have a rare voice.


Ranjith Nair said

Really lovely………love ur voice murali…

god bless u … and keep singing….

expecting more…

Ranjith Nair


Vinod Krishnan said

Did you use Riyaz Studio for the tampura? Sounds familiar…brilliant rendition.


Vinod Krishnan said

I had to make something in Madhuvanti after listening to yours…



Aadhar said

oh good voice,even i would sing it good,ur voice is so beutifl specialy the aalabanais………….


Paarvathy said

Gifted voice……excellent performance.


Hema said

This is superrrr…


Lavanya S ishwaran said

omg… awesome…. enna oru bhaavam… u were simly into the song… so was i listening to u!!….


Nivetha said

A W E S O M E!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks & Regards


Kala Vijay Pro user said

WOW,simply divine.
(by any chance if i missed out any of your uploads and not commented,pl feel free to scribble me.)
‘cannot live without music’


Latha Ganti Pro user said

I am so glad that somehow i have reached this page !!

Brilliant !! Love it !


Vinod Kumar (trying to catch up) Pro user said

What to say…….superb, great …… mesmerizing!!!!!God Bless you….and you bless us with more of your music……


Raviswaminathan said

simply superb…… what a clarity. we just out of the world. manasu niranju irrukku; give us so many songs like this.


Raviswaminathan, kumbakonam


Theagaraj Dhanapalan Pro user said



Best Wishes


Bijayashree ( listening & enjoying all your tracks) Samal said

Hi Murali
I am listening you for the first time. I really cannt express my feelings after hearing this. It is magical for me. I can keep listening your song on & on. You are truely blessed:)


Thamo Tharan said

Hi Murali,

Telling the truth,, i was almost cried listening this song…Superb rendition ya…Love your voice very much…Mind blowing


Shilpa Nair said

Dear Mr.Murali
i never thot any1 cud ever beat unnikrishnan….bt i have to admit that another krishnan has born….“What do i say about ur voice”?am totally flat….u r really blessed i can say…. & s ur meenachechi has guided u right…plz dnt feel am xagerating…bt i cud really feel the song…beautifully rendered…i hv bcum a fan of ur voice….best wishes…takecare…

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